22 Unique Gift For Graphic Designer That Won't Kill Their Creativity

If youíre looking for some cool gifts for graphic designers, you just landed in the right place. I have found some of the best gifts for graphic designers and I think they will love it. Let's jump right into it.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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White Ginger Pear Tea

Sourced from the best and most popular Chinese tea region, the white ginger pear tea will help you relax. It comes the tea bush called Da Bai and itís harvested in the spring. Infused with lemon balm, the white ginger pear tea has the power to calm you down and help you sleep better. Itís the best birthday gift for people who have stressful jobs. Read More

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A mug that only graphic designer can understand

Iím not a graphic designer, so I obviously donít understand the point of this mug. But I believe your favorite graphic designer will understand it and enjoy this gift very much.

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Every graphic designer need a proper mouse

If youíre looking for the best gift for a graphic designer, congratulations, you found it. Itís this perfectly sculpted mouse with a hand-crafted shape that will support the hand of your loved one and make sure they feel comfortable while working/playing on the PC. Itís an ideal gift for graphic designers and for everyone whoís crazy about computers. Read More

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This gadget will track their posture

I think I just found the best Christmas present for freelancers and people whose work requires to sit in front of the computer all day. Itís the Upright Go wearable device. It will train you to improve the posture of your body by simply vibrating every time you sit wrong. It is one of the best Christmas gift for freelancers or graphic designers.Read More

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Camera Mug

When I saw this camera mug, it blew my mind because it looks so realistic. They get to drink their hot drinks while capturing the beauties of nature.Itís enough that you want to express your creativity and get rid of your boring mug. It makes an impressive birthday/holiday gift for graphic designers who loves taking pictures.Read More

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Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard Holder

If youíre a fan of minimalistic style like me, you will absolutely adore this simple Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard Holder. Itís designed to perfectly match your electronic devices while giving you max control. It makes a good gift for graphic designers, freelancers, kids, or people who are just as lazy as I am.Read More

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Pantone Classic Cup With Silicone Band

Arenít you getting bored of your ordinary old mug? Why donít you purchase something colorful to bring joy to your kitchen like this Pantone Classic Cup With Silicone Band. Graphic Designer is going to geek out when they see this.Read More

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Bose Headphone

These arenít just your ordinary wireless headphones. Bose Headphones will give you the best wireless experience in the world. They provide deep, high-quality sound at any volume you want. I think it is a nice gift for a graphic designer who needs music while working.Read More

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This gadget scan color from eveything

If you wonder what to get a graphic designer for Christmas, this is it. Itís the ultimate gadget capable of scanning color from everything. You can scan any surface and have all the details sent to your tablet or smartphone. It offers industry-grade color accuracy without using swatch book or fan deck. Read More

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Anti Theft Travel Backpack

If you were wondering what to gift a graphic designer, I suggest you buy this anti-theft travel backpack. I can tell you that people who work from home on their laptop fear that someone will try to steal their moneymaker on the streets. However, if we have an anti-theft backpack like this one, I think it will give our mind peace knowing nothing like this can happen. Read More

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Calligraphy Pen Set

This calligraphy pen set will definitely blow their mind with the extraordinary design and workmanship. Why write and draw on your computer when you can do it the old-fashioned way with this handcrafted pen and have more fun? It makes the best gift ideas for graphic designers and writers.Read More

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This 30 and 5 minutes timer set will help them focus

If youíre looking for an easy way to track your work, prevent burnout and measure the success youíre achieving, this 30 and 5-minute timer will do it. Itíll help you achieve big dreams easily because it makes sure that youíre always focused and productive. You can get it for someone you know whoís a passionate freelance workaholic.Read More

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Let's get him a wax seal stamp kit

If you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way like me, you will find this kit amazing. It makes one of the best gift for a graphic designer. However, you can also buy it for yourself. You can stamp the Christmas cards. Or use it for Valentineís Day love letters. And it may be old-fashioned but itís also charming. Read More

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Feet Hammock

When I saw this feet hammock, I thought to myself: ďWhere were you my whole life?Ē Iíve been dreaming of having this for so long. If youíre a graphic designer, or a copywriter, or web designer, donít think too much and get one today. I know I will. Read More

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Succulent Plant Pot

If you donít know what to buy your girlfriend or boyfriend whoís a graphic designer and spends most of their time in the office, this succulent plant pot is the ideal gift. It has a nice design and makes the ideal decoration for their office. And the best part is it will remind them of you while working. Read More

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Camera Pencil Sharpener

Donít be fooled by the perfect design. Itís not a camera that actually works but a pencil sharpener. Itís one of the simplest but also the cutest gifts ever for graphic designer. . Everyone needs a pencil sharpener on their office desk, especially graphic designers. And why get an ordinary one when you can buy this one?Read More

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Desktop Phone Holder

I will buy myself this desktop phone holder without hesitation. Itís suitable for phones, MP3 players, iPods and more. Meaning, it can hold different electronics. The best part is that it has a unique design and itís easy to move. Read More

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Pantone Postcard

If you want to give him something extraordinary for his birthday or Christmas, the Pantone Postcard is the best choice. Each postcard in the set of hundred offers a different bold color to freshen up the mail. Makes the perfect gift for graphic designers or someone with an eye for design or art. Read More

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He is going to love this drawing template

If your boyfriend or spouse is a graphic designer like mine, he will love this drawing template. No matter if heís a beginner at photo editing, painting or drawing, he will find this template very useful and interesting. Itís the only tool he needs to get creative on his computer. Read More

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Adjustable Brightness Tracing Light Pad

If youíre a graphic designer, you will love this adjustable brightness tracing light pad. Itís made with eyesight-protected technology. You can use it for many things starting from negative film viewing, calligraphy, artwork tracing, X-ray film viewing and more. Itís the perfect gift for a graphic designer. You can give it as a birthday or Christmas present.Read More

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Get a resource from Creative Market

If youíre looking for a way to boost their creativity, why not get them a subscription of the worldís best marketplace for design. Itís known as the Creative Market. It will help them bring all the creative projects you have in mind to life and turn them into ready-to-use design assets. Read More

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