21 Unique Gifts For Baseball Players That Will Hit A Home Run

Our long search for unique gifts for baseball players finally came to fruition, and this page is the result of our hard work. Forget the expensive playing kits a baseball player needs and focus on the unique and exquisite items they would never think of getting. This page is dedicated to that- helping you get those exquisite gifts.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Athletes Cross Necklace for high school baseball player

Inspire a baseball playerís every day with this cross necklace. The engraved bible verse and cross on either side of the pendant of the necklace will keep them inspired and motivated to conquer the dar and win the next game. The finish is highly resistant to rust, so it is bound to last for a long time. Read More

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This is nice gift for teenager for practice

This portable hit-a-way baseball trainer is an excellent gift to help that teen in your life develop their baseball skills. Whether they are playing on their own or with friends, they are bound to learn a thing or two. The pitch height is adjustable to oneís desired level. With this one, they can develop most baseball skills and build confidence.Read More

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Baseball Heartbeat Pulse Shirt

The adrenaline rush and heartbeat when homeboy swings the bat for a home run is summed up well on this t-shirt. For that baseball player in your life with a sense of humor, this t-shirt will be an excellent reminder him of those seconds. Itís a classic fit and lightweight for everyday wear, especially in the hot seasons. Read More

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Get this gift for young baseball player

This swing trainer is an excellent gift choice for a baseball player who wants to develop various skills. With this, they can develop their stance, hip rotation, hand-eye coordination and switch-hitting technique among others. It has an immediate feedback swing thanks to its multi-twist design. That way, they will get more information on their skills and development. Read More

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Any memorable win for them?

This personalized baseball case will be an excellent way to help them celebrate and display their winning moments. It has a clear ball holder where they can place their lucky and winning baseball. The silver plate on the side of the base can be engraved with a message of your liking.Read More

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Mounted Memories Framed Bat Display

A baseball player will be ecstatic with this framed bat. They can mount it on any wall or place it on a tabletop or shelf for display and decor. The bat has fine crafting with much attention to detail, and the finishing of the frame complements the wooden look and finish of the bat. Read More

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Let them become a better baseball player with this gift

To help them better their skills off the pitch, buy this electric baseball pitching machine for them. With it, they will get six plastic baseballs. It has a seven-second pitch interval and a flashing indicator to let them know when the ball pitches. The height is adjustable for young players who are still developing their baseball skills.Read More

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What's their jersey number?

Whatís the jersey number of that lovely lady in your life that plays baseball? For her birthday gift, personalize this necklace baseball pendant for her with her jersey number. Be prepared to melt her heart: the baseball bat and helmet accent to its baseball theme and any sports attire she has.Read More

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This is such a cool gift for baseball player

What better way for a baseball player to keep their wine bottle than safe and secure than in their grip? They might not hold it themselves, but they can trust a fellow player, like this player. The posture of the player, all ready to hit the home run will keep any prying hands away from their bottle on wine.Read More

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Baseball and Softball Practice Net

When in need of practicing shooting a softball or baseball off the pitch, this practice net will come in hand. It is lightweight and ultra-portable for easy carrying. It is also easy to assemble and pack up when they are on the road with it. The target carry bag is removable and convenient.Read More

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Max Scherzer Collectible Figure

A baseball player's paraphernalia should not be only their medals, baseballs and bats. Other unique items, like this figurine, will be an excellent addition to this collection. Buy it for that baseball player in your life and kill two birds with one figurine. Alleviate their collection and decor at the same time with this figurine.Read More

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Get this ornament as a small gift for them

If you cannot afford to sponsor a baseball playerís playing kit, the least you can do is surprise them with an ornamental figurine of what they use in the field. This set has almost everything- from the baseball bat to the helmet and the ball. They can decorate their sports section with it or hang it on the wall.Read More

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Crystal Paperweight Block With Baseball Player

A baseball player needs this paperweight block with a baseball player holding a baseball bat for their decor. You might not be able to freeze a moment in time when they strike a ball in the pitch, but this will be an excellent reminder of their playing moments any time.Read More

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This necklace is such a nice Christmas gift for them

The baseball helmet has other uses apart from keeping a baseball playerís head safe- adorning her neck. Yes, this baseball helmet pendant necklace with its golden finish will melt her heart and make her stand out. The finish also glistens, which makes it more unique and stunning for an afternoon look.Read More

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Baseball player will find this massager useful

Help a baseball player relieve their tense muscles without having to visit a massage parlor with this electric massager. It is compact for portability so they can carry it with them with much ease. It has six interchangeable nodes for deep tissue massage. With its six adjustable speeds, they can choose between an intense and gentler massage.Read More

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Get this on Valentines day

This charm is a must-have for that lady that plays baseball. When she leaves the baseball in her locker after the game, this charm will be there to adorn her neck. Thereís no mistaking the baseball thanks to the attention to detail. With this, she will rock that sporty look off the pitch like a pro.Read More

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Baseball Bat Wine Opener

A wine lover who plays baseball will appreciate this wine opener in so many ways. For starters, itís shaped like a baseball bat with a colorful engraving of the word ďwineĒ and a cock screw image. Secondly, itís a rechargeable opener and has a button on the side for easy opening of their wine bottles. Also, itís easy to use. Read More

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Baseball Initial Pendant Necklace

This numbered pendant necklace is an excellent gift choice for any lady that loves baseball. Whatever jersey number is, you can get it for her as a surprise. It will be a superb jewelry piece for game days to go with her game attire. The chain is adjustable for perfect fitting.Read More

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Gold Baseball Player/Batter Charm

This charm of a baseball player ready to hit the ball is a unique and gorgeous for that lady that loves baseball. She can use it as a pendant for her necklace or bracelet as long as she has a matching chain. The gold-yellow finish will match any of her attire.Read More

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Two Tone Crystal Baseball Pendant Necklace

For that lady who plays baseball, this crystalized pendant necklace will be an excellent constant reminder of the game she loves when off the pitch. Its uniqueness crops from the baseball glove holding the baseball with a golden finish and shiny charms. The next game day will be her day to flaunt this precious piece of jewelry.Read More

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