27 Fun gifts for 8, 9, 10 and 11 Year Old Daughter That They Will Love

Looking for a gift for 8, 9, 10 or 11 years old daughter? I donít know about you, but Iíve always wanted to have dollhouse when I was a child like the one in my list of gift ideas for girls. And if your daughter wants one too, donít make her wish she had it too when sheís all grown up like me. We got a lot of gift ideas listed here that your girl will absolutely love it. Let's see what we have listed here.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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He is going to be the coolest kid with this lunchbox

Do you want your kid to be the coolest one in class? If yes, buy him this Pokemon lunch box today. Itís compact. Meaning, your kid can easily place it in a backpack. It makes an ideal birthday gift for both boys and girls.Read More

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This is so cute!

Does your heart melt just by looking at this minivan filled with tiny rabbits that are as cute as it gets? Youíre not the only one. Iím struggling to order only one van because I know that in the end, I will keep it for myself, so I think I will order two, just in case. Your children will absolutely adore it. Read More

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Even a grown up will fall in love with this cutie

If youíre a dog lover and you want to teach your kids to love animals from a young age, getting them Bitty Boo is the perfect way to do it. If youíre still scared to get a real animal or donít have space and time to take care of it, getting a cute toy bear will finish the job. Read More

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Make flower art with this kit

If you want to check if your childís an artist by soul, this flower art kit is the perfect way to do it. It makes the ideal intro to a classic hobby. You can make different cards, trinket boxes or bookmarks and more. It makes the ideal present for creative children who seem like theyíre about to have a bright future. Read More

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Show her how moon looks like

If your children enjoy watching the stars and the moon at night, why not buy this kids telescope today and provide them a closer look? You also get a moon mirror that will help your child to take a closer and clearer look of the moon. It makes an impressive gift for your kids birthdays. Or you can surprise your BFFís children or your beloved grandchild with it.Read More

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Let her play with this interactive unicorn

If your child needs a friend, this interactive unicorn is a perfect choice. It makes the best pet friend with whom your child can play and hang around all day long while you finish the work you brought home or relax in a hot tub. The unicorn responds to your touch with moving. Read More

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Let her explore the amazing magnetic forces

If someone you know is crazy about art and geometry, this is the perfect surprise gift that will put a smile on their face. Children of all ages have loved this bestseller for 20 years. It performs impressive feats of magnetism as you explore the magnetic forces, stability, and motion. Read More

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Catch a bug and see them closer with the built in magnifier

If you want your child to learn about nature and all the living creatures living in it the most natural way, this safe and humane bug catching tool is what you should buy today. You can easily trap whatever you want with it. However, donít forget to be a good human being and release it after you finish with observation. Read More

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Let's have fun with this mini bowling set

Perhaps you didnít know but bowling has one of the richest and longest histories of all sports. It is one of those games that brings families together. If you want to spend quality time with your family, donít hesitate about purchasing this mini bowling set today. Your kids will definitely love it. And so will you.Read More

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Does she love this cute little guy?

If your child is the biggest fan of the minions then he or she deserves a gift that will go with that passion.And Iíve just found the perfect gift to surprise it today. Itís the new minion's king that was featured in the newest minions film. You can also get it for yourself if youíre a minionís fan or collect minion figures. I understand.Read More

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How About A Wheeeee?

If youíre looking for a gift that will make your child go Ďwheeeeí, this 10-foot-long roller coaster is the right choice. Itís nothing like the usual roller coaster youíve seen before. Both children and parents love it because of the separate parts that are as much fun connecting as playing with it. It makes the perfect gift for your childrenís birthday. Read More

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Let's jump!

