36 Buzzing Gifts For Bee Lovers That Won't Stung Them to Death

Our gifts for bee lovers page is buzzing with the best bee-themed gifts you can possibly gift any bee lover. And, they are suitable for all wallet sizes and occasions. From birthday parties to holiday times and anniversaries. You will just be spoilt for choice here. You are welcome! And, happy shopping.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Beekeepers is going to love this art print

A bee keeper’s or lover’s house is not complete with a piece of art for their décor. This vintage style piece of art is what you should buy to help them facelift the décor of their home. It has various images, all bee related. From beehives to various types of bees and flowers. The images are real photographic prints, printed on a long-lasting piece of canvas.Read More

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She is going to love this bracelet

This 925-sterling silver bracelet is perfect for any lady that loves bees. It has a queen bee figurine attached to, plus a bead they can use to adjust the bracelet for perfect fitting. For its stylish and cute details, it has Czech sparkling diamonds and Zircon stone. This is a perfect bracelet to adorn at any event, with any piece of clothing. It is a great gift for your mum, system girlfriend or even wife. And, for any occasion.Read More

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Your girlfriend is going to love this cute earring

For that person that loves bees and loves adorning simple-styles earrings, this pair of bee shaped studs will be perfect. For your girlfriends or wife’s birthday or anniversary or even your daughter’s birthday, you should consider getting her this.Read More

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Get this bracelet for your wife

For that lady with a fine touch of rose gold plated jewelry, this is a perfect gift for any occasion. It is designed with two honey bees. It is also a 925-sterling silver bracelet, which also has rose gold plated on it. for adjusting, it has a bead that they can use to adjust on their write for perfect fitting regardless of their wrist size. It comes packed in a gift bag, and all you have to do is present your gift!Read More

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She is going to love this pretty trinket box

If her birthday is coming, or an anniversary, this trinket box will be a perfect gift to her. They can use it to store their jewelry, love notes, and just about anything they treasure and can fit there. This is then accented with moss green and clear iridescent glass that gives it rainbow colors when reflected on the light. Do you see why I said it beautiful? At the top is a sculpted metallic bee, ready to sting intruders. Read More

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Get this pollinating bee mug for the kids

Do you have a kid in your life that loves bees? Well, since you cannot gift them a huge beehive, this pollinating mug might be a great start to their beekeeping journey. The mug is made from ceramic, with built-in insulation filled with cardboard nesting tubes. This makes it a perfect place for solitary bees. Once they have hung it in a sunny spot in the garden close to flowers, the pollinators will start coming.Read More

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Get this necklace for honey bee lovers

Let them step out into the crowd adorning this beautiful piece of necklace. The pendant is a detailed piece of a bee charm and a honey drop. These are clamped to the chain with a small lobster clasp. The glass bead has a matte orange color while the chain is made of brass and metal components. It is a perfect jewelry gift for her birthday or anniversary. I bet it will go with any color of clothes they have in the wardrobe.Read More

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Keep honey in this beautiful jar

For those times they want to stash their cookies, sweets or any treats, they will find this ceramic honeycomb jar more than a beautiful piece of décor. It will also come in handy during such moments. It has a sealing gasket with a bumblebee handle, and honeycomb patterns at the bottom. The jar itself has a bee sculpted on its side. The jar and the lid are both painted in yellow bee color. This is safe for both dishwashers and microwaves.Read More

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This cuff is so beautiful

This is an ideal gift for anyone that loves jewelry and bees. This cuff bracelet is made of brass, with a honey bee wired secular on its front side like a stamp.

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Six Pewter Bee Magnets on a Card

If they love collecting magnets for their office, living room or fridge, then it does not have to be a magnet of a country, city or town you visited and they asked for a magnet as a souvenir.

