33 Unique Gift Ideas For Aspiring Writers That Inspire Their Creativity

Books and pens aren’t the only gift ideas for aspiring writers that we can get for them. Take a look at these gift ideas from old school typewriters to literary sculptures and mugs among others. Without further ado, fellow gift seekers.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Backlit Vintage Mechanical Keyboard

Inspired by old-fashioned typewriters, this Backlit Vintage Mechanical Keyboard makes an ideal gift for writers or anyone. It has round keycaps to remind you of good old times and evoke nostalgia. It’s a glamorous mechanical keyboard like nothing you’ve seen before.Read More

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Young writer is going to love this gift

If you cannot afford to get that antique typewriter for an aspiring writer, then this print will be an excellent gift idea for their decor. It has an antique touch, excellent for a writer’s decor. And, it is a real photograph printed on a long-lasting paper. The picture comes unframed, so that they can choose their preferred one.Read More

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Let them unleash their imagination on this beanie bag

As a writer, I can tell you that this bean bag is heaven. Whether they are reading, watching or writing ideas for their next piece, this bean bag will provide them with the comfort they need. For easy maintenance, the cover of the bean bag is removable and machine washable.Read More

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For the writer who don't like getting disturb

This doorknob hanger sign is a perfect way for a writer to keep busybodies away from their working space. The ink used to print the writing is durable and water resistant. The sign itself is durable, and the hole for the doorknob is universal. Help create a quiet environment for them to get that first novel out.Read More

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Looking for a writing gift for her?

For that lady in your life who is an aspiring writer, bring some motivation to her writing life with this silver bracelet. It has an engraved charm, a friendly warning for people who think of messing with writers. It also has three more charms- a book, typewriter, and pen holder. The bangle is adjustable for perfect fitting.Read More

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This gift will help young writer to get rid of mental block

When the dreaded writer’s block comes knocking, that aspiring writer will need this writers emergency pack. Rather than dialing 911 for help with their creativity, this collection of idea cards with illustrations will come to the rescue. Whether they write short stories, poems, poems or scripts, these cards will have them covered.Read More

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This pen holder is so cool

Your royal highness! This pen holder is a fancy and unique for an aspiring writer. It is also a perfect depiction of the phrases “the pen is mightier than a sword.” Every time your beloved writer is done killing them with their words, they can store their pen safely for the next expedition.Read More

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For the writer who just graduate

For that aspiring writer who just graduated, this t-shirt is an excellent gift idea to keep them motivated after school. Who knows, they might be the future best selling author every reader will be dying to read and meet. It is a slim fit, machine washable and comes in different colors.Read More

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For the writer who love calligraphy

If your beloved aspiring writer has a way with more than words but also drawings and calligraphy, then here is the perfect gift choice for any occasion. The pen comes with a set of 12 nibs in various sizes, a bottle of ink, and a dip pen holder. For that vintage and classic look, the pen has a feather quill.Read More

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This mug got a lot sense of humour

If you are looking for a gift for an aspiring writer to help keep their happy mood when writing or researching, we sincerely hope they do have a sense of humor. This engraved mug is too good to not be in a writer’s possession. Disclaimer: no writer will be responsible for the death of an annoying individual in their book.Read More

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Let's get your writer a personalized gift

This rollerball pen is your answer to a personalized and unique gift idea for aspiring writers. One thing about personalized gifts is that they show you took time to know someone and get a gift they resonate with. With an aspiring writer, you’ll not go wrong with this. The pen is refillable so they can keep it for a long time.Read More

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Encourage young writer to keep writing with this necklace

This silver necklace with a typewriter engraved on the pendant is an excellent inspiration for an aspiring writer. With a “Write” wording dangling on one’s neck every day, they will get the motivation to pen anything down. A word a day is better than writing nothing at all. With no time, she will have hit her word count.Read More

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That's a coaster if you wonder whats that

Well, yes, that is a set of coasters if you are wondering- five pieces actually. Wouldn’t this be a fantastic way to confuse guests and adorn one’s decor with? For that aspiring writer in your life, gift them this set of coasters themed like a vintage typewriter and upgrade their decor.Read More

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Let them write everywhere with this foldable bluetooth keyboard

If your beloved aspiring writer is more of a modern and techy person, then this foldable keyboard is an excellent gift choice. Regardless of whether their electronic uses iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and other platforms, this keyboard will connect. It also has a Bluetooth feature, meaning they can connect automatically with no wires.Read More

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365 question for creative exploration

What a classy way to open fan mail for an aspiring letter! This Toscano letter opener shaped like King Arthur’s sword of Excalibur is goals for anyone looking for a letter opener and a decor piece for their study desk. It might not have the magical touch, but it does have an excellent touch for opening letters.Read More

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First Lines Literature Coffee Mug

Surprise that aspiring writer with this coffee mug on their special day and you will make their daily coffee time moments an outstanding experience. The mug is lined up with 24 of the greatest opening words in the literary world. That is a classic way to begin every day for an aspiring writer.Read More

