56 Unique Gifts For Dad Who Hunts That He Secretly Love

Getting a gifts for dad who hunts without breaking bank sounds like a dream. But it is doable, especially if you stay away from expensive hunting gears. Have a look at our unique list of gift for just about any type of hunter that they will abosolutely love. From décor pieces to hunting gears and many more.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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For him who love outdoor stuff

If you’re into outdoor activities like me, you will find the extreme survival axe very useful. It is a perfect tool for hunters, campers and outdoor adventurers. It’s compact, so you can easily carry it around and it’s safe to use. Plus, you will get a belt-carry and fire-starter striker. Read More

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This is a nice gift for kids who loves hunting

If you are looking for a unique gift for that kid in your life that loves hunting then this night light is perfect. Their night time lighting when they are either scared of the darkness or when reading a bedtime story is about to get lit. it is a wooden design night light with antlered deer silhouette is perfect for their bedroom décor. Buy it for them as their birthday gift, or any holiday gift and make their nights shine bright and uniquely.Read More

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Hunter will find this axe very useful

Every hunter needs a number of tools they can rely on when out there in the woods. Whether they want a knife to cut the meat or an axe to chop some firewood for the nighttime fire. This multi-functional tool has multiple tools for such functions and is a perfect gift item for a hunter. It can be used as a mini knife, flat screwdriver, handle lock, axe, big pliers, cutting knife, and hammer among other functions. The in-lay handle is made of wood, and weighs only 14.1 ounces for easy portability.Read More

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I think this is a nice gift for your dad from your mom

If you are looking for a funny gift item that will crackle them and their wife this is it. the porcelain mug is hand painted, with a funny phrase. If they have a strict wife, the funnier this gift will be.

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Shotgun Shell Coaster

This set of 5 pieces of 12-gauge shotgun shells is a perfect unique gift for a hunter. If an occasion is coming up and you are running out of gift ideas, then get this. It is a perfect way for them to keep their man cave furniture’s safe from any cold or hot drinks. The bottom of each coaster is non-skid and non-slip for better support on the surface of the table. This is a perfect addition to their hunter- themed décor.Read More

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Don't forget this cake topper for their birthday

If their birthday is coming up, then this antler acrylic cake topper is a great way to decorate the birthday cake. The topper is black in color and only 5.9 inches in width and 6.9inches in height. The best part is that it not a one-time use item for their birthday. It comes with a keepsake gift box for better storing once they are done with it- until, of course, the next year when they turn a year older. It is lightweight and safe for the food. Read More

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Get this funny hunting t-shirt for them

This funny tee is a perfect Christmas gift for a deer hunter. Choose for a variety of colors, and go for one that is his favorite. The tee is made of 100% cotton, with colors like black, brown, orange, dark heather, and asphalt. Apart from the funny writing, it also has a buck antler rack. The t-shirt is light weight, a classic body fit with a double-needle sleeve, and perfect as a gift for any occasion. It is also machine washable. Read More

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They are going to love this rub

Look no further for the best gift for a hunter or fisherman when looking for an item that spices their wild meat or fish. Let them bid goodbye to hunted meat with no spices while in the wild, because an extra spicing is all they need to make the meat more delicious. And not just meat, but also meals they want to make when out there in the cabin. The spices are free of any preservatives, artificial colors, or fillers. For the perfect gift of flavor, this set is your greatest choiceRead More

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A t-shirt with double meaning

We hope that the hunter you want to get a gift is a great fan of Friends because this will be a perfect tee for them. “I like big bucks and I cannot lie” insert Sir Mix a lot voice while at it. the print is done using plasticol ink of the highest grade as well as state of the art equipment for durability. The tees are of lightweight, and fitting. It is also machine washable. This is a perfect gift for his birthday, anniversary, or even a holiday gift.Read More

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This beanie is a useful Christmas gifts for dad who hunts

Because handling a gun and a flashlight at the same time is too much work, then make their hunting easy with this LED lighted beanie cap. It is a unisex beanie cap, with one size that fits all. The built-in LED light is removable and lights up to 30 feet away. The best part is that they do not have to worry about running out of batteries since it uses no batteries. All they need is a power source for recharging.Read More

