43 Best Gifts For Coffee Snobs That They Won't Cause Caffeine Overdose

Looking for gifts for coffee snobs? To be honest, picking the right gift for a coffee aficionado is a bit tricky. Coffee lovers are a diverse lot each with a certain caffeinated standard of their own. Although there are plenty of gifts for coffee snobs on the market today, you want to make sure you buy something special. Let's see what we have listed here.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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He is going to love this beautiful portable coffee maker

This is truly one of the most unusual 21st birthday gifts for him. He can have coffee whenever and however he wants it. This portable espresso maker is a perfect gift for a busy 21 year old. Once he gets the ground coffee right, this delivers great coffee, with a rich crŤme and the strongest and most tasteful coffee.Read More

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Useful gift that will keep their drinks warm

This mug warmer is the perfect helper that will come in handy for warming his coffee or tea when he forgets about it. This set comes with touch-tech controls, LED display and a water-resistant plate. Itís so easy to use which makes it a perfect gift for anyone. His coffee will never go cold again!Read More

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Keep their coffee pod organise with this gift

This pod holder is an excellent gift for any coffee snob that uses K-ups. Instead of the boring storage drawer or carousel, get them this simple, functional and decorative piece, and let them store their coffee pods in style.Read More

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When coffee is their medicine

Who doesnít know that coffee is indeed the best medicine? This prescription coffee mug is just the real deal for anyone thinking of cheering up a friend or loved one who got a reputation for liking that caffeine boost every now and then. If that serial coffee drinker in the family doesnít like this, then they seriously need to see Mr. Java Joe Espresso. Read More

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Keep their coffee fresh with this container

Studies have shown that coffee emits harmful co2 which needs venting away and this machine has innovative freshness valves to release co2. The container does not compromise on quality hence you are assured that you are buying something that will last. Start that coffee business you have always wanted to with a big banana smile on your face. Read More

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Let them try this gourmet coffee from Italy

Well, this gourmet coffee from Italy is certainly one of those distinct ďtry before you dieĒ gourmet that any coffee enthusiast will want to experience. Itís a combination of carefully balanced and crafted high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee which delivers a delicate cup of coffee with a flavor thatís is smooth, delicious and easy to drink.Read More

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Take a bath with this coffee soap

This coffee scrub soap will be so thoughtful of you since it will fight the odor and have more advantages. It will also act as sunscreen during those hot days. It is extremely effective for the face and body too. It is made at low temperature and cured for 60 days to keep ingredients effective yet gentle on any skin type.Read More

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Put your awesome gift in this box to disappoint them

Just imagine the confusion and excitement when they receive this gift box, a coffee maker with shower head, how does that happen? Pack your real gift inside and give them, then sit back and watch their response as they excitedly rush and struggle to unwrap the box and see this hilarious, absolutely absurd product. Your reward will be nothing but rib cracking laughter when they open it only to realize it is just pure, satirical prank. Make sure though you put in something good to sooth their disappointment. Read More

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Coffee Pot Gift Set

If you are looking for a gift thatís both thoughtful and practical, then this beautiful vintage coffee pot gift set might just be right fit. Itís a one-stop shop that includes everything required to brew a tasty hot cup of coffee. They will not only love its exquisite elegant look but also enjoy the fun of its manual operation. Read More

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Laboratory Beaker Mug - Powered By Caffeine

This is by far the best gift you can buy anyone this year. It has a very fascinating feature. The fascinating feature about this cup is that as the recipient is using it, it is showing people nearby of their current knowledge of the caffeine diagram drawn on it. It will definitely become his or her go to cup each time she or he wants coffee. Read More

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Handmade Tree of Life Mug

This giant tree of life mug is a true representation of excellent craftsmanship. It has an amazing feel to it and with the rustic tree of life stamped on it, your giftee will surely start off their day on right foot by just sipping coffee from this mug. Itís thick and carefully crafted such that the handle is quite comfortable and fits nicely in hand making it easy to hold. The weight is as well light and it can hold a whopping 16 ounces of coffee. Read More

