36 Funny Gifts to Cheer Someone Up (Check out #5)

In this list we are looking at gifts to cheer someone up. If your loved one in a foul mood or experiencing a sad moment for any reason, then you have come to the right place. Get them anything from this list and put a smile on their faces. And perhaps a lot of laughter.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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A tampon flask?

This is for all the girls who want to hide their booze instead of tampons in a creative way. No one will ever doubt you actually keep booze in your tampon flask made of food grade plastic. It can be a very funny gift for the guys as well.Read More

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Tell your friend how awesome he is with this funny mug

This funny birthday gift will be his companion through a lot of boring meetings. In addition, it will make his colleagues laugh and might even make his grumpy boss laugh, who knows? Once he gets a sip out of this mug, he won’t want to use any other mug. Read More

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Can't reach that itchy spot at the back? Use Redneck Backscratcher

This might be one those unusual gifts for 40 years old guy, but it will surely come in handy at times. This back scratcher features 15 tines and he will have a sensation of having 15 people scratching his back at the same time. It is sturdy and he won’t have to worry about the kids breaking it. Read More

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I laugh so hard when I saw this mug

This creepy mug will get her through her worst day at work. It’s a great and fun gift that will make everyone around her laugh. Both sides feature Nicolas Cage’s face and she will never feel alone with this mug around.

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I think this coffee mug inspiration comes from my sister

Want to crack some ribs? Get them this hilarious gag gift, sit back and enjoy the show as they anxiously unravel the gift box to unleash that amazing gift they have been waiting for. The surprise and response you will get will be priceless if not totally hilarious. Let's make a statement and show that special coffee snob how much you love them by giving them something to laugh about whenever they enjoy their cup of coffee. Read More

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Make a coffee for them with this mug and watch their reaction

Choose your victim wisely, make a coffee for them with this mug and seat back and watch. When they finish their coffee and this middle finger 3D gesture pops out, your reward will be nothing but endless laughter when you see the surprise on their face. It’s hilarious. A great funny gag gift to give dad on father’s day, a friend, coworker or any other special person in your life that you would like to cheer them up. Read More

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When they have limit to drink one cup of coffee per day

Seems like things would really get much better if one starts their day with one big cup of hot coffee in the morning. If you know that special someone who’s notorious for taking countless cups coffee in a single day, then this is a perfect gift to buy them. All they need it’s just one gigantic cup to keep them refreshed all day long.Read More

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Let them release stress with this ball sack

Cheer up a loved one with this funny stress ball bag. The sack is an ideal place to store all the stress balls they might have lying around. To make sure they have enough balls to punch and relieve stress on, it comes with two stress balls. The material of the bag is sturdy to withstand all the hard-punching.Read More

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They are going to laugh hard when they received this

This unique coffee mug is a unique gift item for a tea or coffee addict. Even when you are not there, the mug will wish them a fabulous day. The middle finger at the bottom though! It will make them laugh out loud and cheer them up any time they use the mug.Read More

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Any of your loved one is having a bad day?

This keychain is an excellent way to cheer up your lady, and keep their items safe. Do you know that anytime someone is feeling low and they get an “I love you” sort of message their mood brightens up? This keychain will deliver that message anytime you are not around to say it.Read More

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Cheer your wife up with this gift

This novelty toilet paper will bring that LOL moment when they open their birthday presents! It is unique, hilarious, useful and a great way to deliver a sweet and dirty birthday message to a loved one with this, they laugh and forget about their aging. The ink printing has no smudge, so their behind is safe.Read More

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“If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Wine”

Rather than letting your loved one brood over something without a drink, get them this pair of funny socks. You could deliver a bottle or glass of wine, but why not let the socks speak on their behalf? Maybe the next person that walks into the room will get the message loud and clear.Read More

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Squatting Garden Gnome

*Insert hysterical laughter* what do you think the old man is doing? Deliver such frantic moments to a loved one with this squatting garden gnome. It is an exceptional and hilarious item for the garden, lawn or patio. If they have a sense of humor and love annoying their neighbors, then this will work. Read More

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You see that right, it is a coffee mug

Having coffee or tea has never gotten better- not until we discovered this toilet-themed coffee mug. For that coffee lover in your life, help bring some life into their desolate moments with this mug. While the hot beverage might brighten their mood, this mug will bring extra magic and fun to those moments.Read More

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Cheer up your coworker with this table top punching bag

When your loved one is not on their best mood in the office, they probably need something to punch. The problem is that the gym might be far, or they don’t go to the gym. Bring a little gym to them courtesy of the desktop punching bag. Any sad moments will be punched way to happy moments.Read More

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Limited Edition Dammit Doll

Who said adults cannot have dolls? Clearly, they have not seen this particular cursing doll. It is an excellent gift for one that loves cursing. When they are down, the president’s doll comes to the rescue- they can smack it, whack or slam it and curse until they feel better. Read More

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Even toilet timer exist

This toilet timer is both useful and hilarious. For that loved one who refers to their toilet as a “throne,” it will be more than worthwhile. With this, they can time how long they have been doing their business. It can also be used to tell if they are health- long bathroom breaks might be signs of health issues. Read More

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Drink their favourite beer with this beer helmet

It is no ordinary helmet, the shape makes it unique for decor purposes. When next he has a friend over for a game or movie, the helmet will keep their drinks in place. I can't imagine wearing this to the cinema.

