34 Unique Gift Ideas For Horse Owners That They Will Absolutely Love

Searching for the best gift ideas for horse owners? They might seem like they have everything their horse needs. However, a little something for their decor, horse artwork collection or even jewelry will make a great gift. Pick one from our collection and put a smile on their face.

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Hand-Painted Sculpted Plaque

Since we cannot be jealous of the bond between a horse and its owner, then we can appreciate that they have found such a friend by gifting them this willow tree sculpted plaque. It is a great representation of how they are always there for each other. And if that horse owner is always there for you, this will be a great way to appreciate them, no matter the occasion. They can place it on their table, shelf or even mantel to bring that vintage look in their decor.Read More

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This horse wind chime is a very relaxing gift

Listening to the sweet harmonic sounds from the wind chimes when sipping a glass of wine or hot beverage will never be the same again. Better still, it will also be a great sight to behold for anyone near it. The horse, of course, is so inviting to look at as the wind sways it from side to side. It is also in a running position so it looks like it is moving as it sways. This is a perfect piece of decor for their garden, patio or office.Read More

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Let's hook a horseshoe on this hook?

Where do they hook their horseshoe when they are done riding? I bet it does not look cooler than what you are about to gift them. And, it is multipurpose. Its heavy-duty is not only great to support their horseshoe, but other items like coats, jewelry, keys, or hats. Other than that, it will also serve as a great piece of decor for their wall thanks to the horse’s majestic head design and finishing. It is a great housewarming or holiday gift for a horse owner.Read More

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Get this for the horse owner that can't live without horse

If you know a horse owner that can never shut up about their horse, this will be a great gift for them. We do not want them to stop talking so passionately about things they love. But we can let them know their horse is their everything with this funny and yet truthful box sign of “all you need is love.. And a horse”. Because for them, your love and their horse keeps them going. It is a perfect decor gift for their living room.Read More

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Get this handmade horse cuff bracelet for her

Surprise your girlfriend with this horse cuff bracelet for her birthday. Actually, this is so cute you can just surprise her with a gift out of the ordinary. It does not have to be a special occasion for her to know that she is loved and appreciated. And ready to be adorned with all the beautiful jewelry you can afford. The two embossed horses on the cuff have elegant long necks, that are perfectly detailed courtesy of the fine finish. I bet this will be their new everyday wear.Read More

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Cool gift for horse owner who loves wine

If they also love wine, this horseshoe 3-bottle wine rack will be a perfect gift for any occasion. I am not just buttering you up. When next they are having a wine party with their girlfriends, they better be careful before someone might just gift it to themselves. Yesh, it is that piece of decor every wine lover would like to display their wines with. And since they love horses, the horseshoe design will blow their minds away. It is time to store our wines in a unique style.Read More

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For horse owner who always cook

Their kitchen table has never looked any fancier than it is about to look once you gift them this. Imagine having to place your salt and pepper shakers n this piece of chestnut stallion statue holder? Lovely, right? From the base on which the horse’s head is resting to the design of the whole piece. So, stop imagining and buy them one as a gift for any occasion. While at it, get yourself one too because it such a piece of decor to kill for. Read More

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Himalayan Lick Salt for Horses

We have, of course, not forgotten the horses. They to deserve some loving. A lot of loving actually because they are such amazing creatures. So, if you are looking for a gift for a horse owner that will be useful to the horse, buy them this animal lick salt for horses. It comes attached to a rope so it easy for them to hang somewhere we the horses can have a licking party anytime. It is all natural, no additives or preservatives so their lovely horse’s health is not compromised.Read More

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This is such a sweet horse gift for her

I am in love with this throw pillow, thanks to the loving embroidered message. Of course, horses leave hoofprints on our hearts. We never forget all the moments we share with them. If they get to visit their horse once in a while, this throw pillow will be a perfect reminder of their horse and how much they miss the moments spent together.Read More

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Bless them with this horse shoe symbol

Bring more blessings to their home with this piece of hand Fatima horseshoe symbol. The hand-crafting is articulate and dedicated to bringing every detail of the piece to life. From the shining enamels to the horseshoe symbol that is designed like a palm. This plaque is a perfect gift for your mum or wife. They will always smile and remember you whenever they dart their eyes to that side of the wall. Read More

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Let's personalise a sign for the horse owner

