27 Fun Gift For 3, 4, 5, 6 And 7 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything

Looking for a gift for 3, 4, 5, 5 or 7 year old boy who has everything? Do you want to surprise your son with something special, fun and thoughtful for the holidays, his birthday, or without a special occasion? If yes, youíre in the right place because we just happen to have the best gift ideas for boys between the age of 3 and 7 that they will absolutely love. Let's have a look at what I have listed here.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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LED Dinosaur Night Light

This LED Dinosaur night light is the perfect unique gift that your kids will adore. It creates a 3D optical illusion and makes a perfect birthday gift, thank you gift and holiday gift. Thereís not a child in this world who doesnít like dinosaurs. Give it a shot and make your child happy.Read More

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Remote Control Car

If you want to keep your kids amused while youíre having a drink with your friends or enjoy a hot tube, this is the toy to buy. Itís great for developing your kidís technology, science, math, and engineering skills while playing. It makes an ideal gift for birthdays or holidays. Itís ideal for your child, relatives or grandchild.Read More

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Light Up Pixel Sword

If you want to teach your child how to be a fighter and how to fight evil, you should buy this light up pixel sword. It will help your child defeat evilness and become a hero. Itíll help in his/her personal development with boosting creativity and imagination. It makes the best Christmas gift for a 7-year-old boy or younger.Read More

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Explore the world with this augmented reality

Why donít you order this award-winning toy, named Oroboot? Itís an educational globe that has no borders & functions with an interactive app of the same name. Your child will be able to explore over 1000 cool facts and see over 400 highlights in six different categories like maps, animals, inventions, monuments, cuisines, and cultures. Read More

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Let's fly a mini drone

If you want to spend quality time with your children, I suggest you buy this mini-drone and fly it around together. Itís a great option for beginners because itís super easy to use and super fun. Just press one button and enjoy 360į flip tricks. It makes an ideal birthday gift for the boys.Read More

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Let them enjoy the amazing view

If you want your child to explore all the beauties nature has to offer since a young age and develop a sense of kindness and compassion, this product is a perfect choice. I am talking about these binoculars specifically designed to allow kids to explore nature and enjoy beautiful sceneries. Your kid will be able to observe birds, animals, plants and other wilderness at a long distance. Read More

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Need to get two of these so I can race with my kid

This is just another classic toy that we all wish we had when we were children. You will receive a high-safety toy thatís easy to control with the water cooling system. Itís durable. Itís easy to play with. And it will make your child happy. It makes an ideal birthday or holiday gift for your child, friend or grandchild.Read More

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I wish I had this cool toy when I was a kid

If youíre searching for the simplest but most fun toy on the market suitable for kids at a young age, this toy truck transport car carrier is a perfect choice. It makes a fun and creative gift for both boys and girls. I wish I had this toy when I was a child.Read More

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Make your child the next great musician

If you want to develop your childís sense of music, you should definitely get this drum set. It was designed for kids to play several melodies or drum freestyle. Itís ideal for beginners because if your kid never encountered drums before, they can just track the lights on the drums as they hear about numbers and letters. Read More

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Let him learn more about nature with this outdoor kit

If your child is into outdoor activities, he or she will find this outdoor kit very useful. It makes an educational and practical gift you can surprise your child with for their birthday or holiday. Itís an ideal present for both boys and girls who like to travel or explore nature and wildlife.Read More

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This mini terrarium will glow and grow

If you donít know what terrarium is, allow me to introduce to you the smallest garden designed for children. It simulates a natural environment and you can buy it for your child if you want to develop in him or her love and compassion for nature since a young age. Itís the perfect educational birthday gift for children at every age.Read More

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This seems like a good read for a 6 years old

If you notice that your child has a good sense of humor, why not boost it with this book filled with simple but wise and funny jokes? Theyíre specifically created for 6-year-old children and beyond. However, feel free to buy it for younger children too and develop their sense of humor since a young age. Read More