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Open fans letter with this letter opener

While they might have a journal to capture their daily memories, we bet this one will take their creativity and imagination a notch higher. With this journal, they will have prompts that will require engaging their creativity and everyday happening to fill their daily life happening- 365 prompts for their year of creativity and writing. Read More

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The Dark Muse Raven on Typewriter Print

How does your beloved aspiring writer capture their ideas when out there? You know a notebook, and a pen always comes in hand. Why not surprise them with a unique handmade leather journal? This particular one will win over their heart, thanks to the vintage touch, the handmade leather bookmark, classy pen, and the hidden pen holder.Read More

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I think your boyfriend is going to love this keychain

If you are looking for a multi-purpose gift idea for aspiring writers, then you are in luck. This chain is what they need. They can use as a keychain, storybook charm, key ring, laptop charm, pen charm and many more. The engraving on some of the pieces is excellent for any writer.Read More

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Let them jot down their ideas in this beautiful journal

Writers love out of the ordinary items. This art print of a black crow on an upcycled dictionary page is one of those decor pieces most writers would like for their decor. For starters, it has that vintage look we know writers love. Secondly, it’s illustrated on a dictionary page! Pretty unique and exquisite of a. writer’s wall.Read More

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Keep their pen organise with this pencil holder

Everyone needs a little motivation, aspiring writers included. This Hemingway pen with an engraved quote looks like the perfect gift for that aspiring writer. This is one of those gifts that keep giving as they need only to refill the ink. With Ernest Hemingway forever with them, every detail of your life will inspire the writer in them.Read More

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Get this earring for her who write

We never thought any jewelry pieces would fit a writer but, clearly, we were wrong. This pair of typewriter- themed earrings are a must-have for any lady who is an aspiring writer. The “chapter 1” and “the end” engraved on them are catchy. The earrings are lightweight and will look unique and exquisite dangling on her ears.Read More

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Inspire the young writer with this pen

Not only will this pencil holder help declutter their study desk but also help bring a touch of vintage look and feel in their decor. Who wouldn’t want a vintage typewriter on their desk, even if it is just a decor piece? Indeed not an aspiring writer. Surprise that aspiring writer in your life with this gift and you will not regret it.Read More

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Get this gag gift for the writer

What every writer needs more than a notebook is a classy fountain pen. When they start autographing copies of their works, they will remember you. This particular pen is classy, thanks to the gold-plated nib and trims. The nib is fine pointed, and the ink is black- pretty exquisite for an aspiring writer.Read More

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Make story with this card prompt

When the evil writers’ block come knocking because it will, your beloved aspiring writer could use some help unlocking their creativity. Gift them this set of storymatic cards, which has trillions of combinations and a booklet with games, prompts, and suggestions. The best part is that they are light and portable in case they need a companion when traveling.Read More

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Every writer need a beautiful fountain pen

If you have lived with a writer, even for a day, you know they do not like disturbance when they are in the zone. This mug makes an excellent gift idea for an inspiring writer. They can use it when they want to tell people to keep the f*** off without having to say it.Read More

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Let's keep their drinks warm with this temperature control mug

A writer’s bag is one messy place you never want to sneak a peek, believe me. Notebooks and pens everywhere! But, with this pocket notebook cover, the many pens they have will be carried everywhere in an organized manner, it even fits at least one notebook!. You will not go wrong with this gift idea for aspiring writers.Read More

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This sign is a nice decor in his room

What better way to announce one’s profession than with signage? For a writer, I bet this works way better than having to explain to people what you do once they see the pile of books and pens on your desk. Get this for your inspiring writer and let the signage announce them better than their books.Read More

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Bring their pen and notebook everywhere they go

Their favorite poison will never go cold when they are engrossed in their writing or reading. All you have to do is gift them this Ember ceramic mug. It is easy to use- when the mug is empty, it enters sleep mode and wakes up when it senses liquid or movement. It’s customizable and available for Android and iOS platforms.Read More

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Write on their tablet or computer with this wireless retro typewriter

The touch of a typewriter is a heavenly feeling most writers dream of. Why not make that dream come true for your inspiring writer with this Typewriter. They can use it in both wired and wireless modes. It has a dual scroll knob and a programmable return bar. A nice touch of old school writing for a modern writer! Read More

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Do you know what's this? It is a coffee for single serve

If you are looking for gift ideas for aspiring writers who prefer a cup of coffee over any other drink, then this collection of coffee pods is it! In it, they will have a different ammunition roasts to kick start their day and keep them up in the wee hours of the morning.Read More

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They are going to amaze by this William Shakespeare sculpture

A sculpture of someone regarded as the greatest dramatist in the world and most celebrated English writer is an excellent gift idea for aspiring writers. Yes, we are referring to one and only William Shakespeare. Let this sculpture complements that collection of his your aspiring writer has in their libraryRead More

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