If they own a ranch regardless of the number of horses they own, this personalized ranch sign will be a perfect personalize gift for horse owner. Help them facelift the entrance of their ranch or their indoor decor with this. Apart from the personalization that will include the names you want, the sign also has two drawings of horseshoes on either side.Read More

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Cast Iron Horseshoe Wreath

I never thought a wreath that is not made of flowers could look so beautiful until I saw this one. Actually, never thought I would want a wreath for a gift much as I want this one because it is gorgeous and long lasting. The attention to detail on every section of the wreath will steal their heart because they are shaped like horseshoes. This is a perfect decor item for their wall, their front door or even the hanging on the barn.Read More

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Cast Iron Horse Shoe with Star Stepping Stone

If you are looking for a gift that fits any horse lover this iron horseshoe will be a great gift. It has a stepping stone designed like a star. Its vintage look is bound to bring that country look and feel to their decor. With this, they can decorate their indoors to bring that country look that is lacking. They can also hang it out in the garden or patio for that touch of vintage look they have always wanted.Read More

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Your wife is going to love this sweet gift

Are your marriage anniversary and you have no clue what gift suits the occasion? Well, why not combine your wife’s love for their horse and a celebration of your milestone all in one piece? Specifically this piece of intertwined horseshoe hearts. they are a perfect representation of what she means to you all.Read More

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This silver horse ring is a beautiful gift for her

With its head protruding out for all to see and admire, this is such a brilliant and unique piece of jewelry. It is great for any lady that wants to flaunt the love they have for their horse. If your girlfriend is that person, buy her this ring for her birthday. It is easy for them to maintain it thanks to its shiny finishing and storage plastic bag.Read More

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He is going to love this gold horseshoe ring

This good luck horseshoe ring will be a great gift for your dad, boyfriend or husband. And, it is a great way to show them how you love the bond they share with their horse. The black gemstones surrounding the golden horse’s head are actually the horseshoe. They make the ring stand out in a beautiful and unique way. Any time they put it on, they are bound to attract some good luck and attention- in a good way though. Read More

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Your girlfriend is going to love this pendant

If you are struggling to pick a gift for your girlfriend who owns a horse and seems hard to shop for, I think we have figured her out for you. Seriously though, she will fall in love spirit horse pendant necklace. If she is the adventurous type, this pendant is a great description of that side of hers. The backside of the horse is embossed with the “spirit” word and artistic symbols.Read More

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Country Girl Band Western Riding Saddle Ring

If there is a special lady in your life that has a horse, this ring will be a great surprise for their birthday, Mother’s Day or even as an anniversary gift. Any time they have a fancy event to attend, this piece of fine jewelry will be a perfect piece to adorn. The design, texture, and details of the riding saddle are just enough to let everyone know they own a horse. The fine finish of the piece makes it a great compliment for any attire. Read More

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This figurine is so beautiful

Forget the unique colors used on the finishing of this beauty. Well, you cannot forget because the various shades of blue used on the horse and the base and nothing but amazing. Then go ahead and fall in love with the USA flag painted on the back of the horses in such an articulate way it looks like a blanket. Not forgetting the engraving of the Statue of Liberty. Woow! This is a great gift for any horse lover for the 4th of July holiday.Read More

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Get this museum quality figurine for horse owner

If your loved one is a Native American or an Indian by heritage, this will be a perfect gift for them. If they own a horse or horses, the better for you. The Native American Navajo Indian is sculptured with much majesty and holding an eagle on one hand. The finishing on this sculpture has not spared any beautiful details. Read More

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This statue will bring a lot of luck for horse owner

Show me a horse lover that needs much luck in their life right now and I will show you a great gift that will uplift their moods. And, bring them luck. Well, this is actually the gift that you need to get them. Its beauty will, of course, make them fall in love with instantly. It will uplift their mood as well as their decor. Apart from that, it is also easy to clean and maintain for that ever shiny look.Read More

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This horse gift is so badass

Let Achilles invade their home in the most unique way. This time, I promise that he comes in peace such a pleasant demeanor. The arrows and charging horses are just there to please their guests and keep them all safe. This is a great gift for any horse lover who is a fan of Greek mythology and an ardent fan of Achilles. Whether it is their birthday or as a holiday gift, this piece will great on their mantel or shelf.Read More

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Swarovski rocking horse figurine is so cute