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This is a portable charger and also a hand warmer

For the best gift for a hunter or fisherman, regardless of the occasion, this 2-in-1 tool is great! It will be their hand warmer and power bank, with a provision of up to 8 hours of scent free heat. Its 6000 mAh lithium battery is rechargeable and changes a wide array of smartphones, sports cameras, tablets or other USB- powered devices. It is water resistant, dustproof, and strong to withstand falling anywhere. This is an ideal item that is a must-have during the cold season.Read More

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Get this for them to laugh out loud

For that adult humor, buy them this coffee mug. It is a great item for every one that love hunting, and every one else around them. why? Because the phrase will make every one laugh out loud. It is a perfect item to buy as gift for any occasion, and for just about everyone. It is safe to use on both the microwave and the dishwasher. Make their cup of joe time a time to giggle a little every time they use.Read More

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African Kudu Antelope Wall Hanging Skull

Regardless of whether they have hunted an Africa antelope or not, you cannot argue with the fact that this carving is a perfect décor. Bring the African wild side to their home with this African Kudu Antelope skull for their mancave, game room or even their living room décor. It is made of cold cast resin, with an excellent detail on the horns. The twisted horns of the Kudu antelope are a sight to behold. Just imagine how they will look like up on their wall! Exquisite, right?Read More

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The best hunting boot for the ladies

If you are looking for the best hunting gift for a lady then this TideWe hunting boot is great. It is warm and 100% waterproof, making it perfect footwear for hunting during the cold and rainy season. The outsoles have an anti-slip and extra protection for stability and enhanced performance in the snow or when it is muddy. Regardless of its strength, it is light in weight and will not weigh them down. Read More

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He is going to love this hunting anniversary gift

For a unique hunting gift for him, this engraved pocket knife will do it. Whether you are looking for a gift for his birthday, anniversary or any holiday around the corner. The engraving on the handle can be customized up to 10 letters. It also comes in a gift box that can be personalized for you, with up to 30 characters. The handle is made of the exotic burl-wood and the blade od 440 stainless steel for sharpness and durability. Read More

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This is a sweet gift for your boyfriend

If you are looking for a hunting anniversary gift for a couple that loves hunting then this is the right one. Or if you are coupe that loves hunting then you can exchange these keychains as gifts. This pair of key chains, with a His and hers writing on each is a perfect for a couple that loves hunting. The key chains are made of genuine handcrafted brown leather, and engraved with a phrase for each. It also comes in a gift box.Read More

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Something small and nice for their car

Are you looking for a small gift for hunters? Well, then this white skull ornament is a perfect gift for their vehicle’s decor. It is a perfect size for hanging on the rearview mirror. It measures only 3.5 inches by 6 ľ inches in width and height. They do not have to worry about it swinging around in any normal driving condition. It is made from flexible poly molded miniatures of wildlife. Whether you are looking for a holiday gift off birthday gift, this one will do it. Read More

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Let their glove and boots dry easily

This boot and garment dryer is a unique gift for any hunter or fisherman. It can dry up to 4 items at a go. So, when their boots, gloves and other garments get wet when out there, they can use this to dry them. It has two extension tubes used to dry boots that are up to 16-inches high. The extension tubes are removable. It heats up to 105 degrees and is safe to use on the drying clothes and removing odors.Read More

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Born to hunt

Forget all the coffee mugs you see at retail shops. For that hunter in your life that loves a cup of joe, this “born to hunt” coffee mug will put a smile on their face every day. The painting is hand-painted, both on the front and at the back of the mug it is dishwasher safe, can be used in the microwave, and FDA approved. It comes with its own gift box, and can hold up to 180z of a drink. Read More

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Tribal Design Carved White Bull Wall Hanging Skull

This Zeckos carved white bull skull is a perfect wall hanging gift for a hunter. If you are a looking for a great hunting anniversary gift from him this will do it. They can hang it on the walls of their living room or even study room. To accents to its design and features, it is hand painted with a brown and white finishing, and incorporation of aging effects. For easy mounting on any wall, it has an attached hanger.Read More

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This is such a nice wine holder

