22 Best Gifts For Cigar Smokers That Won't Get Them Lung Cancer

These gifts for cigar smokers will help you to find the most perfect gift for the cigar lover in your life. With everything from classic cigars to collector's items, you are guaranteed to find something that will make your loved one smile or laugh. Take a look to discover what we have listed over here!

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Folding Cigar Ashtray Set

Made of solid wood with stainless steel accessories, this gift is stylish, smooth, and shiny! This gift is also small and light which makes it very easily portable, convenient for a cigar smoker on the go! Accompanied by a cutter and punch, this is a classic cigar themes gift they will love. Read More

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Looking for a funny gift for cigar smoker?

This shirt is sure to get a few laughs from the cigar smoker in your life as well as everyone who sees them wearing it! The lightweight classic fit of this short is 100% cotton and high quality made to last. With 5 earthy toned colours to choose from, your loved one will adore this gift! Read More

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That's a weird cigar ashtray

Whether they are a collector of unique ashtrays or a new cigar smoker in need of one, this gift is a phenomenal choice for your loved one! Doubling as home decor, this ashtray looks great with or without a cigar and gives off a rustic vibe. This gift is made of cast iron, ensuring it is high quality and heavy duty.Read More

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Eagle Head Ashtray

If you’re looking for something with a vintage style, then this ashtray may just be the jackpot! This uniquely designed ashtray is windproof with a lid preventing flyaway ash and an odor eliminator that is convenient and portable. Made of premium zinc, choose from red copper, bronze or tin for the perfect cigar themed gift. Read More

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Let's get a funny gift for your dad who smoke cigar

This gift is guaranteed to make him chuckle! Combining a cigar themed gift and comedy all at the same time, this shirt is 100% cotton and will keep your loved one comfortable at all times. Pick from 5 colours of this vintage looking shirt and you now have perfect fathers or mothers day gift!Read More

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Let's get this cologne for the cigar smokers

Cuba variety by Cuba For Men. This 4-piece set includes sprays of variety with Cuba gold, blue, red, and orange. The cigar lover in your life will adore the look of this cologne, and YOU will love the way they smell!

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Let's get this copper carved gift set as your anniversary gift

This 100% pure copper smoking set is graceful and elegant. The set comes equipped with an ashtray, 2 size cigar punch and a cigar tube that will please your cigar smoking loved one. This gift is beautiful to look at and makes for a smooth cigar smoking experience that they will enjoy. Read More

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This ashtray is pretty unique

Looking for a one of a kind gift that will make your loved one smile? This money ashtray is a great choice, especially if they are a fan of animals! This gift is made of cast iron and handmade to create an attractive design. The “smoking money” will be functional for putting out their cigars, and is also a great conversation piece. Read More

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Have they tried a chocolate shape cigar before?

Two of the worlds best indulgences, cigars and chocolate, pair together to create a world class gift! Perfect for baby showers or celebrating the birth of a child is this gift box of Swiss milk chocolate cigars wrapped in blue Italian foil. Whether your loved one is a cigar smoker or not, this is a classic way to celebrate and delicious as well!Read More

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Cigar Case Travel Genuine Leather Humidor

Give them the gift of exquisite craftsmanship with this easy to use humidor. Landed with amazing cedar wood and surrounded with soft leather, this case protects cigars from drying out as well as tobacco worms! This easily portable humidor is a great gift choice for an avid cigar smoker.Read More

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Personalize Cigar Aficionado Custom Shadow Box

This wall mount is unique and probably something the cigar smoker in your life has never seen before! This custom shadow box comes with hardware to mount onto any wall and features a round opening for your loved one to easily add cigar bands as they smoke. Have this gift engraved with the name, initial and year of your choice and you now have a one of a kind gift!Read More

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Cigar flask gift set

This gift is a fantastic choice for housewarmings, holidays, weddings, and thank you gifts. This set comes with a flask and chilling stones that are perfect for whiskey lovers, as well as 2 small funnels which make filling the flask much easier. The cigar lover in your life will be able to enjoy his favourite smoke and spirit combination wherever and whenever he wants.Read More

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Personalized Draper Whiskey Decanter

What cigar lover doesn’t wish to pair their favourite smokes with their favourite spirits? This unique draper whiskey decanter can be personalized to suit your loved one and add some personality to this fantastic gift. Holding about 24 ounces and crafted out of lead-free crystal glass, this gift is wonderful for cigar smokers.Read More

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Custom Engraved 3 Liter Oak Barrels for Aging Whiskey,

This authentic gift is unique and will truly surprise them. The 3 litres charred white American oak aging barrel holds close to 3/4 of a gallon. This gift includes a stand, bung, spigot and paper funnel which will make the set up process easy and the barrel appear to be elegant. Personalize it with an image or text, and this gift is one in a million! Read More

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Let's get this beautiful sculpture for your husband

Does the cigar smoker in your life have an eye for art or a flair for decor? This gift is a wonderful way to spruce up their living space in a modern and stylish way. This abstract face sculpture is made from environmentally friendly resin and glossed to create a high class appearance, holding a cigar that will appeal to your loved one's tastes! Read More

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This ammo can cigar hunidor is such a unique gift

This box appears to be holding precious ammo… but in fact, it’s just holding your loved one’s favourite cigars! Air tight and waterproof for protection, the read Spanish cedar of this gift aids in humidification and adds extra durability. The open bottom tray allows for larger cigar storage and your loved one will love the creativity of this gift! Read More

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Let this watch light up their cigar

Get them two gifts in one with this brilliant invention! This watch is not only stylish and comfortable but features one of the best cigar lighters that are refillable to last a lifetime! They’ll be able to amaze their friends when they can light their favourite cigars with the simple flick of their watch… and time how long it takes to smoke it! Read More

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High End Table Jet Torch

This table top torch is a fantastic gift for a cigar smoker! This adjustable torch is windproof and makes an incredible tool that will change the way they smoke their cigars forever. This large sized lighter will look fantastic sitting on their desk or end table. Read More

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Get them a cigar holder so they don't burn their finger

Keep your loved one from burning their finger with this cigar mouthpiece set that is stylish and practical. Made with high quality resin to create a smooth and detailed surface, this set includes a holder for any ring gauge. Portable and light, this gift is a wonderful option! Read More

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That's a very unique cufflink for cigar smoker

The cigar smoker in your life will have a laugh when they see these cuban cigar cufflinks! Perfect for any occasion, such as weddings, formal business functions, and bachelor parties, these cufflinks make a thoughtful and classic gift while also being comedic at the same time.Read More

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One of a best gifts for cigar smokers

With a built-in cigar rest, this high-quality glass has been defined to securely holy cigars and keep them from slipping or falling. Your cigar smoking loved one will feel classy and stylish with this handmade glass that will hold their favourite spirits at the same time as their favourite cigars.Read More

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