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Looking for a coffee gift basket? Get this treasure for them

This is a gift to please just anybody, even those who do not love coffee. This treasure coffee box has an assortment of different specialty Arabica coffee which makes it ideal for any occasion, it could be a birthday gift or a graduation gift. It also come in a gift box which means you do not have to waste time and money buying a gift box. The treasure coffee gift would be the best gift that would make the receiver know that you deeply think of them and care for them too. Read More

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Coffee Maker Mat

This coffee maker mat would look great and super cute on any coffee nook. If your coffee snob has a coffee station on their counter top or a coffee bar, get them this cute little mat to complete the look. They will absolutely love it and in fact it will help prevent coffee spills and the coffee maker from damaging the counter top surface. Buy them this beautiful mat and help them keep their coffee area looking much more organized. Read More

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That's a nice coffee gift for her

With beauty benefits ranging from exfoliation to anti-oxidants to smoothening and moisturizing dry skin, this coffee scrub is without a doubt the perfect gift for her. These combinations of organic ingredients with natural properties will effectively eliminate dead cells, buff all those pesky lines leaving her skin fresher, younger and more moisturized rather just cleansed. Read More

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For the one who need coffee to made their day

Looking for a sarcastic gift to jazz up that special coffee enthusiast in the family who canít start their day without a cup of coffee? Take the guess work out and buy them this funny glass coffee mug. They will definitely cherish it and live to appreciate you every day. The mug is of good quality, made from a thick glass. Itís not likely to break easily and it will last for years. So, put a little smile on someoneís face by getting them this wonderful coffee mug. Read More

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This mug is a bomb! (pun intended)

Sipping hot delicious cup of coffee from this grenade mug is literally mind blowing. Get this hilarious master piece for that co-worker who everyone loves to complain about in the office and no one will dare mess with them when they are enjoying their cup of coffee. This quirky coffee mug is no doubt the real deal. Seriously, who wouldnít like such a stylish way to enjoy their favorite morning brew?Read More

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Valhalla Java Ceramic Coffee Mug

There is simply no better way to enjoy that deep, rich brew of java than in a sleek, authentic Valhalla tankard like this one. With its glossy black and red color combo accented by the stamped Valhalla medallion, this hand-glazed mug offers nothing but the perfect opportunity to enjoy sweet delicious coffee like a true Viking. Itís thick, heavy and just plain awesome capable of holding up to 16 ounces of hot brewed coffee. Itís a gift that would certainly not disappoint, especially if itís for a Viking brethren. Read More

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I think this coffee mug inspiration comes from my sister

Want to crack some ribs? Get them this hilarious gag gift, sit back and enjoy the show as they anxiously unravel the gift box to unleash that amazing gift they have been waiting for. The surprise and response you will get will be priceless if not totally hilarious. Let's make a statement and show that special coffee snob how much you love them by giving them something to laugh about whenever they enjoy their cup of coffee. Read More

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Spoontiques Prescription Insulated Travel Mug

This travel mug will make your girlfriend love coffee just as the Kardashiansí love taking selfie. For one it is brightly colored, half way shining which gives it a very unique and expensive look. It is double walled hence keeping coffee hot for many hours. It is slim so it fits in most vehicle cup holders. It is made of stainless steel with a 16 oz capacity. This gift will no doubt make her fall in love with you more and also thank your daily. Read More

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This is such a funny gift for coffee snob

Now, this is the right gift to give that friend or colleague who never wants to be interrupted when they are calmly sipping their delicious cup of coffee. It will definitely make people smile while your friend patiently waits for the caffeine to slowly kick in. Read More

