35 Nice Gift For 40 Years Old Man That They Won't Secretly Throw Away

Do you have no idea about getting a gift for 40 years old man? Hitting 40 is no joke, therefore, it doesnít mean that the gifts should be way too serious. Men in their 40ís love the play and appreciate fun even more. To save you a lot of time digging through the Internet, we have made the ultimate list of cool gifts for 40 year old man.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Roll the dice to decide what's for dinner (vegan and non-vegan)

This will make the perfect gift for any 40 year old foodie. There are five primary dice for him to add his favorite veggie and roll. This set offers 186,00 meal combinations that will spark his imagination. They are vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Also, the protein die can include veggie and meat options. Read More

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Tell your friend how awesome he is with this funny mug

This funny birthday gift will be his companion through a lot of boring meetings. In addition, it will make his colleagues laugh and might even make his grumpy boss laugh, who knows? Once he gets a sip out of this mug, he wonít want to use any other mug. Read More

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Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit

Every 40 year old man needs this shave kit. Now, he doesnít have to run around drugstores or markets to find everything he needs because he will have the finest quality shaving tool at the touch of his hand. The tools and products are specially designed to make sure he starts shaving properly with not having to worry about ruining his skin. Read More

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The 5 O'clock watch

This stylish and minimalist watch gives that extra special quality that your man might lack in his appearance. Empower him by giving him this high-quality stainless steel black watch. There are no numbers on the watch which makes it sleeker and more elegant. It will sit perfectly on his wrist, peeking through his favorite shirt and making him feel even more special.Read More

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Let's decorate his room with this the King of the jungle

Let him release his inner lions with this amazing wall lion head that will sit perfectly in his officer. Once he takes a look at this, he would want to work harder and smarter. It can come as stunning detail on any wall. Itís handmade with polyresin and hand painted in Arizona to make sure every piece is delicately designed. Read More

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Get this delicious bacon for him

This is maybe not the healthiest choice for a gift but itís the tastiest, thatís for sure. In addition, itís filled with protein that is crucial for the body. Also, itís a perfect combo of the delicious smoked bacon flavor and spice. Now, he can enjoy his guilty pleasure and be healthy at the same time. Who would want anything more?Read More

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Orgone Pyramid Healing Crystal Chakra

This orgonite pyramid is a fantastic gift for a 40 year old man because it helps neutralize electronic smog that comes from cell phones, cell phone towers, wi-fi, computers and other electronic devices that he exposed to every day.Read More

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Clean grill easily with this robotic grill cleaner

Barbecue lovers would love to have this gift. It will make them grill barbecue everywhere and still get to eat high-quality barbecue. He will save time to clean it because we all know how much time that BBQ grill cleaning takes. Read More

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A gift that the whole family can enjoy

Whether itís a birthday party, bachelor party, dinner party, either way Ė this electric fondue maker will steal the show. The Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker is fantastic for chocolate, cheese, broth or oil. There is a removable temperature control that can be adjustable for a wide range of recipes that they will enjoy.Read More

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Bring this smart portable air purifier everywhere

This 2-1 portable purifier and air quality tracker will make your 40 year old man make him feel appreciated because he will know you think about his health. With pollution on the rise every day, this is a must-have for anybody. His health is his first priority, thatís why this would be a fantastic gift for your guy.Read More

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Let's smoke some meat with this gift

Your 40ís old manís friends will thank you for this gift because now with this BBQ set, game night will never be the same again. This grill set includes everything he needs to host the perfect BBQ party. Made out of 100% natural professional wood chips, the meat will taste even better. Itís perfect for any occasion and itís meant for the bbq lover. Read More

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He can be a walking utensil holder with this apron

Do you know a 40 year old man who loves to cook? Iím sure everyone knows one and therefore this apron will be a fantastic gift for them. The molle system is designed for the creative outdoor chefs that are ready for some barbecue action. The straps are also adjustable to make sure it fits everyone. Make him feel like a true cooking sergeant with his fun apron.Read More

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Let this breathtaking amethyst crystal decorate their room

Crystals help people gain more energy and clarify their mind. But, this amethyst cluster would be a perfect gift for a 40-year-old man. This amethyst will basically look good anywhere and bring a lot of positive energy to the living space. Read More

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Let Angel of Peace to keep him safe

Everybody needs a guardian angel, even 40 year old men. He might not admit it, but this statue will make him feel safer. The hand-cast collectible is made out of real crushed marble combined with museum quality. It will remind him that there is will love conquers all and never to despair no matter what he goes through.Read More

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Get him a funny can coolie

This is what the doctor prescribed for his 40 year old birthday. You can give him this gag gift to cheer him and make him forget about troubles. There are two pieces that go in a set, one for him and one for his best buddy. There are also sets in 6 and 12 pieces. The choice is up to you!Read More

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Let's get Balinese God of The After Life for him?

