37 Unusual Gifts For a Foodie Man That Won't Cause Food Poisoning

Looking for a foodie man in your life. What better way to show them some love than to indulge them in what they love? Regardless of whether you want him to share or enjoy the deliciousness on his own, this list will cater to his whims.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Gift ideas for meat lover who loves spam

This gift is bound to make a meat lover in your life super nostalgic! The SPAM logo is retro, distressed, and printed on an ultra soft T-shit that they will never want to change out of! This is an amazing gift for both men and women that they will absolutely love.Read More

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Get this personalized miniature steak branding iron for them

Any meat lover will go crazy for this personalized branding iron! They will be able to customize every piece of meat they cook with this awesome and one of a kind gift! Personalize it with their initials or nickname, and you will definitely put a smile on their face when they open it!Read More

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How about a bouquet of jerky?

This bouquet will win the hearts of meat lovers everywhere! With this gift you get 6 large Beef Jerky flowers in a Manly Man pint glass that can be used after the jerky is all gone! This makes a wonderful Valentines Day, Anniversary, or Birthday gift!Read More

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Ramen T-Shirt

Is he a fan of Japanese and Chinese foods? Ramen noodles perhaps? Then this t-shirt will be an excellent way for him to showcase his love for the dish. It is a fitting size t-shirt, lightweight for most seasons wear, and can be machine washed. Choose his favorite color and spoil him today. Read More

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Burger slipper for food lover who loves burger

Help a foodie man keep warm during the cold season with this pair of hamburger slippers. Each slipper has all the ingredients of a hamburger. They are warm and comfortable with gripped soles for steadiness. These are perfect for lazying around the house eating his favorite foods. Read More

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Truffle Oil Selection Gift Set

This truffle oil set will help spice up a foodie mans meals for a long time. The package has three varieties of truffle oils at his disposal- the English truffle oil, black truffle oil, and the white truffle oil. His next party will have all sorts of dressings, each with a different flor, thanks to this set. Read More

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The Serious Foodie Dinner Party Set

Are you shopping for a perfect gift for a foodie who loves his way in the kitchen? This set of dinner preparation items- pomegranate grill sauce, blood orange and aji panca cooking sauce, fig and orange grill sauce and West African paradise rub will make his heart melt with joy and love. We can smell the awaiting foods from here. Read More

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That's a nice gift for foodie who loves travel for food

This engraved stainless steel makes an excellent gift choice for a globe-trotting foodie man. The writing is laser engraved to ensure it lasts forever. Although it is a sturdy spoon, it is not heavy. When he is off far away from you, he can eat using his personal spoon and remember you.Read More

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Beer-infused Hot Sauce

It is time for a foodie to try some new sauce for his meat and other dishes- these beer-infused hot sauce package. It comes with three types- garlic serrano, roasty chipotle and Asian Sriracha. No matter what meal he has cooking in the kitchen, he will have a sauce that goes with it.Read More

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Funny Taco T-Shirt

Crack his ribs with this funny t-shirt. If he has been meaning to hit the gym and keep fit, this t-shirt will be an excellent gift choice for him. He will mostly take taco over any gym session. The t-shirt has a super soft touch to the skin, which is comfortable. It is also lightweight, making it ideal for most hot and humid seasons.Read More

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They are going to love this award winning gift set

Spice up his spice rack and foods with this set of award-winning Calivirgin olive oil. The set has five bottles, all different flavors that every foodie or chef would love to have in their kitchen- from lemon to garlic flavors, basil-crushed olive, premium regular olive, and barrel-aged balsamic vinegar- he will be spoilt for choice.Read More

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Get a holster for their favourite sauce

How about we bring a little carpentry-look into his kitchen? This holster will change his way of carrying his favorite sauce and drink, especially when there is a party. This gift package will contain two holsters- one holds the 5 oz bottle and the other holds the 2 oz bottle. They are both made of leather, which is durable. Read More

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let this burrito pouch carry his electronic accessories

This burrito themed pouch will be a fashionable and useful item for a foodie. Whether he is looking for a safe place for his tools, electronics, and other things, it has him covered. The inside has a meshwork pocket that ensures his items are in secured in place. The loops are elastic to fit various items. Read More

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I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie T-Shirt

Sir Mix-a-lot did a lot of good work gifting us Baby Got Back. If you know of a foodie man who loves his music, this t-shirt will be a perfect gift for him. He can flaunt his love for bacon and pork ribs with this I love pig butt t-shirt. Way to annoy and make people laugh! Read More

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Let this dice decide what to cook for dinner

As a foodie, one of the problems is deciding what to cook. So, lets help you spice up that foodies kitchen with some spontaneity with this foodie dice tumbler. He can experiment with different ingredients, avoid monotony in the kitchen and most of all, have fun in the kitchen. With this, he has over 186,000 possible meals awaiting. Read More

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Keep their food warm to work with this insulated lunch bag

Homemade food mostly tops any restaurant food. It also saves money. That is why you need to get that foodie man this insulated lunch box tote bag. He can carry as much lunch and drinks as he feels fit for the day in this. It will keep his food and drinks fresh and warm up to 6.5 hours.Read More

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For him who loves Sriracha

If that foodie man you are shopping a gift for is a mad fan of Sriracha, then this t-shirt is your best bet to getting him happy. It is a classic fit with soft and comfortable fabric- the imprint of the famous Sriracha rooster on the front side. The size and the imprint will not be affected by machine washing. Read More

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Let's make him laugh on this coming Christmas