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This beautiful print is a nice housewarming gift for beekeepers

If you know a bee lover that is moving to a new house, or has already moved and is having a house warming party, by them this piece of art as a housewarming gift. This will help bring a vintage touch to their living room. This is actually a real photographic print, and they can choose whatever frame agrees with them once they have received it. Read More

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Get this door mat for bee lovers

This fiber doormat is bound to let their guests know they are stepping into a bee lover’s territory. Any talks of bad mounting bees of that one time they got stung might as well be left at the door once they have stepped on it. the design of the mat has a bee in the middle of the mat, enclosed inside a budding flower. The sides of the mat also have bees drawn.Read More

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Let's try some raw honeycomb on this coming Christmas

Well, they might be bee lovers but maybe they have not gotten around to having their own beehives in the garden. In that case, buy them this raw honeycomb from Honey Feast, which is hand cut and well packaged. Actually, it is packed in a leakproof container with an extra outer box for protection. Their honeycomb will arrive fresh and in perfect condition.Read More

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I love the colour of this saucer and tea cup

I bet any bee lover will bid their china pattern teacups and saucers at the sight of this. I know I would, and I am just a fan of honey. Both the teacup and the saucer have an intricate pattern of honeycombs and are painted in yellow bee color. Read More

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This gothic perfume bottle is such a unique gift

For that lady beekeeper in your life that lives getting their perfume refilled from a specific source, this will be a great gift item. Let me store their perfume in a vintage, gothic, unique, and stylish way. It is also a perfect décor piece for the shelf, mantle, even when empty. It has a lid shaped like a rose.Read More

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Let's serve some honey tea with this pitcher

This is a great multipurpose gift item for any lover of bees. They can use it to serve cold drinks, tea, use as a vase, or even as a décor piece for their indoors or garden sitting area. It is painted with bee-yellow color, with detailed patterns of the honeycomb. This makes it big enough to hold up to 5-cup servings at a go. When next they have friends coming over for a little banter, this will be a great piece to serve the drinks with.Read More

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Beehive Crystal Honey Jar

Because their harvested jar needs a great place especially when serving to the visitors, this crystal honey jar is what you need to gift them. Not forgetting the beehive shape it has that makes it stand out from the rest of the honey jars they might have. It is made of crystal material, which will help them rack the usage and know when it is time to fill it up again. This is a great décor item that they can place of their coffee table or dining table for all to awe at.Read More

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Let them put this sign on the tree

What better way to announce they have bees in the compound than with this Bee Crossing aluminum sign? It is a perfect signage for a beekeeper to have either indoors and outdoors. The details also make it a great piece of décor for both the outdoors and indoors. In case they want to hang it, it has a drilled hole just for this.Read More

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Get this gift for beekeeper's birthday

If you are looking for a gift for a beekeeper that seems to have a secret language with bees that you cannot keep up with, the buy them this t-shirt. They are the Bee Whisperer, after all.

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They donate 20% of the bracelet profit to the charity

If you are looking for a great jewelry gift for a lady that loves bees, buy them this bracelet. We all know that the Queen bee is the Alpha female ladies aspire to be. This will be a great gift to show them they are just that. It has a queen bee pendant on the side, as well as other pendants with Alex and Ani Charity by design engraving. The bracelet is expandable, which makes it a perfect gift for any wrist size. Read More

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This honey bee snowman ornament is so cute

For their interior décor, gift them this bee snowman ornament. This is actually a perfect holiday gift for a lover of bees. It will go well with their Christmas tree lighting any holiday season. The snowman bee shaped pendant is adorned with charming crystals that agree with any color theme they have in the house.Read More

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Beautiful Embossed Ceramic Teapot

Their next tea party is about to get lit with all the buzzing comments and compliments of their new teapot. I am not a fan of tea but I am about to get myself this teapot. With it, they can serve up to 3 cups of tea. The design is what catches one’s attention. First, the lid of the pot has a handle shaped like a bee ready to flap its wings and fly away. Secondly, the body of the pot is embossed with an amazing pattern of honeycombs. You will not regret gifting it. Read More

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Get this bee gift as mother's day gift

To upgrade a bee lover’s kitchen décor and utensils, gift them this cheese board. If they love cooking, this might just be one of their favorite items in the kitchen. It is made of solid beechwood, which makes it durable. It is hexagon in shape, with durable. engravings of honeycombs and a buzzing bee on the sides of the board. This is a perfect way to let them serve cheese offerings, crackers or any snacks when next they have guests.Read More