The search for the best gift for a hunter and fisherman that loves to enjoy a fine bottle of wine when cooking their kill is over. And not just when enjoying a drink when out there, but even when having visitors around for an evening chat, this will help hold their drink perfectly. This wine bottle holder has rifle metal figurines and sculptures perfect for their décor. It is an ideal hunting gift for any occasion, be it their birthday, life event or any holiday.Read More

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Shotgun Shells Round Cigarette Ashtray

If you are hunting for a unique hunting gift for that smoker from all the online stores with no luck, then this ashtray is what you have been searching for. It is made of 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells, and hand painted to give it an amazing finishing. Hep them protect their furniture from cigarette burns with this ashtray that also reminds them of their hunting escapades. It is also a perfect décor item for their living room, garden table, or bar.Read More

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It is a bit sarcastic and funny...

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a hunter that loves and get sarcasm, then you have found the perfect gift. This sarcastic tee shirt will have even the vegetarians in their circles cracking up. Yeah, it is that funny. It is made of 100% preshrunk cotton, which gives it a nice feeling to the skin. Pick their favorite color from a variety of colors. From charcoal black to royal blue, Irish green, sport grey, and white among others.Read More

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Your boyfriend will find this bottle opener amazing

This 50-caliber round bottle opener is an ideal hunting gift for that special man in your life, especially when you do not know what to for their hunting sprees. If you think they have everything a hunter could need, then maybe they have not seen this. This bottle opener is unique mostly because it made from an authentic casing that was previously used by the U.S military. With a keen eye, you can see signs if its usage, which means each opener is different from the other.Read More

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He will find this useful when they are hungry

This packaging of Meals Ready to Eat is one of the best gifts for a hunter and fisherman. If you are worried about their health and eating pattern when out there in the wild, then you can rest easy knowing they are having the best any food supply can offer. Actually, this is packaging carries genuine U.S military food rations. Each case has 12 different meals. It also has flameless ration heaters they can rely on regardless of their location. The meals have an average of 1250 calories for nutrients. Read More

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Let him get cheeky with his gun

Are you wondering what small gift you can get for any hunter? Well, this one is small, cheeky, and a perfect storage place. It is not just any ordinary a clock that they can use to tell time. It is also a perfect convenient place to store their valuables and a hand gun. It is made of solid wood, with a rich mahogany stain, and a quartz clock they can rely on at any time. No one will suspect where their valuables or handgun is hidden with this one.Read More

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This will keep their feet warm

To keep his feet warm when they are out hunting during the winter season, buy them this boot insulator. It is maid of polyester, 100 %, and easily fits over shoes or boots. The fabric also makes it water resistant and windproof. Since being in the wild needs someone to pack light, this insulator is easy to pack. They will just need to roll it and fit it in their backpack or pockets. It will not weigh them down, even when fitted on the boots.Read More

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This elk sculpture is beautiful

Are you looking for a unique gift idea for any holiday or event for a hunter? How about this bull elk sculpture for either their indoor or outdoor décor? Because it is so damn beautiful, I just might buy it for myself even if I am not a hunter. It is a sculpture of an elk bull making a call, with a finishing of metallic paint, and hand applied patinas. It comes with a gift box and a Marc Pierce signature on the base.Read More

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This can be a nice father's day gifts for dads who hunt

If you are looking for a perfect small gift idea for a hunter for Father’s Day, then this pocket knife is your right choice. Better still, have it engraved with their name or initials to make it more personal. The blade is sharp enough for any job, even the wild meat. The burl wood handle has a pocket clip / belt for easy and quick access of the knife.Read More

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Get this antler monogram for him

If your head is reeling from searching for small gift ideas for hunters, then relax and take a deep breath. Because we have got you covered. This personalized Antler piece is a perfect addition to their home décor. This deer antler monogram can be personalized with letters of their names or even their initials. It is made from polyresin, which makes it durable, strong, and appealing to the eye.Read More

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Keep the meat fresh with this vacuum sealer

If cooking is also a n activity they enjoy, then this vacuum sealer is perfect for them. With it, they can preserve their game meat better in the fridge or freezer until the next hunting spree. It is a fully automated machine, with a control center for easy operation. Depending on what you want to preserve, you get to pick between its two sealing modes. One is for solid foods and the other is for moist foods such as steamed or poached foods.Read More

