45 Unique Gifts For Gardeners Who Have Everything

Looking for gifts for gardeners who have everything? Gardening provides a rich resource for giving our homes that unique, colourful identity. If you have a loved one who works hard to create that perfect landscaped backyard, then itís only right to appreciate the fruits of their labour and wonderful effort. From casual to keen gardeners, there is something for everyone. Letís get started.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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OMISHOME Indoor-Outdoor Elevated Garden Bed

This gift is suitable for to grow vegetables, flowers or Herbs. It is made from premium cedar wood, making it resilient to rotting even when left outdoors for a long time. It is big enough for you to plant and get a decent-sized harvest, but small enough to not take up too much space. This gift also can be used as a tray for your garden tools, or act as an additional platform for growing seeds or cuttings.Read More

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Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planter

An indoor outdoor hanging planter is something that everyone who has a garden needs to have. Give this elegant, vintage-styled macramť plant hanger to the gardener in your life and let them show out their beautiful plants or flowers. Simple, yet meticulously handcrafted, the piece itself looks sleek and will be gracing and enchanting their home or balcony garden. No gardener wouldnít fall for it. Read More

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Let's get this quirky gift for them

Hereís a nice quirky gift for that one true friend to whom gardening means the world to them. Itís a stylish, warm little piece of art and a very unique dorky way of storing air plants. The solid softwood sculpture imitative of the natural symmetry of the lotus flower folding into itself in repeated loops and a tall air plant sitting nestled in its center is an absolute beauty. It will not only looks splendid, but will bring warmth and a little nature into any room itís placed. Read More

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Get a beautiful wall art for the couple

Get this gorgeous wall art for that couple you know love nature and plants. Itís a beautiful set of 6 prints with amazing wildflowers representations based on antique botanical illustrations that date back to 1841. Printed on a professional artistic archival matte paper, the details and colors are wonderful and the wall set give out an alluring natural history feel. They are perfect gift for a couple and will add a whimsical design element to their home dťcor. Read More

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Aquatic Arts Marimo Aquarium Kit

Marimo Moss balls are an interesting piece of nature to have. They are the cutest pet plants ever and best gift for gardeners with some love for aquatic life. Introduce your gardener to this strange and fun world of Marimo Moss balls with this all-inclusive Marimo aquarium kit. These charming little fuzzy guys come already placed in the Mason jar. Read More

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Decorate their house with this beautiful ceramic planter

There is no gardener that doesnít love growing year round, thatís why their home are always filled with potted plants. Decorate your gardenerís house with this beautiful mid-century ceramic planter. The simplicity of the wood stand combined with clean, gloss finish of the pottery and mid-century look gives it great aesthetics and adoring appeal. It will look awesome in any space.Read More

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This healing crystal planter will bring health benefits for them

Bring peaceful energy to your gardenerís house with this rose quartz crystal air planter. The air plants and the rose quartz stone is a perfect combination. They will filter and cleanse the air improving your gardenerís air quality, and creating an overall sense of calm and relaxation. It will bring them health and beautify their space at the same time. Read More

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Hanging Plant Pot & Wall Mounted Planter

Want to really ratchet up your gardenerís style? Well, get them this gorgeous angel sculpture shaped wall mount planter. It will grab the attention of everyone who sees it. The stature is shaped really well for plant or flower hanging and will look so cute and liven up the garden with live plants in it. It will add some color and a touch of life to any room and make the wall pop with ease.Read More

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The ladies is going to love this cute planter

If you have a lady friend who loves gardening or if the lady of the house enjoys gardening, then this lovely old French farmhouse bathtub planter is one gift that is sure to warm her heart. The whimsical porcelain bathtub style featuring a classic white dťcor contrasted with the dark brown rustic script plus weathered lines, makes it unique and cute at the same time. Read More

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That's a nice small garden gift for them

Giving a gardener a cute little pot like this to grow a new plant is indeed a great gift idea. What gardening enthusiast wouldnít like a new plant or flower pot in a pretty pattern and color? This one is perfect for holding cactus plants as well as succulents or herbs. Itís very classy looking with its cement lace pattern.Read More

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Light up their garden with this beautiful solar light

Accent the nightime garden of your favourite gardener with this interesting solar-powered light. It creates a relaxing, romantic ambiance that will no doubt make your gardenerís backyard or garden the envy of the neighborhood. This moon crackle glass globe solar light will also look amazing on the garden during the day as sunlight strike its surface.Read More

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This light is going to make their garden beautiful at night

Exquisitely designed to mimic real lily flowers, this unique solar garden lights will win the heart of any gardener, especially if they love to grow flowers. They glow beautifully in the night with their colors changing constantly giving a nice ambiance and making the whole garden look really colourful. Read More

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Outdoors Solar Wind Spinner With LED Light

Coming with a beautifully designed rotating display consisting of six different jewel colors, this spinner will perfectly illuminate the surrounding creating a subtle light show with then garden.It happily twirls in the wind and when sunlight catches the jewels and the rustic spinners, itís just gorgeous. At night, itís even more mesmerizing.Read More

