32 Unique Gifts For Gamers Who Have Everything

Shop for unique and bat sh*it crazy gifts for gamers who have everything. They might think they have it all, but some of these items will prove them wrong. Whether you are looking for a gift that will make the LOL, or make their gaming lifestyle more fun, we have got you covered.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Gamer is going to love this tabletop air hockey table

Gift a gamer with this piece of gaming equipment that keeps giving. Wherever they go, they can always carry it with them. It is easy to set up; it fits on any tabletop, and comes with everything that is needed for the tabletop game. To protect their furniture, the legs are padded.Read More

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10 push up every time they lose this simple game?

Game night is about to have a funny and enthralling ouch, thanks to this tic-tac-toe board game. The catch is to have a loser do something crazy, like take a shot. They can play it inside the living room or out in the patio when cashing dusk. When not playing, it will be an excellent decor piece.Read More

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Off screen game can be fun as well

A gamers life does not always revolve around the screen. Some do love the outdoors and outdoor games, like basketball. If that reminds you of a particular gamer, buy them this basketball arcade game. It has ten different games, six audio options and will also provide them with an interactive game session.Read More

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Let them quickly and easily make a pizza

You know how a gamer sits in front of their screen until hunger pangs come biting? Then they will be all disheveled and lazy to go outside for a quick bite. Well, you can keep them well fed during those moments with this pizza maker. In only 30-minutes, they can make their favorite pizza at home and keep playing. Read More

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Get this funny mug for gamer

If they play the Snoob Slayer game, this will be an excellent gift for them to slay their morning coffee or tea. It is safe for everyday use. Daily use of it in the microwave and the dishwasher will not affect the engraving on its side. Gift it to that gamer who has everything, except this.Read More

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"I went outside once, the graphic weren't that good"

I hope he got some sense of humor because this will not be a one time LOL kind of gift. Nobody loves the outdoors, not when the font and colors are not like those in front of a gamer's screen. Pick their favorite color, buy the gift, and let them enjoy the attention and laughter they get from that caption.Read More

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I think your boyfriend is going to love this gift

It is sad for a gamer when the game is over, especially when they lose. With this mug, however, you will wipe away that sad look off their face whenever they see those dreaded words *game over*. At least they will have enjoyed their favorite drink in a mug that looks like their controller.Read More

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Any gamer would love this funny t-shirt

If you are shopping for a gift for that gamer who is always on his computer and no time to interact, this will be a fantastic gift choice. I hope he has a sense of humor because this one is hilarious. He has to let people know the sacrifices he makes to spend time with them.Read More

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Xbox gamer is going to find this mug familiar

I am not a gamer, but this bowl is unique and eye-catching I also want one for myself. When they enjoy their favorite soup or breakfast cereals, it will be like a gaming experience away from the computer. The handles are designed with buttons, like a game controller. Also, the inner engraving will always ring a bell.Read More

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Every PC gamer dream to have this

I bet every gamer drools at the sight of this PC. If only they had not invested in the other one. But who is to say that their favorite person that is you, can not upgrade their gaming experience and PC. with its 8-core processor, 32GB RAM, hard disk drive and 7RGB Halo fans, their gaming moments will be legendary!Read More

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Get this alarm clock for your boyfriend

Is your boyfriend old enough to remember this Nintendo game? If he is, then he will love this alarm clock as a gift. Let him wake up every day to the memories of some of the most significant characters to ever grace the ancient gaming world- Donkey Kong, Mario, and others. He will never be late for your breakfast dates again.Read More

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Let them quickly make some hotdog and carry on gaming

Recharging during the game time just became as easy and A, B, C, D. Whether they are playing alone or having a gaming marathon with friends, this hotdog steamer will keep them all satisfied, it has a large steaming capacity, up to twenty-four hot dogs at a go. It will also warm up to 12 buns at a time.Read More

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Let the gamer play comfortably with this foot rest

If the hammock is not enticing enough then consider getting this stunning footrest for a gamer. With this, they can game all night long, and their feet and body will be as comfortable and rested than they ever imagined. The cover is washable to proper maintenance and keeping it clean.Read More

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Let them play with a much more relaxing way

The life of a gamer is getting sweeter by the day. This under desk hammock will keep their feet as comfortable as they want for that out of the world gaming experience. Itís easy to install and can be used in the office or at home. Additionally, itís mountable to any of desk and adjustable for comfort.Read More

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Gamer husband having headache and back pain from playing too much game?