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They are going to love this handmade Damascus knife

If you are looking for great gift ideas for hunters then this 9-inch handmade Damascus is one of those gifts. It is made of a strong, 4.6-inches sharp, and durable blade. It has an exotic handle is made from camel bone. This is the perfect knife for any hunter, because cutting wild meat from their conquests has never been easier than before. And if they do not want to take it out there to the wild, they can add it to their collection of hunting knives.Read More

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Never run out of battery while hunting

If you are the loved one who is worried when your favorite goes into the wild because their phone goes off, then worry no more. We have just the perfect gift that will ensure their phone’s battery never runs out again when hunting. It has four solar panels and a 10.000mAh battery that will keep their electronics charged on the go. They just need sun to keep it charged. The best part is that it has built-in emergency flashlights for emergency purposes and a 1-year warranty.Read More

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This is a nice gift for hunter and fisherman

This Kindle Edition recipe makes is the best for ant hunter or fisherman in your life. The MeatEater host has availed over 100 new recipes that can be very helpful to them. It features recipes for making wild meat, fowls and fish. If they love cooking too, this will be a perfect addition to their collection. With their zeal to cook and experiment on many recipes, their meals in the wild are just about to get wild! (No pun intended)Read More

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This is actually a thermo bottle

Let that hunter in your life go on their next hunting expedition in style with this thermo bottle. Just because they will be in the wild does not mean they have to forget the technological advancement that make life easy. This bottle accommodates 25-ounces of any drink, that is 3 cups. And, it will keep their drink cold or hot for at least 24 hours. The best part is its design, which looks like a Stansport 12 Gauge shotshell. Now, that is a thermo bottle every hunter should have.Read More

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This ram skull will be a nice wall decor

This ram skull and horns is a wall trophy. This is a perfect hunting anniversary gift for him if he never shuts up about that first time he hunted a ram. The curled horns of the ram, which by the way makes the ram one of the most exotic animals in the world make this piece more exquisite. No one can argue on its beauty hanging up on any wall as a décor piece. Read More

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This bull skull is somehting exquisite

This one makes for a cool hunting gift for guys that have hunted down a bull. If there is any holiday coming up, such as Easter or Christmas, buy them this breathtaking Western cow skull as a holiday gift. This is a great gift for their either their indoors or outdoors décor. Apart from the exquisite decorations on the front side of the skull, it also has a tooled leather case that accents most of the details on the upper side of the skull. Read More

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This is a great gadget to do some stalking

Stalking birds and other animals when on a hunting trip has never been made easier. Thanks to this Gosky Titan with a high-power prism of monocular, they will have a very great view of the wild and the wildlife they are hunting. The smartphone holder works with a number of phone models such as iPhone 8 and 8 plus, 7, 6 & 6 plus, and Samsung GALAXY S6, S6 Edge, and S8 among others for stability. It is water, dust, and shockproof.Read More

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White Faux Taxidermy Animal Head Wall Decor

If you are looking for a great hunting anniversary for him, this is just it. Especially if the first animal they hunted down was a faux deer. This one also makes for a perfect Christmas gift for the deer hunter in your life. With this piece of faux deer skull decorating their wall, they will always remember their conquests. It has a finishing of white on the skull and gold on the antlers, which are removable by the way. It also has a built-in metal keyhole for easy mounting.Read More

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This antler ceiling light chandelier is so beautiful

Oh yes, this is one hell of a décor item for any hunter out there. A vintage styled chandelier, life like antler. It has quite a number of antlers, with each given the time to hand stain. Before they get to hang it on any ceiling they like, they will also have a chance to play around when assembling it. if they love toys, this will be a perfect gift. The lamp holder is the international one, E12. They can also play around with the lighting y using various types of bulbs.Read More

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This body suit will prevent them shaking from cold

Winter does not have to stop a hunter from hunting. In fact, we have just the perfect gift that will ensure that hunter in your life keeps at it. even in the middle of the winter season. Buy them this bodysuit as a gift for any occasion. The material used is of high quality, and will keep them from freezing out when out there. It has different sizes, so you better be sure of their size, both weight, and height. Read More

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This gun cleaning kit in a bullet is one of a best gifts for dads who hunt