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Let them learn to make this water globe

This creative kit features every necessary tool and clay in different colors to help your child create seaweed, coral, fish and other things that come to their mind. This kit will boost their logical thinking because it requires problem-solving, planning, coordination, creativity, and critical thinking. Makes the perfect birthday or holiday gift for children or grandchildren.Read More

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Let's make a string art

If youíre looking for the most fun gift for your child, this arts and crafts kit is the perfect choice for you. Teach your child how to express their creativity since a young age. Your child wonít need hammers, nails or other craft tools. Itís enough to keep their creative juices flowing. Read More

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Let them learn more about science

For nature enthusiasts, I have the perfect product that you will definitely purchase today. Iím talking about the 400x Microscope specifically designed for children usage. It will boost your childís desire to learn science and awaken its curiosity. Read More

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He is going to be the coolest kid with this lunchbox

Do you want your kid to be the coolest one in class? If yes, buy him this Pokemon lunch box today. Itís compact. Meaning, your kid can easily place it in a backpack. It makes an ideal birthday gift for both boys and girls.Read More

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Let them learn more this this brain building cards

If you want to give more to your child than a simple boring gift, try these brain building cards for brain exercise to boost their memory. Youíll receive an educational card set that was developed with professionals to support the program of different grade level. Your child will be faced with math tasks, vocabulary builders, image puzzles, mazes, and tongue-twisters. Read More

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Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Train Set

If your child likes to ride in trains, this Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Train Set makes the ideal gift for his or her birthday. You can also buy it as a holiday present and surprise your child, brother or friend with it. Itís everything a child would want for Christmas or as a birthday present.Read More

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Let him assemble this jet kit

Is your childís birthday coming soon? Do you have any idea what to get for his or her birthday? If not, donít worry because I have you covered. I suggest you get him or her this jet kit featuring weighted tires, machine guns, waterslide decals, instructions, 138 pieces molded in clear light gray plastic. It will keep your child amused during the day.Read More

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Let him discover how engine works

If your son or daughter dreams of becoming a mechanic one day and shows interest in how things function, this product makes the perfect gift for their birthday. Itís a kit featuring all the tools your kid needs to discover how an engine works. It will also develop their critical thinking and awaken their curiosity because it also requires logical thinking.Read More

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How about building a Da Vinci catapult?

If you want to experience the launching power of the Leonardo Da Vinci catapult, buy the fully functional smaller model of it. Itís a military device with a history behind and can reproduce realistic discharge. Itís made out of wood. Meaning, itís durable. You can use it for personal or educational use. It makes a great gift for birthdays or holidays. Read More

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Let's build this Star Wars Droid

This product is for parents who want to boost their childrenís creativity and awaken their curiosity. Theyíre the perfect challenge that will put your childís brain to work and make him or her smarter. It makes the perfect gift for kids whoíre interested in technology and dream of becoming experts in this field in the future. Read More

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Rawlings Official Baseball : For the kids who really loves baseball

If your child loves baseball then he or she will definitely love the Rawlings Official Baseball. If youíre not familiar with Rawlings, know that itís been an exclusive producer of baseballs for over 25 years for the Major Leagues. Read More

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Your kids is going to love this DJ dining set

You want to make your kid eat veggies? But, no matter how hard you try, they never even taste it. Right? Well, it is time to make dinner a hundred times more fun than ever before. Crank it up with this DJ dinning set. This is the ultimate interactive plate that looks like a turntable. Kids will love it. Guaranteed!Read More

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Let the kids draw and it will come alive on the tablet

This gift includes 3 educational games that transform an iPad into a hands-on tool for enjoyment. They will be able to bring their creations to life which is great for building confidence and enhancing their inventive skills! Read More

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This workbench will let them learn how tools work

This workbench is made of solid wood that is easy to assemble and also features a unique folding top that can turn it into a blackboard or a desk. With various tools to play with, this gift is fun and educational!

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