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It can be Coca-Cola

You canít go wrong with such a cute, quirky mug as a gift for that non-serious coffee drinker. Itís one of those gag gift that you just have to get for that special person in your life that has a great a sense of humor or is an avid camper. The mug is strong and sturdy, not likely to break if dropped. Itís also lightweight and will keep their coffee warm just like other ordinary mugs. Aside from its cute antique look and funny print, the packaging is also quite charming. Itís definitely a fun mug thatís going to be loved and used for a long time. †Read More

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Let's make some cold brew coffee

If drinking hot coffee cause some issues for your loved one or friend, then donít let their love for coffee go down the drain. Get them this sleek cold brew coffee maker and let them continue to enjoy this delicious drink without any discomfort. Included with the coffee maker is a spill proof mug that they will be able to carry and enjoy their freshly cold brewed coffee almost anywhere they want. The maker also features a double walled copper insulated construction which will keep the coffee fresh and ice cold for hours.Read More

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This should be a nice decor for their coffee station

Do you take your coffee seriously? I donít know about you but I do to take mine, ďSeriously, Very Seriously.Ē If you know that one coffee junkie who canít live without their caffeine fix, then lighten up their mood with this quirky wooden box sign. A little caffeine humor is always good for the soul no matter how serious you are and this is the perfect way to put that smile on the face of that coffee lover that always seem too ďseriousĒ with life. Read More

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It is going to be noisy...

A little ďding dongĒ is all it takes to get that nice, hot cup of coffee with this amazing coffee-themed desk call bell. Durable, shiny with a pleasant, crystal clear ďDINGĒ tone that cuts through the noise and ďRing for a coffeeĒ printed on it, this little bell is indeed an excellent, lighthearted addition to a coffee shop or coffee bar. The chrome finish with the coffee color theme will add a classic touch to any dťcor and the whole thing is made from steel, so it will last for years. Read More

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Let's annoy the coffee snobs with this gift

Which coffeeholic wouldnít love this retro coffee bar tin sign? Whether you are looking to annoy or win the smiles of that coffee snob in the family, this vintage-style sign would definitely make a great gift. Itís a beautiful piece of art that they can hang in their room or kitchen and remember you whenever they take a glimpse at the menu.Read More

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Coffee Pot Kitchen Paper Towel Holder

This coffee pot themed paper holder would make a cute and an adorable addition to any kitchen of a coffee nut. Get mom this special place for holding her kitchen paper towels. The old fashioned coffee pot with the little extra touches of the coffee bag and spilled beans all combine to give it a unique, eye catching antique look thatís bound to earn mom many compliments.Read More

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Let their room smell like coffee with this candle

Why settle for sooty blends when you can fill their house or room with a wonderful aroma of coffee with this candle. It burns slowly with no soot at all, only releasing calming, heavenly coffee scents that permeate the atmosphere and set a comforting mood. It will make any room smell like some freshly brewed pot of coffee without being overpoweringly strong. Read More

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Retro Vintage Coffee Tin Sign

ďCoffee Makes Everything Possible,Ē no doubt about that. This cool piece of art has that distinct laid back look and feel of a truly authentic vintage coffee sign. Itís a light-hearted gift that would add that retro feel to any coffee bar, kitchen or room. Itís made from tin and comes ready to hang with 4 holes in each corner where 4 little nails can go through. If you know a friend or family member who is heads over heels about coffee, then get them this gift. Read More

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Tin Sign Heart Coffee

If you are in the hunt for a nostalgic, vintage, retro signs for dadís or a friendís garage, cabin, rec room or man cave, then look no further. This cool tin sign would make a classy addition in any place itís hanged including a coffee bar or station. Any coffee nerd will really appreciate it, especially with all the different flavors listed on it that they learn about and experiment with. Read More

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Little Coffee and a Whole Lotta Jesus

Well, if you are in search of a perfect coffee-themed gift to get that devoted Christian who often gets evangelical about their coffee, then this is a great choice. Itís a classy coffee dťcor that would create that aura of trendy timelessness in their kitchen or breakfast nook. Show them that you appreciate and respect their faith as well as their love that dark, delicious caffeinated drink. Read More

