32 Best Gift For Bacon Lover That Won't Cause Heart Attack

Still looking for gift for bacon lover? Don’t go ‘bacon’ their heart! You couldn’t if you abide by our list of bacon-themed gifts! These gift ideas are absolutely bound to please that special someone in your life who can’t get enough of our favourite crispy, salty, meaty food! We have provided you with everything from comfort food to fashion, ensuring you will find the perfect gift for your bacon-loving pal.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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"Too Much Bacon" - Said No One Ever

This sarcastic and clever T-shirt makes an amazing gift for a bacon enthusiast with fashion- and a funny bone! This tee comes in an amazing 15 colours for you to choose from! All you have to do is find out your loved one’s favourite colour, and your work is done!Read More

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Funny Pork Lovers Coffee Mug

This is the most heartfelt compliment any lover of bacon can receive. We all know bacon is a solid 10 on this scale… let them know how much you appreciate them by gifting this high quality, humorous mug.

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This bacon socks is going to keep them warm this Christmas

They wont even have to use their words to ask for bacon with this amazing gift! These bacon socks are made for stocking stuffers and are suited to absolutely any holiday! This gift is both stylishly cozy and humorous in one!Read More

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Bacon lover who loves cooking will love this gift

Does the bacon enthusiast in your life love to play around in the kitchen? Give them 101 new possibilities with this amazing recipe book that includes bacon as the essential ingredient in every recipe! Find both new and traditional suggestions throughout this book, and use it for appetizers, snacks, deserts, or any meal throughout the day!Read More

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Bacon lover is going to love this

What is the only thing better than beef jerky? Bacon jerky of course! This delicious and uncured bacon jerky is made in the USA and is 100% real bacon. Give your loved one a delicious treat to snack on that they will absolutely go crazy for!Read More

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Bacon Salsa (Gourmet & All Natural)

This gourmet savoury treat us handmade with the finest quality ingredients. All natural and gluten free, this tasty salsa includes the salty hickory taste that your special someone will absolutely love. Eat it with chips, tacos, veggies, or anything else you can think of! This dip will go with anything.Read More

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Get this birthday gift for your dad who loves bacon

Do you know someone who’s a chemistry buff in addition to being a bacon lover? Then this chemistry and bacon themed shirt has their name written all over it! Well, it has the word bacon on it in the periodic table of elements… but close enough! This T-shirt comes in six different colours and is 100% pre-shrunk cotton!Read More

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This lip balm is such a unique gift

I bet you have never seen this one before! Get the bacon lover in your life a gift they will absolutely love with this bacon flavoured lip balm! Not only will their lips be smooth and free of cracks, but this gift will give them the ability to taste their favourite food every time they lick their lips! Read More

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Artisan American Bacon Gift Basket

This gift basket is bursting at the seams with bacon-y goodness! With every type of bacon treat you could possibly imagine, including everything from barbecue sauce to chocolate, this gift is a bacon lovers dream! Go gourmet by choosing this one!Read More

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Make him smell like fresh bacon

Challenge how much they love bacon by giving them the gift of smelling like it all the time! This bacon scented soap comes in a stylish, old fashioned tin and will ensure that your loved one is clean and yummy all day long!Read More

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Stonewall Kitchen 3 Piece Bacon Gift Set

This stunning gift set contains maple bacon aioli, maple bacon onion jam and bacon barbecue sauce all wonderfully packaged in a stylish gift ready pack. This is the perfect gift for bacon lovers who love to add the taste of the savoury food to everything! This gift will add some amazing bacon-themed zest to their life and their food.Read More

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This snack sticks looks so delicious

From the heart of Wisconsin, these snack sticks are made of real bacon and cheddar cheese spiced with smoky hickory flavour! With no heating required these snacks are ready to eat whenever you would like, making it perfect for road trips, camping, or lunches! Get ready for the bacon lover in your life to fall in love.Read More

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Get this bacon candy for the boys who loves bacon

This cleverly bacon shaped tin contains an abundance of bacon flavoured jelly beans! These savoury beans will brighten up any bacon lovers day, as they’ll be able to enjoy the taste of their favourite food on the go. Trust us, there is absolutely no going wrong with these!Read More

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Let them cook some bacon with this cooker

This incredible, smart, and convenient gadget cooks bacon perfectly every time! Your loved one can set the cooker to make light, crispy, or extra crispy bacon, and its vertical cooking tactic drains off fat into a catcher tray. This gift will make a glorious addition to any kitchen and makes for easy, perfect bacon every time.Read More

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For bacon lover who need bacon more than coffee

I mean, how else do you expect them to get their energy? Allow your loved one to strut their stuff in this comedic bacon themed T-shirt. The gift comes in your choice of 5 colours so you’re bound to find one thats perfectly suited for your gift receiver. Let them show the world how much they love bacon with this amazing tee!Read More

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Their room is going to smell like bacon with this candle

There really is nothing better than the smell of bacon in the morning. All 16 ounces of this candle is made of 100% soy. The bacon lover in your life will be able to smell their favourite food all the time as if its cooking in their kitchen around the clock! This gift is irresistible and will be cherished by your special someone.Read More

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Have they tried a lollipop bacon before?

