22 Unique Gift For Knife Collector That They Secretly Wish For

Check out this list of gifts for knife collectors that we have found! We all have that special someone who is just so fascinated with the art that goes into knives and the dedication it takes to collect them. The perfect gift for them is on this page, so scroll down and take a look!

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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Tough and durable knife bag

There is a saying that a good and sharp knife is a chef’s best friend so it should be kept and well protected. This tough and durable knife bag is well-made with waxed canvas and leather prevents your knives from getting scratched, dinged, or damaged during transport or storage. Be it for chefs, students, or knives collectors, it will be very convenient to transport as it has leather side handles and adjustable shoulder strap with padding.Read More

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Authentic Samurai Figurine with Sword

This collectable is shipped right from Japan! Give your loved one a little taste of Japanese culture with this fantastic collectable of a Samurai figurine. Including a stand, flag, katana, and a case to keep the dust out, this gift will last a lifetime. Read More

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Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Knife

With exotic rose wood and a handmaid damascus steel blade, this knife is a generous gift that the knife collector in your life will thank you for. The beautiful pattern on the blade adds character and originality, and the high quality design adds intense durability. Read More

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Handmade Tang Blade Japanese Samurai Sword

This Japanese Samurai sword makes a wonderful collectible due to the fact that it has been hand forged using an ancient method of sword making and polished in Japanese style. Coming with a full length tang, this sword is so sharp it is ablate cut through bamboo. The detailed dragon carving on the sheath makes it a glamorous gift for your loved one. Read More

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Handmade Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

This is a perfect gift for a knife collector who adores the activity of hunting. This hunting knife is made from damascus steel and is not only stunning, but actually fully functional. The handle is made of bone and features a unique finger guard, coming with a fantastic cover. Read More

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Cyclone Tri-Edged Spiraling Knife

This M48 cyclone tri-edged spiralling dagger is one of the most unique knives that a knife collector could get their hands on. With a stainless steel blade and a fiberglass and nylon handle, this knife is built to last a very long time. The Vortec sheath is custom and will completely wow your loved one when they see it! Read More

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Handmade Knife With Camel Bone Handle

This knife is a valuable item sought after by collectors from all around the world! Completely handmade from damascus steel, the knife sits on a comfortable camel bone handle. Due to its incredible detail, your loved one will cherish this gift for years to come. Read More

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Hibben Karambit with Sheath

This knife is incredibly unique and will please the likes of any knife collector. With a one of a kind blade and handle shape, this item is useful for many tasks as well as a wonderful piece to cherish in a collection.

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Let's celebrate their birthday with this champagne sabre

This knife is classy and high in quality. the blade is hand forged by artisans and cut from a single piece of steel before being hand polished. Marked with the California Champagne logo, this is truly a favourite among collectors. Read More

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Dragon Dagger Wall Plaque

This dagger is an utter show-stopper and will make a fantastic addition to any knife collection. This wall plaque will turn any room into a medieval dungeon that your loved one can be proud of. Made from polyresin and stainless steel, this gift is made to last. Read More

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Let's get this gifts for knife enthusiasts

This knife is unique and extremely creative. Appearing to be right out of a Western movie, this is a piece that your loved one will be proud to show off. The knife is fixed steel and the holder and handle are cast in resin. Read More

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Carved Handle Decorative Deer Knife

Is the knife collector in your life into hunting and wildlife as well? Than this deer knife on its antler display will leave them speechless! This extremely detailed hand painted knife is one of a kind and a must have for your collector.Read More

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Saint George Dragon Fantasy Knight Sword

This sword is right from a fantasy world, and your loved one will cherish it! The blade is stainless steel and a full 28 inches with a detailed metal dragon handle. The detail of this sword will capture the eyes of everyone who sees it. Read More

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Hand Forged Japanese Plum Blossom Samurai Sword

This sword make a perfect addition to a knife enthusiasts collection because it is handmade and authentic. With a carbon steel Damascus blade, full tang, and a sharp edge, this sword appears to be directly from Japan. This will be the highlight of their entire collection. Read More

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Dragon Knife Figurine

If the knife collector in your life is also a huge fan of fantasy, than this is the right collectable for them. This dragon is high quality and the dagger is removable, making it both beautiful and engaging. This makes a wonderful gift for birthdays and holidays.Read More

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John Wayne: American Legend Collectible Knife Replica

John Wayne is an American legend that has been loved by all for centuries. This knife is a replica from the Duke that is easy to hang and display in your loved ones collection. What really stands out about this gift is the hand painted handle and the extremely realistic sculpture of John Wayne, ready for action. Read More

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Dragon Sword Collectible

Get them a gift they can add to their knife and fantasy collection that truly wows them. This item is made from polyresin and the sword is made from stainless steel! The company, Le Elegant, is a registered trademark brand and prides itself on its great design and craftsmanship. Read More

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Handmade Damascus Folded Steel Japanese Samurai Sword

This sword has been completely hand forged using traditional methods, as well as hand polished to give it a remarkable presence. Sharp enough to slice through bamboo, the blade comes with a full tang and can be disassembled and reassembled. The knife collector in your life will adore this gift! Read More

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Conan Miniature Father's Sword Letter Opener

This is more than just a regular letter opener. From the 1982 Barbarian classic movie, this replica is in exact scale and perfect for display. Cast in solid metal and plated to resemble a worn, adventure worthy look, this fantastic sword is a must-have for any collector.Read More

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looking for unique gifts for knife collectors?

This gift is one of a kind and will make a wonderful statement piece in your loved ones collection. The fantastic craftsmanship of this knife is admirable and high quality. This gun and bullet shaped knife is a wonderful choice. Read More

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This handmade viking knife is one of a best gifts for knife enthusiasts

This knife is fascinating and is guaranteed to capture the attention of the knife collector in your life. This particular gift is hand forged with a medieval design that features a hand crafted ravens head hilt and leather sheath. Forged out of one solid piece of carbon steel, this gift is an excellent choice for a collector in your life.Read More

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