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Your mom is going to love this garden gift

This amazing piece of art is a touching gift ideal for remembering or honoring momís love. Itís also a wonderful tribute in memory of mothers who passed away. You can proudly hang it in your garden as way of remembering and appreciating your mom. If you have a gardening friend who just recently lost their mom, then this is also a wonderful gift to give them. Read More

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Angel With Solar Fiber Optic Wings Solar Garden Light

Your gardener will definitely adore the added aesthetics that this beautiful little angel will provide. Get this lovely gift for a friend or gardener that you admire as a reminder that you appreciate them and that they are under the constant protection of a guardian angel. Read More

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This is such a beautiful garden backyard planter

Looking for interesting gift ideas for gardening enthusiasts, then this country Amish style wagon might just be the real deal. They wouldnít have any issue finding a nice spot for this adorable wagon to showcase their blooming plants and flowers and to match it up with their own garden or yard.Read More

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Old Man Tree Hanging Planter

We all love some company and there is no better company than having an old wise man watching over you while attending to your garden. Itís the perfect gift for dad or grumpy. It would give their tree personality and add a wonderful touch of whimsy to the garden. Read More

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This garden statue is such a cool gift for them

This gift is absolutely adorable and will look stunning in their garden. This is a great way for them to add some fairy tale characteristics to their garden and create an enchanted space that both adults and kids will love.Read More

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Glenville Water Pump Cascading Water Fountain

Nothing like the sound and sight of water cascading down a spring on a hot day. Itís absolutely beautiful and peaceful and there is no enough words to describe how this pretty little fountain does so well to replicate this experience. Itís perfect in every way. This is a gift that Iím certain any gardener will like. Read More

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I would love to have this wishing well bucket planter

What gardener wouldnít love to have an enchanting wishing well bucket planter like this on a side somewhere in their garden or back yard? Itís a sight to behold. The stylish and beautiful whole wooden construction and with burnt wood affect finishing is simply exquisite. This is one of those special gifts for the garden lover that you just have to get. Read More

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This mouse and cat is such a cute garden gift for them

In the real world, these two canít share the same path, but in a perfect garden, it looks like cats and mice would definitely get a long in harmony. This amazing sculpture will delight any gardener out there. It will not only artistically accent the garden with its eye-catching appeal, but will also add an element of humour and fun to the surrounding and be something talk about. Read More

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LED Fairy Garden Decor In Angel With Glowing Dove Design

Stunning during the day, stunning during the night is what best describes the beauty of this charming garden guardian. The addition of the glowing dove to the beautiful fairy angel made with great detailing is just exquisite and will absolutely brighten up any garden or outside space. Read More

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Cute Owl Ceramic Pot

Let the gardener decorate this beautiful succulent in their house. This cute gift is a nice gift for the kids who is interested in gardening.

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This elephant statue will bring good luck to them

Ornaments and figurines of animals always bring out that fun, light-hearted mood in the garden and this magnificent beast is a perfect example of just that. Thereís a certain peacefulness and tranquillity that it relinquishes which warms and calms the heart. This is a nice piece to give to that special gardener that you always admire or one that has a love for elephants.Read More

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Decorate their garden with this metal garden angel

This beauty is not only very unique but also an eye catcher for sure and would look so pretty in any garden especially a flower garden. This is a great gift and way of honoring that loved one whose garden means the world to them. They will be filled with joy and love knowing that aside from their hard work and dedication, there will always be a guardian angel watching over their garden. Read More

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Need a funny garden gift?

Some little pooches just love engaging in some digging mischief frantically trying to find that buried treasure or that lost bone. Re-create this funny moment and add a touch of fun and playful canine charm to your gardenerís yard or garden with this humorous Terrie digging dog stature. This cute little pooch complete with a wagging tail will no doubt leave your gardener in stitches when their dog try to make sense of it. Read More

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In God's Grace Guardian Angel Statue

Offering charming peace and happiness, this inspirational In Godís Grace Guardian Angel stature is a beautiful addition to any garden. This is simply one of the best Christmas gifts for gardeners, especially those in need of some heavenly guidance or active in church. She would look amazing in any setting and certainly be a blessing to both you and the gardener. Read More

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Asian Decor Pagoda Lantern Outdoor Statue

The options are endless when looking for gifts with that ancient Eastern style or Zen-like quality. Itís an old fashioned mystic pagoda stature that would make a wonderful ornament for the gardenerís flower or vegetable garden outside. The gardener will even be able to put a light source inside in the top opening and the effect at night is enchanting. It will create a magical Zen oasis in the back yard. Read More

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Camper Birdhouse Trailer

I have seen many bird houses, but I have to agree this is by far the cutest of them all. Itís colourful, well-decorated and a perfect reminiscent of the classic Airstream campers. If your gardener is an Airstream enthusiast or a fan of all things birdlike, this one of the best gift to get them. They will love it. Read More

