31 Unusual Gifts For an Ice Cream Lover That Don't Melt

Looking for a gift for an ice cream lover? There’s nothing like ice cream on a hot summer day. The icy, creamy treat is loved by all and entices feelings of nostalgia, comfort, happiness, and, of course, cravings! Looking for the perfect gift for an ice-cream lover in your life has never been as easy as this! We have provided you a lot of stylish, fun, and creative ice cream themed products perfect for that special someone.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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Ice cream lover is going to love this ice cream topping gift set

Anyone who loves ice cream is bound to love toppings as well! This gift comes with a variety of flavoured toppings that will spruce up any sundae, and now your loved one will be able to try them all out! It will definitely be hard to choose a favourite between all these delicious choices.Read More

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That's a nice gift for your dad from your daughter

This ice cream bowl and spoon makes a wonderfully personal gift for your ice cream loving Dad. He will be able to enjoy his favourite treat at any time with this gift! No one will be able to steal a scoop away from him now!Read More

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This ice cream maker is a nice Christmas gift for ice cream lover

Ignite some nostalgia with this wooden bucket styled ice cream maker! Just like in ‘the good ol’ days,’ your ice cream lover will enjoy making their very own creamy dessert with this gift. An electric motor will be able to churn 4-quarts of ice cream at the drop of a hat, but its real wood construction keeps the process feeling old fashioned.Read More

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Your mom is going to have a good laugh at this apron

Who said cooking has to be boring? Make the chef in your life laugh with this ice cream illustrated apron. This gift puts an artistic spin on traditional cooking wear and is fun for people of all ages, gender, and sizes. Your ice cream lover will be the talk of any dinner party in this gift!Read More

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Get this funny fake ice cream spill for the ice ream lover

For the jokester in your life! This extremely realistic fake ice cream spill is perfect for any child or adult who is a child at heart! This gift is perfect for parties, pranks, home movies, and starting conversations.

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I think this is a nice gift for your daughter or teenage girl

Aren’t these little earrings the most darling things you have ever laid eyes upon? These charming ice cream accessories are the perfect gift that any daughter, granddaughter, or niece will love. Say good bye to boring jewelry and hello to these earrings with personality!Read More

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Check out this cute ice cream tumbler

This tumbler comes in a large range of colour combinations, making it easy to choose the perfect ice cream themed gift! The product is durable and double walled, making it excellent for iced coffees, teas, and juices.

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Yes, you see that right. An ice cream flash drive

A flash drive this cute will be hard to lose! This is a delightful way to store photos, projects, and presentations, and is bound to get a ton of compliments! This not only makes an adorable gift for any professional ice cream lover in your life, but an incredibly useful one as well.Read More

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This ice cream bag is a nice gift for her

A wonderful gift for all ages! Gift it to your little one as their very first purse. Or, gift it to your friend or loved one who loves to accessorize with funky items! This ice cream bag is versatile, fun, and can be used every single day!Read More

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Some naughty gift on Valentines day

These undies make both a humorous gift and a dirty one! Give them to your friend and share a few laughs. Or, give them to your girlfriend and see where it takes you both. Either way, these undies make anyone with a funny bone both amused and feeling sexy!Read More

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This ice cream bag is so cute

This bag can be worn over the shoulder and makes a quirky gift for anyone who loves ice cream! This bag looks so realistic it could fool you, and makes an extremely charming, useful, and thoughtful birthday or holiday gift.Read More

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that's a perfect gift for ice cream lover

Waffle bowls and ice cream are the ultimate dessert combination. Now, your ice cream lover won’t even have to leave the house (or pay expensive prices) to enjoy their favourite treat. The waffle bowl maker is extremely easy to use and clean, making it the perfect gift for an anniversary, wedding, or engagement.Read More

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They even have ice ream curtain?