If your children arenít the calm type who likes to read, draw and play quietly with toys, this trampoline for naughty children makes the perfect gift for their birthdays. It will help them burn the extra energy, instead of driving you crazy with fighting and yelling. It will also help your children stay in shape and boost their physical development.Read More

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Let her play with Belle

If your daughter is the biggest fan of the iconic ďbeauty and the beastĒ, she should get the gift that matches her passion. This Princess Belle classic doll will definitely put a smile on that little face and will win her tiny heart at first sight. It comes in a gorgeous satin dress with glitter and ruched detailing. Read More

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She is going to love this enchanted jewelry box

Looking for a unique present for your loved one? Why not get this enchanted jewelry box? It will prove your love and appreciation because itís a thoughtful one-of-a-kind present that will win her heart at first glance. It plays the legendary ďbeauty and the beastĒ and will help her store her beloved belongings at a safe place. Read More

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An art table to explore her creativity

If you want to boost your childrenís creativity, this art table is the perfect way to do it. It will embellish the space with the nice bright design and strong construction. Itís a cool art table just as adorable as your kids. It makes an ideal gift for their birthday. You can also surprise a friendís child or your grandchild with it.Read More

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Talk to this bird and it will say it back

If you and your kids love birds but donít have enough time to take care of a real one, this talking bird is perfect for you. Also, the more you pet it, the more it sings. It can sing even 30 different bird songs and it has a cute night-light feature. It makes an ideal gift for birthdays and holidays for your children or your grandchildren.Read More

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Let's put some sand in this personal studio

Every day can be a day spent on the beach with this personal studio for shaping, pulling, packing, and stretching sand into impressive artworks. He or she can write messages, create faces or add different details with it.And not only that this box will keep your kid amused but it will also boost its creativity. Read More

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Make a cat with this kit

If youíre a cat lover like me, youíll find this kit for creating cats very amusing and fun. You can make a house, cats, toys and scratching post. It makes an ideal gift for cat lovers but also for kids you want to keep amused. It makes an ideal gift for birthdays or holidays. You can also give it to your BFFís kid or grandchild.Read More

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Create anything with this craft kit

If you want to keep your child amused by doing something interesting and useful, while you have a glass of wine and read your favorite book, you should definitely buy this kit. Your child can do anything with this craft kit that comes with unique pieces with slots used to connect them to each other.Read More

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Frozen Lego Castle

If your childís a fan of Disney Frozen, this impressive Arendelle lego castle will help it enter the magical world of Elsa, Olaf, and Anna. It makes an ideal gift for your kidís birthday or your best friendís children.It's one of the best Christmas gifts for 10 year-old girls or older. Read More

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Play with this kinetic play sand

If youíre looking for a way to surprise your child or keep it amused while you read your favorite book, this kinetic play sand is a perfect choice. It represents a special mix of sand that wonít dry out but provide all the fun your kid needs while playing. Itís easy to clean and doesnít stick to the hands because itís a high-quality premium sand.Read More

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My sister dream to have this doll house back then

If youíre a mother and you always wanted a dollhouse as little, and your baby girl wants the same thing, itís time you give to her what you couldnít have. This dollhouse will put a smile on her little face because it comes with even 14 pieces of furniture among which is a hanging plant and a grand piano. It's one of the best gifts for an 8-year-old girl or older. Read More

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Does she love singing?

If someone you know loves singing, they will absolutely love this karaoke microphone. Itíll allow you to sing crystal clear because it provides perfect clarity. You can connect it to a phone, tablet, or your computer. It makes the perfect gift for music enthusiasts.Read More

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One of every girl favourite

If you have a little baby doll that you want to surprise without any special reason or youíre looking for the perfect gift for your best friendís daughterí, this holiday Barbie is the right choice. You can never make a mistake with a doll because itís one of every girlís favorite. It makes the perfect birthday or a surprise gift for little girls. It's one of the best gifts for a 4-year-old girl or older.Read More

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Your kids is going to love this DJ dining set

You want to make your kid eat veggies? But, no matter how hard you try, they never even taste it. Right? Well, it is time to make dinner a hundred times more fun than ever before. Crank it up with this DJ dinning set. This is the ultimate interactive plate that looks like a turntable. Kids will love it. Guaranteed!Read More

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Let the kids draw and it will come alive on the tablet

This gift includes 3 educational games that transform an iPad into a hands-on tool for enjoyment. They will be able to bring their creations to life which is great for building confidence and enhancing their inventive skills! Read More

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