If buying a gun for a hunter is a little bit way than your wallet can afford to cough, then there are other cooler alternatives. Like a gun cleaning kit, just like this one. This kit cleans a variety of caliber firearm. The casing is pretty cool shaped like a bullet, and quite compact for packing purposes. Hunter is going to love this gift.Read More

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Let's hunt some fly with this gun

Because days out there in the woods or in the forest are not rosy, a little piece of item to fight insects is needed. That is why this insect eradication gun will make for a cool hunting gift for guys. The hand-crafted, snazzy, and camofly graphics that camouflage well with the environment. Each shot uses less salt but has great accuracy. This updated model does not require any batteries. And, before reloading the gun, they have 80 shots of salts. Read More

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This will be an awesome Christmas gift for hunter

If you are looking for a cool gift idea for hunters, then this carving of a ram’s skull is perfect. Whether you are looking for a holiday or birthday gift. Make no mistake, as this is a genuine carved ram skull. It has horns too, with a hand carving design that lets know it was done by an expert. Measuring 22 by 20 inches in width and height, this gift will look perfect hanging up on any wall as a décor item.Read More

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Ammo Box Wall Mount Flask and Shot Glass Bar Set

This authentic gift will stun any Dad. Have him feel like James Bond with this set of shot glasses and flask made from Real once-fired A-10 Warthog 30MM Gau-8 munition components. This wall mount will be the talk of the entire party when you’re Dad is mixing drinks for him and his friends. Or, mount it in his personal office to create a scenic man-cave vibe.Read More

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Do you know what's this? It is a coffee for single serve

If you are looking for gift ideas for aspiring writers who prefer a cup of coffee over any other drink, then this collection of coffee pods is it! In it, they will have a different ammunition roasts to kick start their day and keep them up in the wee hours of the morning.Read More

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This gift in an ammo can is a great gift for hunter or an army

There is an old saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It could be true or not, but then again, if your man loves meat, you will not go wrong by satisfying his love for meat and his stomach with this package. It has three different flavors of jerky meat, nugget and much more. Read More

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This is how you shot the glasses

Your friends need a party to cheer them out? Well, come to the rescue with this gun decanter. It comes with eight shot glasses for those shots they are all looking forward to. It has two gun decanters, shaped like a gun and a belt holster for that fancy bartender look. Read More

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Hunter is going to love this obsidian arrowhead necklace

Obsidian is a stone for strength, hope, and the release of negative energy. The unique black crystal is wrapped in antique bronze wire and hung on a black leather cord that any hunting dad will admire.

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This deer statue is such a beautiful animal gift

Add a playful and whimsical touch to your room or garden. This tiny deer statue is the cutest sculpture ever! It is a handmade piece like no other. Due to its peculiar design it looks absolutely breathtaking. Do not miss out on such a majestic display. It will immediately blend in with the rest of the décor.Read More

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Bronzed Finish Bear Statue

Check out this stunning hand-made bear statue! It is a high quality figurine that will make a great ornament in any home. You can use it to decorate the inside or outside of your house. Don’t be afraid to place it in the garden. It will definitely make your garden stand out! Read More

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Let them decor their room with this cool lion

This luxurious lion would make a great décor for any room. It lasts a lifetime! It would also make a gorgeous gift for anyone, especially those who love vintage décor. If your friend loves anything that is antique, this lion would surely put a smile on their face. Give it a try!Read More

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Multi Color Deer Head Wall Mount

Check this out! It is the perfect and most colorful wall décor. It doesn’t take too much space, but it definitely gives a feeling of sophistication, luxury and creativity at the same time. It is a beautiful stylish piece that looks great paired with open shelves. It would make an adorable gift.Read More

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That's one nice unique slipper

Are you bored of wearing the same slippers every day? Do all the slippers look dull to you? If you answered yes than you definitely need to try these awesome and cool looking slippers. You will never be bored ever again! Is there anything more awesome than wearing ridiculously funny fish-slippers? Nope. They are the best!Read More

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That's a real bullet in there

This gift features a suspended expansion of a real fired .40 caliber bullet in an unbreakable clear acrylic case. Due to the unique precision cut of this sculpture, each side provides a new exciting view of the bullet.

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