27 Burning Gift Ideas For Spicy Food Lovers That Make Their Ass Spit Fire

These burning hot gift ideas for spicy food lovers will make them cry for not only how spicy they are, but also for how thoughtful they are! Really add some zest to your loved one life by choosing a gift from our genius list of burning hot gift ideas. We have given you options in everything from authentic hot sauce, to fashion, and more! The gift you give the spicy food lover in your life will be a hot topic in more ways than one!

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Sriracha Sippy Cup

This gift is the most adorable spice-related gift you will ever be able to find. Do you have a baby shower coming up for a spicy-loving couple? Give them this for their future chilli lover! Do you know a little one who can’t get enough of the burn? This makes a wonderful gift for any occasion!Read More

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Tabasco "Spicy Dark Chocolate Wedges"

Really surprise them with this delicious and spicy chocolate! Packaged in a unique tin, this gift contains eight pieces of chocolate that are bravely spiced with tabasco’s very own blend. This is the perfect gift for anyone who’s brave enough to give it a try!Read More

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Get this unique spicy nuts for them

This stylish mason jar contains a wonderful combination of gourmet nuts such as almonds, cashews, and pecans. Best of all, these nuts are coated with a special blend of spices! This mix makes the perfect give for any spice lover that you may know. Snack on it throughout the day, during a movie night, or at a cocktail party!Read More

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Get this salt for the spicy lover who loves cooking

This sea salt will add a one-of-a-kind kick to any meal as it’s blended with hot chimayo pepper, habanero pepper, and garlic powder! This clever combination creates a wonderful combination of spice and flavour that you can only get from a variety of peppers. This makes the perfect housewarming gift, or can be great for someone in your life who loves to cook with heat!Read More

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People's Choice Spicy Beef Jerky

This gift basket is overflowing with a huge variety of jerky! Allow your gift receiver to experience a range of flavours and tastes in a range of spice intensity! Everything in this gift is either spicy, hot, or flaming! Read More

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Get them this super spicy noodle

Do you know someone who’s in college and needs some easy meal options? Or maybe a friend of yours has just moved into a new place and hasn’t been able to unpack yet. Whoever it is in your life that would make great use out of instant noodles, kick it up a notch by giving them this hot and spicy option! With savoury beef broth and fresh vegetables, this instant soup is perfect for an easy and delicious meal.Read More

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Let them grow some pepper

This is the perfect starter kit for your spicy loving someone! Complete with seed packets for cayenne pepper, hot jalapeńo, sweet red peppers and yellow chilli, this gift is everything your gift receiver would ever want! With their own little pepper garden, your loved one can add spice to any meal whenever they so choose!Read More

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Let them make spicy jerky with this dehydrator kit

This impressive kit has the ability to dry food evenly in only a few hours! With no tray rotation necessary, this makes the perfect easy-to-use gift for your loved one! The gift includes spice packets that can be used for up to four pounds of meat, so your gift receiver can make their very own jerky as hot as they would like!Read More

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One of the best gift for people who loves spicy food

The intense spice added to this jerky makes it an incredible snack! With all natural ingredients, this beef is sugar, carb, and gluten free! Your loved one will be able to snack on these throughout the day, pop them in their lunch bag, or while watching a movie!Read More

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Sriracha Men's Hot Chili Sauce T-Shirt

This T-Shirt is 100% cotton and comes in red or white! Let them sport the logo of their favourite red hot chilli sauce company! Now, everyone will know how much they adore the stuff! Get this for a hot sauce lover to spice up their wardrobe.Read More

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Sriracha Refillable Keychain

Give them the ability to spice up any food, ANY time they want to! This refillable Sriracha key chain is leak proof and easy to use. This is the perfect gift for that person in your life who is serious about their spice addiction!Read More

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Whoop Ass Hot Sauce Gift Set

This set of hot sauces is bound to whip your special someone into shape! The beautiful wooden crate contains Whoop Ass Chipotle Fire, Whoop Ass Bacon and Whoop Ass Roasted Garlic! The sauce comes in cowboy shaped and designed bottles, making this a tasty and humorous gift!Read More

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This is nice gift for her who loves chili