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Get this funny gift for bee lover

This is will definitely make them laugh out loud. Not just them, but also their guests. Honestly, I also chuckled up a little bit at this. The writing on the mug, which is really hilarious, is written in bold bee-yellow letters. This is a perfect way to make sure they wake up smiling because they cannot wait to indulge in their tea or coffee in this mug.Read More

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Bee Honeycomb Embossed Ceramic Bird Feeder

If they love bees and birds, they could use this bird feeder for their birds. It is ceramic with a metallic hook for easy hanging. It is shaped like an antique beehive and has accented honeycomb designs at the bottom. This beautiful design and patterns, making it more than a feeding place for the birds. They also make it a perfect décor item for the home garden.Read More

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Make cookies with this cookie stamp

Baking cookies for the next family gathering, tea party or school sale is about to elicit quite a number of buzzing comments. But first, you need to get that mum or baker this honeybee cast cookies stamps. They are simple but the designs will be a great conversational starter and make the cookies standout. Read More

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Let them make some cake with this beehive cake pan

For a lover of bees that loves baking and has a pastry shop, this is a perfect gift for them. actually, if they bake cakes for events and parties, this pan is bound to open more doors for them especially in the bee loving-community. Which bee lover would not love a cake shaped like a beehive?Read More

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Make cute portion cakes that is easy to eat for the kids

If they love baking and love bees, I bet they will really fall in love with this pull apart-pan that is designed like a honeycomb. This is a great gift to help bring forth their creative side in the kitchen. It will divide their cake portions cake-lets, each of perfect size like a honeycomb. When next they have a tea party, we bet the cakes will not only be delicious but eye-catching. Read More

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For the beekeeper who loves to chill with their bees

If you know of a beekeeper who does nothing but think and talk about their bees, buy them this t-shirt. Bonus excitement for them if they do love beer too. For any occasion, be it be their birthday or a holiday. This one is bound to elicit some funny comments from people that know them.Read More

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Honey Bee Tea Infuser Mug

Lang has this awesome and absolutely beautiful honey bee tea infuser mug that any lover of bees would love to have. It is multicolored, 4 colors actually, which is what makes it beautiful and a great kitchen décor piece. If they love brewing loose leaf tea at the comfort of their home, this will make it easier. It comes in a round gift box all ready for gifting. Read More

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"The Beekeeper" instead of "The Godfather"

This is a funny, and cool t-shirt for any beekeeper. It fits all, men and women. So, if you are looking for a piece of clothing that announces a beekeeper whenever they are like nothing else, then this t-shirt is a great choice. Read More

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Gift for the queen bee lovers

For that boss lady or alpha female with a sense of humor and loves bees, gift them this queen bee t-shirt. It is a fitting t-shirt with a V-neck, made of preshrunk cotton, rayon, and polyester. As they wash it, it will no shrink significantly. It is also soft, thanks to the fabrics used, with a nice feeling on the skin, and is light in weight. Read More

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Candle that made from 100% beeswax

Forget the scented candles from retail stores that cost an arm and leg. For a lover of bees, this horizontal candle made from natural bee wax is not only useful in lighting, but also eco-friendly. It can burn up to 48 hours, and once the flame reaches the clip, it self-extinguishes. They can increase the size of the candle on the clip up to 3 inches and forget about it. 3-inches of a candle on the clip can last for an hour. This also makes it a great décor item.Read More

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This pollinators will grow healthier garden

To help them enhance their bee pollinators attraction as well as enhancing the production, get them this bee house. It is made of natural bamboo, which provides a great and safe environment for bee pollinators. The bee house, which has an intricate system of attractive hexagons, attracts bees and provides them with a safe environment. This will enhance their production. It also has a hanging rope for easy hanging in the garden. Read More

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Bee lover is going to love this bumblebee door knocker

Knock, knock, knock! Who is there? A bumblebee door knocker, made of solid brass for that heavy knocking. It is also handcrafted and has a signature of the artists. It is a great piece of décor to give the guests a taste of what’s inside the house.Read More

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