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Cheer up your dad with this golf ball storage

If you are looking for a funny gift to cheer up a dad in your life, then this golf storage bag will do. The bag is heavy duty and sturdy for longevity. It is big enough to fit his changing shirts and gloves. Better still, it comes with two golf balls and can fit up to six of them.Read More

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I Don't Care T-Shirt

Cheer up a loved one on their birthday, any upcoming holiday and every day of their life with this gift that keeps giving. The road to happiness in life is filled with such an attitude- unless it is to things that matter most to us. When they do not care about anything, the t-shirt will say it for them. Read More

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Still thinking?

This slim fit t-shirt with a soft and smooth touch is an ideal gift for someone that overthinks. To keep a smile on their face when they overthink, gift them this t-shirt for any occasion. They will remember you during those moments. The t-shirt can also act as a funny sign of letting people know what they are doing. Read More

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Buck Wear Food Poops Short Sleeve Tee

Are you looking for a funny gift to cheer up someone with a sense of humor? Or someone who loves meat and picking on vegetarians? Well, look no further. The print is long-lasting, so they have a long life ahead with it to piss off enough people and have a laugh about it. Read More

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Check out my six pack

There are many ways to show out one’s 6-packs. If your loved ones love donuts, then you can add something extra to their list of happiness. This funny donut-themed t-shirt. It is lightweight, and a classic fit and will help them flaunt their 6-packs to everyone.Read More

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Let's get this for her to have a good laugh

If you have read authors like Mark Manson, you will know that the secret to living a long and happy life is not giving a f***. This wine tumbler will be enough reminder to a loved one when they are down. The walls are insulated to keep their drink warm or cold.Read More

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Oh, For Fox Sake

This funny wine glass will help cheer up a loved one that loves cursing. If they do have a sense of humor, this wine glass will be a gift that keeps giving. Any time they are down and, the glass will remind them of you and cheer them up.Read More

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What are you thinking?

A glass of wine at the end of the day can help ease the tension of the busy day. However, when that wine is served from this funny stemless wine, then your loved one will have no choice than to laugh a little bit. Gift them this, and they can always count on some happiness when they get home.Read More

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Inspire her to keep going

Some inspiration and motivation can go a long way in cheering someone on. When it is worn on the wrist for that daily reminder, then it will keep them going on no matter what. For that, get that lady in your life that needs some cheering on this bracelet cuff and change her day.Read More

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Your friend is going to love this mouse pad

LOL! For that reaction from your loved one, gift them this mouse pad for their gaming time. Not only is it funny, but the anime theme makes it a unique item for a gamer. Additionally, it has an excellent tracking surface and a non-slip design to keep it in place when playing.Read More

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She is going to have a good laugh at this

Spice up their bedroom affairs with this funny underwear briefs. Who wouldn’t smile at the sight of this Alpaca? The Alpaca will always cheer them up when they are feeling down. The material is soft to the skin and easy to wash. The seamless design makes it everyday wear.Read More

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Keep that shit up!

One of the best ways to cheer someone up is telling them how incredible they are to be in your life. If you cannot say it in words, then this mug will help you pass that message. It will cheer them up anytime they are enjoying their hot beverage. The mug is both dishwasher and dishwasher safe.Read More

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Let's personalize this potato

Potatoes are not used only as food but as parcels for passing gagging messages. The potato is customizable so that you can have any message scribbled on it. Pictures too can be drawn if you have a funny one to pass along. Tickle someone today with this potato and their mood will lighten up. Read More

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Spin this and see who get to drink

If you are looking for a funny gift to cheer someone up any time of the day- mostly when drinking- then you have found that gift. This middle finger Barbuzzo will not only help determine who gets to take the next shot at the party but will make the drinking game fun. Read More

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This is how you shot the glasses

Your friends need a party to cheer them out? Well, come to the rescue with this gun decanter. It comes with eight shot glasses for those shots they are all looking forward to. It has two gun decanters, shaped like a gun and a belt holster for that fancy bartender look. Read More

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this wingman shot glass is a great gift for sharing drinks

When your buddy is sad, wear the cape of a wingman and rescue his moods and happiness with this wingman shot glass. Sharing drinks from one table is fun and shows solidarity. Sharing drinks from the same glass, now that is another level of solidarity that will cheer them up.Read More

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When they need a bigger beer mug

Cheer up a loved one with this beer mug. This will take the sharing a beer with a friend quite literally. Whenever they are down, they can call a friend like you over to share a mug of beer. The material is shatter resistant and can be used even by the poolside.Read More

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