Want to give them something to rave about? This six pack of bacon lollipops is the gift you’re looking for! These lollies will allow them to enjoy the savoury taste of their favourite food without any of the mess or fuss of making it themselves! Give them the gift of a portable bacon treat!Read More

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This bacon wallet is such a unique gift for men

This bacon wallet is an amazing gift for men, women and children alike! Made from recycled paper, this wallet is both environmentally friendly and functional. Your loved one will catch the eyes of everyone they pass by when carrying this one-of-a-kind piece. Surprise them this holiday with this wonderful bacon wallet!Read More

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That's a nice summer bacon gift

This bacon pool raft is bound to be the favourite product of the summer! This makes an incredible and one-of-a-kind gift for any bacon lover, as they will be able to float flawlessly upon the water supported by their favourite food. Stray away from the typical swans and flamingos, and get them a floaty they will really love to show off!Read More

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Bacon Lovers Feast Gift Basket

The makers of this spectacular gift basket have put together a holy combination of sweet and savoury bacon that is perfect for a bacon fanatic. This basket not only includes 3 pounds of different bacon varieties, but also storing guidelines and multiple cooking ideas! They will be putting these newfound skills to work in no time… prepare for a bacon dish at every meal at your next dinner party!Read More

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Burgers' Smokehouse Colossal Bacon

This sampler pack comes with six varieties of your gift receiver’s favourite food. They will enjoy comparing the tastes of country bacon with city bacon, and Canadian bacon with country ham. At the end of the day, they’re bound to love them all! Give them a gourmet tasting experience with this bacon sampler gift.Read More

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The Baconator Gift Crate

Say goodbye to traditional, boring gift baskets containing fruit and nuts, and wave hello to this bacon-themed basket instead! This crate includes every type of bacon-flavoured treat you could ever come up with, such as popcorn, chips, croutons and cheese! Become the talk of the fundraiser by donating this amazing display, or give it as a wedding gift for a creative bacon-loving couple in your life!Read More

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Unique Bacon Gift Set

This exciting gift set will make whoever receives it go bacon crazy! Equipped with bacon crew socks, bacon bandages, bacon floss, bacon lip balm, bacon gift tags and even bacon wrapping paper, this gift is a meat lovers absolute dream! Prepare to never see the end of the bacon theme for they will now have everything they need to be bacon-equipped for life.Read More

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Spread this bacon jam on a white bread = Yummy!

This spicy and tasty jam is the perfect match for your bacon loving pal! Featuring fresh bacon, brown sugar, onions, and a hint of black peppercorn, this jam adds an authentic and necessary kick to any dish! This jam works well on sandwiches, meats and veggies, and adds some fun and flare that their tastebuds will love.Read More

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Cast Iron Bacon Grill Press

This heavy duty grill press will allow them to take control of their cooking! This cast iron press has a classic look and is characterized by equalized weight distribution that gives bacon and other meats the perfect grill marks every single time! The stylish handle will stay cool making your gift receivers cooking process safe and delicious.Read More

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That's a unique swimming trunks for bacon lover

Who ever said swim trunks are boring has never laid eyes on these! Get your favourite guy some trucks 3D printed with his favourite food. These trunks are the perfect gift for a son, boyfriend, or best mate. It’s impossible to go wrong with this unique swimwear!Read More

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Need a bacon gift for your wife?

These bacon-printed undies make the perfect gift for her OR for him! Give it to your best pal as a humorous addition to her lingerie collection. Or, surprise your loved one by wearing these to bed on a special occasion. This gift is both appetizing AND sexy, as well as remaining soft and durable.Read More

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Makin' Bacon Funny Coffee Mug

This comedic mug makes a unique gift for every occasion. Give it as a party favour at a summer barbecue! Make your coworkers laugh by giving it as a holiday gift. This high-quality dishwasher and microwave safe mug will never fade and make a hilarious gift for anyone.Read More

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Let them cook their favourite bacon in microwave

They can have perfectly cooked bacon in a matter of minutes with this spectacular bacon cooker! This product comes equipped with a tray that catches bacon fat, reducing fat content of the food by 35%! At just one minute per slice, this microwave bacon cooker makes both meal prep and clean up easy and quick!Read More

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This chocolate that taste like bacon?

This brilliant combination of chocolate and bacon is the key to any bacon lovers heart. The renowned chocolatey sweetness will bring out the best in the smoky savoury treat your gift receiver loves, and vice versa! This is the perfect gift for someone who isn’t afraid of trying new things. They will love snacking on this one-of-a-kind treat!Read More

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They are going to love this bouquet of flower bacon

While he brings you a bouquet of your favorite flowers, surprise him with a bouquet of beef jerky and make his mouth watery. The bouquet has six large pieces of beef jerky, shaped and arranged like flowers. They are all put in a glass printed glass that he can use later to store other items.Read More

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