If you are looking for something more unconventional, this would be a perfect gift. Because the company values its customers so much, each piece is hand-painted by experts to make sure each piece is original. This dramatic dťcor piece represents a skull that wears a tribal crown of death that summons ancient spirits.Read More

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Get a watch that he can't resist

This watch, even though itís waterproof, it wonít be woman proof. A truly elegant piece that matches a truly elegant gentleman. The inspiration behind the watch was Hugo Junkers, who was an art enthusiast and a fantastic engineer. The case is made out of fine stainless steel. Also, there are green luminous dots for better navigation. Read More

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Can't reach that itchy spot at the back? Use Redneck Backscratcher

This might be one those unusual gifts for 40 years old guy, but it will surely come in handy at times. This back scratcher features 15 tines and he will have a sensation of having 15 people scratching his back at the same time. It is sturdy and he wonít have to worry about the kids breaking it. Read More

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Get something funny for him

Bring light to his morning coffee by gifting this mug that combines humor and practicality. Wherever he has it, it will bring him a smile on his face. There is an equation on the body of the mug that quotes ĎLooks 18, feels 14, acts 8, that makes me 40í which will awake his inner child and he will be able to tackle the day with a breeze.Read More

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his book is going to be very funny

Maybe hitting your 40ís a scary things but that doesnít mean that you donít have to laugh. Itís a no-brainer for a gift and itís also that will make them cheer up a little bit. It will bring them a lot of positive energy and might even change his outlook on things. Itís not about the age, itís about the heart and the soul inside what matters.Read More

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Whiskey Stones and Glasses Gift Set

Hard liquor calls for a hard whiskey set like this. This set would go perfectly into his man cave as a fantastic statement piece that will mark 40ís as the best decade of his life. Everything about this set piece screams quality and luxury. Itís a set that will stay in his life for a long time.Read More

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This coffee maker is a nice gift for everyone

Being 40 means a lot of running around town, running errands with a coffee in your hands. Now, your 40 year old man wonít have to carry anything because he will have the most perfect coffee in the morning. This coffee/espresso machine makes the perfect gift for the busy coffee lover who wouldnít want anything more than having a tasty cup of coffee. Read More

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The preparation guide for 40 years old

This is probably one of those funny birthday gifts for 40 year old man. This quiz can be used at parties and make all of the guests including him laugh along. This quiz has 101 questions plus funny answers about a life in your 40ís. There are also fun illustrations that come along with it. Itís a perfect gift for a jokester or a prankster. Read More

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It is time to get a new bluetooth headphones for him

A perfect gift for any gym rat. He can take these headphones when he hits the gym. Let him play his most motivational music while working on those abs. Itís convenient and fun to use. Any 40 year old man can appreciate this gift.Read More

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This vintage t-shirt is a beauty

Make him rock the 40ís with this vintage personalized T-shirt. It will make him proud that he has hit his 40ís like a champ. He can wear this T-shirt out on the town, to a bar, restaurant, gym, he can even sleep in it. This is one of the most unusual gifts for 40 year old male.Read More

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This system makes cheap beer taste expensive

Give your 40 year old hubby the beer adventure that he deserves. This patented product will be one of the most unique gifts for 40 year old man. The exquisite technology behind it helps bring out the aroma, texture and taste straight from the beer. Itís build to last and thatís one more reason to get the Fizzics as a gift for any occasion.Read More

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Enjoy music with better sound quality with this subwoofers

Make him remember the good old days when he stayed until the dawn during his favorite concerts. These subwoofers are so powerful, he will forget that he is in the comfort of his home.The sound is crystal clear. He can wirelessly stream music right from Spofity, Pandora, iTunes etc. Listening to music will never be the same anymore.Read More

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This vintage backlit mechanical keyboard is a beauty

Hit him with nostalgia with buying him this vintage mechanical keyboard as a gift. This keyboard is luxurious and original. There isnít anything like it. There are also mechanical keys that are tunes to be tactile and give a feeling of the vintage typewriter. Also, he can adjust to height to whatever soothes him more.Read More

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This will make him make coffee like a pro

Letís face it, everybody needs coffee but 40 year old men require it on a daily basis. Thatís why they need to receive premium high-quality coffee and this little coffee tower can do the magic for them. This innovative drip cold brew system makes sure he gets richest, acidic free brew. Read More

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This gadget can read your mind?

Everybody should take up meditation. Itís soothing, calming and sharpens your mind. If your 40 year old man hasnít taken up meditation, now itís the time to start. This brain sensing headband helps you track progress, stay consistent and engaged during meditation. Also, while he meditates, he can listen to gentle ocean sounds or rainforest rainfall. Read More

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Bavarian German Castle Engraved Ceramic Beer Stein

Let your 40 year old man drink beer like a true Bavarian with this ceramic beer stein. This is a beer stein like no other. There is German castle scenery engraved on the body of the stein, decorated with a rich blue color that symbolizes wealth. Give this beer stein to him as a token of your appreciation and also it would great in his beer stein collection.Read More

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This gadget can track their posture

Sitting all day can cause a lot of damage to your posture and your spine. The Upright Go is a comfortable posture correct that is placed on the upper back area. It will give him a reminder to sit up straight whenever he crouches. Itís proven to improve posture of 92% in less than two weeks.Read More

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That's a huge drinking horn!

True Vikings drink out of ale horn. We didnít see a reason why your favorite 40 year old man shouldnít do that too. Men in their 40ís have gone through a lot of battles, thatís why they deserve to drink like a Viking champion. He is going to love this so much, he wouldnít want to use anything else.Read More

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