Do his favorite foods think about him as he does? It is a heartbreaking question- its like finding out you are the only one in a relationship. Gift this t-shirt to that foodie man in a relationship with foods. Its not the answer to his question, but it will make him laugh and fashionable. Read More

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Pho sho they need some pho

Are you looking for a funny way to tell a foodie to get his a** off the couch and get a freaking job? Well, this t-shirt will tell him that, in a cute, sweet, and fashionable way. Even that foodie man with a job but spends most of his days on the couch eating, pho sho he deserves this. Read More

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Let's get this truffle on Christmas so everyone can share this gift

Get that foodie man in your life this delicious pack of black truffle slices for his snacking times. The slices are well preserved in extra virgin oil and can for a whole 8 months without spoiling- we know they wont last that long but we arent judging. At the very least, hell be grateful you gifted him such deliciousness. Read More

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Get a mouth drooling jerky for them

Some of us are already salivating from all this deliciousness. Imagine the look on a foodie man when he sees this? Then imagine his reaction when he realizes its a gift package just for him- all this sweet and spicy whole cute pieces of meat snacks! And, it is all ready to eat.Read More

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Mini Schlitz Can Cufflinks

Gifts for a foodie man should include a drink or something that looks like a drink. Case in point, this pair of can cufflinks is unique, classy, eye-catching and will go with any of his attire. If his birthday is coming up, an anniversary or even a wedding, these cufflinks will make him look good.Read More

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Get this fun socks for their birthday or Christmas

How about you surprise a foodie man in your life with this set of fun socks? This is the new level of happy socks for men who love food. The socks are decorated with images of various foods. They are also breathable, which helps in absorbing moisture and keeping their feet dry and happy. Read More

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One of the best gift for foodie

For that foodie man who always some noodles in the house for making a snack, this hoodie will be an excellent gift choice. For starters, it is colorful, with mouthwatering 3D images of chicken noodle soup. It also has a pull on closure so they can keep warm at night or winter season. Read More

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Let's get them a gallon of Tabasco

Are you shopping for a gift for a foodie man who loves chili in his foods. We have people who would put chilling in their tea if it was possible. Surprise him with this gallon of Tabasco pepper sauce. It is gluten free and has no GMO. Spare him frequent trips to the shop for restocking his tabasco with this gallon.Read More

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Get this for the foodie who loves burger

Search no more for that gift that fits a foodie man. This 3D printed t-shirt will be a killer at the pool party or when he goes to the beach during summer. If he loves hamburgers, he will appreciate the effort it took to get him this colorful t-shirt. The fabric is soft, comfortable, and dries up quickly.Read More

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Food Party Print Shirt

A summer part by the beach or the pool needs a foodie man to look his best- in a shirt decorated with delicacies. The shirt has hotdogs, hamburgers, and french fries among others printed all over it. It is a classic fitting size and easy to care fabric. He can wear it straight out of the washing machine.Read More

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Cheeseburger Fast Food Necktie

Is he always dreaming about cheeseburgers? Well, look no further as this neckties will make his dreams of having cheeseburgers on him real. It is 56-inches long, with cheeseburgers all over it. It is ideal for costume parties, a foodie who works in a restaurant or for dress-down Fridays in the office.Read More

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Fast food bow tie

This bow tie is a must-have wardrobe item for any foodie man, especially if he loves fast foods. It has donuts, coke, coffee, hotdogs, and noodles sprinkled all over it. It is a unique piece that will complement his attire. When next he attends a party, he will be killing it.Read More

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Thats Bananas

Are you shopping for gifts for a foodie man with a sense of humor? This t-shirt might tickle his fancy. The pun is solid and will put a smile on him and everyone. The t-shirt is also lightweight and a classic fit. He can wear it to the next party and let guests go bananas about this new t-shirt.Read More

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Food Breakfast Themed Bacon Eggs Print Cotton Boxer

If he cannot eat it then at least he should be in a position to wear and flaunt it. This bacon-themed pair of boxer shorts is an excellent gift for a foodie man who needs to flaunt his love for bacon. He can sleep or relax in it. It is comfortable thanks to its loose fit design and button closure. Read More

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Get this nachos cheese dispenser for him

Do you have a Monica in your life? Remember Monica from Friends, who loved cheese more than anything? If that sounds like a man in your life, he will fall in love with this cheese dispenser. For continuous dispensing, it as two button controls with adjustable settings. He can also choose his preferred temperature when heating.Read More

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Let's keep his favourite food fresh with this mini fridge

Help a foodie man keep his foods fresh with this mini fridge. He can store his beers, snacks, and medications. It is compact in size and lightweight for easy portability even when traveling. He can also choose the desired temperature using its digital thermostat, which is displayed at the top of the door. Read More

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Spin this and see who get to drink

If you are looking for a funny gift to cheer someone up any time of the day- mostly when drinking- then you have found that gift. This middle finger Barbuzzo will not only help determine who gets to take the next shot at the party but will make the drinking game fun. Read More

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This is how you shot the glasses

Your friends need a party to cheer them out? Well, come to the rescue with this gun decanter. It comes with eight shot glasses for those shots they are all looking forward to. It has two gun decanters, shaped like a gun and a belt holster for that fancy bartender look. Read More

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this wingman shot glass is a great gift for sharing drinks

When your buddy is sad, wear the cape of a wingman and rescue his moods and happiness with this wingman shot glass. Sharing drinks from one table is fun and shows solidarity. Sharing drinks from the same glass, now that is another level of solidarity that will cheer them up.Read More

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