Are you looking for a great gift for a horse lover who is not an adult? Probably your kid’s gift for their birthday? Your niece or nephew, maybe? Well, search no more, for we have the perfect gift choice for them. This rocking horse is a perfect way to let them rock their way into dreamland any time of the day when playing with it. Let it be the first lovely thing they see when they go to sleep and when they get up in the morning. Read More

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Tang Dynasty Tri-Color Glaze Horse Figurine

If you know a horse lover that also loves artistic stuff, this will make a great gift for their housewarming, Christmas holiday or even their birthday. It is multicolored, with a piece of clothing tied on it back with bow ties designs on either design. This is what gives it that extra look of elegance, beauty as well as uniqueness. Placed on any part of the room, it will a great conversational starter because they will need to pint envious guests to where they got it.Read More

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Swarovski Stallion Figurine

This piece reminds me of one pure white horse I fell in love once but could not keep because it was not mine. Sad, I know. But if you know in the same situation as yours truly, or a horse lover with such a horse, you should buy them this crystalized stallion figurine. The beauty and elegance of this figurine will not only be a great decor piece for their living room but also a nice way to remember their favorite horse.Read More

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Vintage Tang Dynasty Clay Replica Figurine

For that sandy vintage look in the house, buy it as a gift for anyone that loves horses. It is a great gift for any occasion or life event. This figurine proves that ceramics and metals are not the only materials that can make a figurine stand out. Its pose is a representation of perseverance, strength, and elegance. If you any horse lover with these qualities, do not hesitate to gift them this. This is a perfect gift for any horse for their indoor decor. Read More

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Get this beautiful ring for your dad who own a horse

This is the perfect way to wish your dad good luck in all his endeavors. Horseshoes are believed to bring about tones of good luck. Whether it is his business you are worried about, the health of his favorite horse or even his future wellbeing. This horse ring will be a great gift to wish him well in all of these, and life in general. More than that, it will be a great piece of jewel for him to adorn. Its impeccable design is arguably one of the best you’ll see around. Read More

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Ancient Greek Bronzed Trojan Horse Statue

Are they ardent fans of the Greek mythology? Well, then you just might have found the perfect gift for their birthday or any holiday for that matter. Every detail of the item is articulated very well with the bronze finish. You can see the Greek soldiers climbing into the belly of the horse ready to protect. One can also see how calm, majestic and badass the horse looks. Placed on any space in their home, this piece will make their decor look splendid and majestic. Read More

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How awesome is this samurai riding a horse statue

If they have a horse and loves Samurai, this statue will be a great gift for their collection or decor. The bronze finishing accents the details of the sculpture. From the base that the horse is riding on to the sword raised highly raised by the Samurai. The bronze finish also gives the sculpture an antique look, which makes it a perfect decor item for any space. The antique look will also compliment the style of any other decor items they might.Read More

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Get this pendant necklace for your mom or girlfriend

If you are looking for a great jewelry piece especially for your mum or girlfriend, this pendant necklace will be a perfect gift for her. The pendant is a perfect depiction of the loving bond they share with their horse. This necklace will always be a reminder of the closeness, hope, and healing they feel when they are with their horse, regardless of where they are. It will go well with anything they will dress in, thanks to the different finishings on the pendant.Read More

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Horse owner is going to love this beautiful gift so much

When a horse is walking or sprinting across a field, it always looks noble, graceful, elegant and brave. Every horse owner knows that. That is why this sculpture of a walking horse will be a perfect gift. Not only will it be a beautiful piece of decor, thanks to its articulated finish and engraving, but also a great way to wish them good luck and success in their careers. For that extra golden touch for their decor, this will be a great gift for any occasion. Read More

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Horse Sculpture by Arich Harrison

This sculpture is in honor of Sunka Wakan, the mysterious dog with great mystery and majestic power. And it does look majestic and mysterious. From how its head is positioned to how it looks at you. This is the kind of majestic and mysterious look that makes it a great piece for decor. The hand-painting of the piece accents all its details such as the feathers around its neck and its beautiful black mane. The colors also give it the kind of beauty that will agree with any theme color one might have.Read More

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Trail of Painted Ponies “Eagle Spirit Figurine

Horses are beautiful creatures, no doubt about that. And this trail of painted ponies attests to that. This is a great gift for a horse owner who loves mystery and believes in the unbelievable. Why? Trail of ponies depicts the fable of the Eagle Spirit, thanks to the spirited feathers on its mane and tail. It is also multicolored, with a mix of black and brown, which makes it such a beautiful item to stare at. It is a great piece of decor for their living room.Read More

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