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They are going to love this tree hugger

Designed to bring nothing but fun and excitement, this tree face is the ultimate gift for that favourite, master gardener in your life. In fact, itís of one the perfect gardening gift ideas for dad. With that funny, whimsical face, it would be a humorous surprise in the garden. Imagine the surprise and astonishment in your dad and family members when an unexpected old man emerges from the bark of the backyard tree with very watchful eyes.Read More

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The Nara Temple Pagoda Asian Decor Garden Statue

This lovely Pagoda is indeed a graceful work of art that will bring out that serene Eastern style to any garden. If you have a gardener who has a thing for historic artifacts and statures, then this impressively sculpted work is a great gift for them. It will definitely brighten up your gardenerís day every time they are in the farm.Read More

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LED Solar Lighthouse Garden Decor

Featuring a tasteful and elegant design, this decorative lighthouse is without a doubt a charming dťcor item capable of making a great focal point in the yard or garden. This is a perfect gift for those gardeners that love light. It will enhance their garden appearance day and night.No need for wiring. It is solar powered and the lamp stays lit for quite a while into the night. Read More

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Gardening will be much easier with this garden cart

With all the bending over and squatting when in the garden taking care of plants, you are bound to end up with some back pains after many hours of work. However, your gardener doesnít need to suffer this much. With this cart, they will be able to sit down and roll along with ease as they work in the garden.Read More

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They will find this 8-in-1 multi-function wheel barrow useful

Dad having trouble moving large items around the garden? Simply get him this amazing multi-function wheelbarrow. Itís strong, sturdy and spacious. It will definitely make it much easier for dad to move things around the garden much easier.Itís a very functional gift, one that can not only be used in the garden but also all over the property as well as other areas too.Read More

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Decorate their garden with this unique bird feeder

This unique birdfeeder is another spectacular little angel sculpture thatís bound to be the focal point in momís or that special friendís garden. Itís a beautiful statue for those gardeners who enjoy having some birds around the garden. Help mom or that favorite gardening friend decorate their precious gardens with this sweet statue. Certainly, the birds will love it. Read More

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Grow herbs with this starter kit

If your gardener loves to grow fresh herbs, then, by all means, get them this amazing garden starter kit. Itís a great gift for any gardener who likes growing their own herbs year-round. With all these supplies on one kit backed by an elaborate guideline made with beginners in mind, your gardener will be able to grow the herbs with no trouble. They will surely think of you when their herbs grow. Read More

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This head planter is something unique

Looking for something unique and enchanting for that favourite gardening friend or family member? Look no further, this gorgeous lady planter is all you need. Her beautiful face combined with the artistic sculpting of the whole thing is just charming and will put a smile on any gardenerís face. Read More

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Angel of the Garden

Finding the best motherís day gifts for gardeners is not a walk in park. You need something extra special that will show how much you appreciate her and there is no better option than this little precious angel. She is beautiful, simple and says I love you and appreciate you. Let her know how much you love her and appreciate her work by getting her this lovely gift. Read More

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Tiny Creative Plants Pot

What gardening enthusiast wouldnít want an adorable multipurpose flower or plant pot? This tiny LETOOR pot offers nothing but a fashionable and eye-catching way for a gardener to grow and show off their plants and gorgeous flowers. If you have a friend or family member that loves decorating with plants and flowers, then this will make a perfect gift for them. Read More

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This bee hive will improve their garden's productivity

The hive is clearly one of the most important equipment when it comes to beekeeping. If you want to help your budding beekeeper improve their gardenís productivity and maximize honey and brood, then this is the ultimate gift to get them. With its efficient design featuring lots of holes and gaps, the KIBAGA Mason Bee House is the real deal. Read More

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Gardener is going to have a good laugh at this metal sign

Put a smile on their face with this humorous garden sign. Make the gardener burst into laughter with this cute, funny display. A little giggle, a little personality while encouraging the gardener to soldier on as they wait for their plant to grow is all it takes to make gardening so much fun. This amazing sign will help accent the beauty of the garden while the gardener sits back, have a good laugh, and hope the plant would listen. Read More

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Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

This gift is essential for a Dad with a passion for the outdoors, or even a Dad who has always wanted to try his hand at gardening! This easy and stunning planting gift is perfect for everyone at all experience levels, and is a great way to brighten up any space!Read More

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This is such a beautiful gift for their patio or garden

This flower and plant stand is extremely sturdy and made from durable, natural wood! This gift is very multifunctional and your loved one will be able to use it outdoors, and even indoors as a bookshelf or display stand! This gift is easy to assemble and will win their hearts.Read More

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Decorate their desk or room with this levitating bonsai

If your loved one likes nature, surprise him with a new plant and a unique, levitating pot for his apartment. Bring some WOW factor into his living room with an awesome modern floating pot for Bonsai or flowers. His guest will be amazed by this hand-painted, elegant and entertaining gift. Read More

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