Spruce up any bathroom with this funky curtain. This makes the perfect housewarming or engagement gift and is a unique way to brighten up an otherwise boring room. While they’re melting the stress from the day away in the shower, their shower curtain will appear to be melting as well!Read More

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Let them make their favourite ice cream

Homemade ice cream is delicious, but difficult to make. This will no longer be an issue with the Chefman Frozurt- the easiest ice cream maker you will ever use! Whoever receives this gift will be able to enjoy any type of ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet they like with no added sugar or preservatives. The flavour combinations are endless with this one!Read More

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Ice cream night light

The ice cream lover in your life will hardly be able to wait to go to bed with this irresistible night light. This makes the perfect gift for any child, but can also make a perfect addition to any retro-inspired room. Or, hang it in the kitchen at a party to mark an appealing ice cream sundae making station. Whatever the room, this gift is the perfect accessory.Read More

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Sweet Spot Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Ice cream sandwiches have always been a favourite, and now they can be replicated at home thanks to this genius ice cream sandwich maker. This gift includes a recipe for the perfect cookie batter, but the sandwiches can also be made with a simple boxed brownie mix. Just choose your favourite flavour of ice cream and enjoy.Read More

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This bowl is going to prevent their ice cream from melting

Do you know any slow eaters? Look no further! This frozen bowl prevents ice cream from melting so that special someone can take as long as they would like to savour their favourite dessert. This innovative gift is the new perfect way to serve this delicacy.Read More

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Let them make nice ice cream with this recipe

Bring the sought-after flavors of Ample Hills Creamery right to the kitchen! Every ice cream enthusiast craves the exciting flavors this Brooklyn shop has to offer, and now they can recreate the masterpieces themselves! This book includes every flavor from A to Z, accompanied by illustrations and games that will entertain everyone.Read More

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Ice Cream Cone Bag

This is an adorable gift for anyone who loves ice cream. This bag is incredibly unique and can even make a great decorative piece or collectible. This can be given as a gift to people from ages 5 to 95, as it is both useful and sweet.Read More

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Tovolo Zombies Pop Molds

These zombie ice cream molds make an incredible housewarming or birthday gift. These are perfect for themed parties, halloween, or just a bit of fun! Ice cream shaped like zombies? Even zombies would take a break from flesh to try these treats.Read More

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Ice cream Leather Purse

Give the gift of fashion with this appealing ice cream leather purse. This gift makes a fashionable and characteristic clutch, wallet, or purse that will have people drooling. Your ice cream loving pal will never leave the house without it!Read More

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Let them make cute popsicle with this mold

These character ice cream molds are perfect for anyone with kids, or anyone that just loves to be creative! Ice cream is amazing to begin with, but these molds will make the treat even more fun! These ice cream characters are perfect for a party or gathering, or even just spending some quality time with family.Read More

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Ice Cream Waffle Cone Yoga Legging

These fantastic leggings are completely covered in a waffle cone print and make a comfortable and useful ice cream themed gift. Feeling extra stylish during yoga sessions… well, that’s just the cherry on top!

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I think this is a nice ice cream gift for her

This gift is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt! This adorable A-line cotton dress makes the perfect outfit, and the ice cream graphics give it a fun and colourful twist! Dress it up or dress it down, this gift is both versatile and personal.Read More

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Need something sexy and funny?

Combine sexy and funny with these ice cream undies! This comfortable underwear is printed with high quality graphics that any ice cream lover will be proud to wear. There’s nothing more hilarious or personal than the gift of underwear.Read More

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Ice cream gift for someone who love running

Life is about balance- good and bad, happy and sad… exercise and ice cream! This tank is the perfect gift for that person in your life who loves to run, but would never say no to that dreamy dessert. Remind them what they run for with this sweet gift.Read More

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That's a weird and unique ice cream t-shirt that she will love

This shirt definitely makes a fashion statement! This gift is both adorable and cozy, making it perfect for autumn, winter, or spring days- and the fluffy ice cream graphic adds some fun to the process!

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That's a cool looking sunglasses

Imagine how much that ice cream lover in your life will love sporting these babies! Whether this gift is for humour, for a party, or just plain fun, these sunglasses will turn any outfit from drab to fab.

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Ice cream phone case

Add some sparkle to their every day life with this fantastic phone case! This gift is vibrant, fun, and totally out of the ordinary. Any ice cream lover would absolutely love the feeling of pulling out their phone and showing off their glittery ice cream cone phone case.Read More

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Precious Moments You Melt My Heart Figurine

Bring back some childhood memories with this ice cream inspired gift. This sweet figurine will make a valuable contribution to any room, and will be cherished by any ice cream lover or collector. Who wouldn’t love a gift as adorable as this one?Read More

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