For that gamer whose upper back and neck are always tense from hunching over their computer or phone all day long, get them this back pod. It is a gift that keeps giving as they can also use it to relieve headaches. Better still, it will save them some bucks- no more expensive treatments to keep their spine in check.Read More

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Gamers is going to have a lot of fun with this gift

Your favorite gamer does not have to go to the gaming alley to enjoy a speedball game. Gift them with a chance to play speedball with his boys at the comfort of his man cave. The speedball set has a built-in digital LED scoreboard and sounds, which gives that gaming alley feel. Read More

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Something naughty for your gamer girlfriend

This one of those gifts you pick out, LOL, and still buy to make your partner crack up every time they see it. If she also has a sense of humor and is naughty, then you have that perfect gift. Humor her with this some flirty gamerís joke with pair of knickers and get luckyRead More

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Your gamer girlfriend is going to love this valentines gift

If you are shopping for a lady that loves gaming, this set of Bluetooth headphones will do wonders as a gift. If she loves Ariana Grande, it is a plus point for you, thanks to Ariana Grandeís autograph on the earcup. The design is adorable, another plus for you if she loves cats. They are perfect for private listening.Read More

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Get this for your boyfriend on valentines day

You have found yourself an adorable Valentineís Day gift for your gaming husband or boyfriend, the search is over. It's an excellent way to show him you appreciate those moments he pauses his games so he can spend some time with you. As a classic fit and lightweight t-shirt, which is also machine washable, itís perfect for everyday wear.Read More

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There is 412 games in this arcade machine

Someone might not make it out of their man cave or gaming room in a week or so, but they will have one hell of a time. But who can blame them, not when they have this arcade game machine with 412 games in it? And it also comes with two chrome swivel stools to keep them comfortable and focused.Read More

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Let your husband sit properly while playing game

Gamers spend most of their time sitting and punching away keys. There is no need for someone you love to break their back doing what they love. That is why we recommend getting that gamer in your life this orthopedic back cushion for their lower back. It will ensure their posture is optimized- a natural way to relieve back pain. Read More

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Let's keep your dad drinks warm while playing game

Help that gamers keep their favorite beverage warm with this coffee warmer and mug set. The coffee mug is nothing short of cool- itís design and features will catch anyoneís attention. The plate of the warmer is water resistant, with LED display and touch control. Its compact size makes it portable.Read More

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Mobile gamer is going to find this phone cooling fan useful

Playing games on oneís phones has never been sweeter and enthralling like this. With this mobile controller, your favorite gamer can have a near-like computer gaming experience on his mobile. It is portable, which means he can enjoy his game on the road without whining about his computer back in the house.Read More

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Let your gamer girlfriend make a quick omelette with this gift

For that lady that loves gaming, this will be an excellent way to ensure she recharges for a game in no time. It is a multipurpose item, with which she can make omeletís, pizza pockets, paninis, frittatas, and so much more in no time. It is so easy to use, and pretty much portable.Read More

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You got to zoom in to see what's written

If youíre looking for a hilarious gift for that married man who loves gaming, this is it. Maybe he does not voice it but have you considered that he only plays games when his wife allows him? LOL! Anyway, it might not be true, but this t-shirt is hilarious for you not to annoy them with (in a loving way). Read More

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Let's complete his game room with this foosball table

Spruce up his gaming room with this foosball table. For the comfort and better control when playing, the rod bars have grips. Better still, he can hydrate without having to step off the foosball table, thanks to the cup holder feature. Bless him with a new and yet an old school gaming machine and his gaming hours will never be the same.Read More

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For angry gamer to release stress after losing a game

For those days they are in the office with no punching bag, this stress buster punching ball will prove to be useful. It comes with an air pump to ensure its always inflated and ready for punching. The spring ensures that the ball comes back for more, so they can punch it as much as they want. Read More

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Get this present for gamer on Valentines day

Game your way into his heart with this gamer heart t-shirt. You might not know his favorite games yet, but this t-shirt with an old school game theme will steal his heart. It makes a perfect valentineís day gift, thanks to the love heart. It is a lightweight, classic fit and his new gaming wear.Read More

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This is a nice valentines gift for your boyfriend or husband

If your partner loves gaming, this will be an excellent way to make a longlasting promise. We know how annoying it can sometimes be when they do nothing but game all day long. Make your forever promise with this adorable mug, and they will remember you even when the game is all they are thinking about.Read More

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Achievement Unlocked Infant Bodysuit

For that gamer who just became a new dad, this will be a funny and useful gift. Both he and the baby will benefit from it. The infant bodysuit is unisex. The wording on both is hilarious and will crack up everyone who sees it. If they have got some sense of humor, itís a win-win situation.Read More

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Travel with their Nintendo Switch?

This Nintendo switch case is beyond cool and will be able to supply all his gaming needs! The exclusive red and denim design is inspired by the famous Mario and is able to store the complete switch system, 14 game cards, and other accessories.Read More

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