These adorable earrings make a fun and unique gift that the spicy lover in your life will fall head over heels for! Made from beautiful materials, these earrings are high quality and is the perfect way to “spice” up any outfit. All proceeds go to an animal rescue program in Los Angeles, so you’ll be helping others as well as yourself.Read More

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make their mouth explode with this hot sauce

This gift includes three different flavours of hot sauce from mild to blazing hot! Cleverly shaped like a bundle of dynamite, this product makes the perfect gift as well as a creative addition to any kitchen. The spicy food lover in your life will absolutely adore this.Read More

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Let them spit fire after eating this

This is the best spicy food challenge out there! This company uses the six hottest peppers on earth to coat Virginia peanuts, creating a fun and frightening Russian Roulette kind of food game. Take the chance and dive into this bag to see how much spice you can handle!Read More

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Pure Ghost Pepper Mash Puree

Ghost peppers. Salt. Vinegar. That’s it! This gift is purely mashed ghost peppers that a spicy loving special someone in your life will go crazy for! They will be able to add their favourite spice to any stir fry, sandwich, or food of their choice!Read More

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World's Hottest Chocolate Bar

Chocolate and irresistible spice combined? Honestly, there’s nothing better! This is absolutely the worlds hottest chocolate bar as it contains chilli extract rated at nine million heat units! This is the gift for you if you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind.Read More

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Hot Sauce Kit Heirloom Peppers From 5th Generation Farmers

They will absolutely LOVE making their own authentic sauces with this kit! This gift will allow your special someone to make 7 different bottles of gourmet hot sauce in the comfort of their own home, and includes everything they will ever need! You can’t go wrong by giving them this gift.Read More

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Satan's Blood Chile Extract Hot Sauce

Coming in an incredible bottle, this hot sauce is truly the hottest you will ever be able to find. At 800,000 Scoville units, this sauce came first place in the 2002 Scovie awards. If your spicy loving pal is brave enough, this hot sauce makes an amazing gift.Read More

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Gourmet Hot Sauce DIY Kit

Is there a special someone in your life that loves hot sauce just as much as they love being creative? This genius gift will allow them to create their very own hot sauces from authentic and quality ingredients. This DIY kit comes with simple instructions, glass sauce bottles, stoppers, caps, labels, and all the ingredients they will need to make their own customized sauces that they will love sharing with their friends and family!Read More

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25 Christmas Hot Sauce Gift Set

One for each day leading up to Christmas! Put traditional advent calendars to shame by giving your spicy loving pal this incredible gourmet hot sauce sampler. Each of the 25 different flavours are unique and range from mild to dangerously hot! Read More

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The General's Hot Sauce Triple Threat

This gift includes three 6 ounce bottles of gourmet smoking hot Louisiana made sauce. These sauces are all natural and will give your loved one some wonderful new flavours to try. BONUS! A portion of the profits from purchasing this gift are donated to help military and veteran families. Do good and eat good with this gift.Read More

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Let's hurt their tongue with tis gift set

This is an amazing gift for a true hot sauce enthusiast. This pack of seven sauces ranges from mild and tasty to extreme heat! Whether they want to just add a savoury kick to their meal, or really challenge their tolerance for spice, this gift will make your loved one smile… and maybe cry a little bit.Read More

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Ghost Pepper Habanero Hot Sauce Gift Box

This gift package includes ghost pepper and habanero sauces that your spicy someone will love. These sauces will add some extreme heat to any meal or snack and is guaranteed to make your gift receiver sweat! Cleverly placed in a stylish wooden box, this gift is the perfect choice.Read More

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Ghost Pepper Sauce Gift Set

This is the hottest collection out there, literally! This set of four sauces is guaranteed to light up the life of your spicy loving pal. These hot products are sealed with stylish wax designs that are guaranteed to please.Read More

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Flamethrower Candy Co Toe of Satan Lollipop

If your loved one is absolutely serious about spice, than challenge their taste buds with this lollipop two pack! Made from special hellfire chilli extract, this product has a heat rating that is 900 times the spice of a jalapeńo! You’ll have to be just as careful as your loved one when you give them this gift, because if they can handle it they are granted some serious bragging rights!Read More

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