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Get your girlfriend a coffee necklace

Dainty and unobtrusive, this cup of coffee necklace is indeed the perfect to way to tell that beautiful lady that ďI love you, and Iíll live to brew coffee for you until death do us part.Ē Itís a small yet tasteful piece that really send the message that you do care about her and you are well aware of how much she love her coffee.Read More

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Let them enjoy the process of making ground coffee

Give that coffee nerd in the family an authentic old world coffee experience with this eye-catching, antique-style manual coffee grinder. Itís not just a great gift aesthetically. Itís a fully functional gift and your coffee nerd will be able to grind their own coffee beans and make themselves fresh, home-brewed espresso and java.Read More

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This will shows how much she loves coffee

Whatís a better way to show how much she loves her cup coffee than getting her a gorgeous piece of coffee jewelry? She will absolutely adore this coffee bean bracelet and earrings set. Carefully handcrafted with real handpicked coffee beans with beads sitting on them, this set of jewelry is perfect gift to give mom or that special lady in your life thatís a coffee addict.Read More

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How about a coffee table made from a barrel?

Made from a whiskey barrel as well as reclaimed poplar hardwood, this is one-of-a-kind coffee table and an off the charts gift that will no doubt utterly flatter any coffee lover out there. They will enjoy their nice, hot cup of coffee knowing that they will be resting it on one of the most coolest and unique coffee tables on the planet. Read More

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I think coffee snob will appreciate this

This cool vintage cold brew coffee tower is just exceptional in every way. It would be hard for them to make and drink coffee any other way once you buy them this crafty, old-fashioned cold brewer. Itís an amazing birthday gift for dad or hubby, one that they live to brag about it whenever they have some friends around. Read More

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Coffee mug made from lightly roasted coffee bean?

With realistic, thoughtfully-crafted, light-roast coffee beans, this large brown mug is intriguing, distinct and definitely a conversation starter. It has a truly one-of-a-kind design, one thatís bound to attract several admiring glances in the office. If you have a friend or colleague who is an avid coffee drinker, one who always seem impossible to get a gift for, then wow them with this unique, stylish coffee mug. Read More

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Make a coffee for them with this mug and watch their reaction

Choose your victim wisely, make a coffee for them with this mug and seat back and watch. When they finish their coffee and this middle finger 3D gesture pops out, your reward will be nothing but endless laughter when you see the surprise on their face. Itís hilarious. A great funny gag gift to give dad on fatherís day, a friend, coworker or any other special person in your life that you would like to cheer them up. Read More

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When they have limit to drink one cup of coffee per day

Seems like things would really get much better if one starts their day with one big cup of hot coffee in the morning. If you know that special someone whoís notorious for taking countless cups coffee in a single day, then this is a perfect gift to buy them. All they need itís just one gigantic cup to keep them refreshed all day long.Read More

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Let them try the most expensive coffee in the world

Organically grown at 3,600 Ė 5,000 feet and then taken on a ďpre-brewingĒ trip through a civetís digestive tract before being washed up, roasted and finally packed up in bags, this is absolutely one of the best coffee they will ever taste. Thatís right, these beans have almost zero bitterness. They offer nothing but a smooth, earthy, sweet taste with a hint of chocolate or caramel.Read More

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Turkish Engraved Coffee Set

Surprise any passionate coffee lover with this exquisite, very ornate Turkish Greek coffee making and serving set. Itís indeed a unique, excellent set, both functionally and aesthetically. Surprise that coffee snob in your life with this amazing gift and they will definitely have something to remember and thank you for the rest of their life. Read More

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Do you know what's this? It is a coffee for single serve

If you are looking for gift ideas for aspiring writers who prefer a cup of coffee over any other drink, then this collection of coffee pods is it! In it, they will have a different ammunition roasts to kick start their day and keep them up in the wee hours of the morning.Read More

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That's one trendy gift for her who loves coffee

I do think coffee lover is going to love this bag and I think they never seen this before.

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