28 Expensive Gifts For Boyfriends Birthday That Won't Cause Breakup

Buying expensive gifts for boyfriends birthday can be a trouble sometimes, especially if you donít have any idea about what he wants. Since there is a wide choice of extravagant presents, it can be tricky to choose the right one. Here are some original and exclusive gifts you should check out.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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St Michael Statue Defeating Lucifer

Archangel St Michael is well known as a protector of the good, which makes this statue a great gift for your loved one. With an antique look and many details built in, this statue made of bronze will stand out on shelves in your boyfriendís office, library, workroom, and living room. Read More

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That's one small expensive gift for him

If your partner is a fan of Sci-Fi movies, Star Wars, and music, we highly recommend you to choose this modern portable, levitating Bluetooth speaker. Astonishing design lives the imprison the lamp came from another world, literally. This thing looks like a floating Death Star, able to rotate and change lights. Read More

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Is he an engineer?

For fans of handcrafted toys for adults, this model is a true masterpiece. Wake up a child in your boyfriend, and surprise him with a super detailed and original steam engine and boiler toy. He will have so much fun playing with this rear and outstanding toy. Read More

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That's a very unique and expensive gift for him

How awesome is the lamp with light that works without physical connection? Levitating lamp is one more super cool product for your men, interested in new technologies. His living room, office desk, or conference room will never look the same with this magnetic floating lamp, made to last for years. Read More

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Decorate their desk or room with this levitating bonsai

If your loved one likes nature, surprise him with a new plant and a unique, levitating pot for his apartment. Bring some WOW factor into his living room with an awesome modern floating pot for Bonsai or flowers. His guest will be amazed by this hand-painted, elegant and entertaining gift. Read More

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Hand Crafted Golden Eagle Bronze Sculpture

If your boyfriend is passionate about art and into collecting rarities, the Eagle statue made of bronze would be an amazing present for his next birthday. The statue can be a luxury decoration of his living room and office since the elegant design perfectly matches almost every interior. Read More

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Make your boyfriend smells good with this cologne

What boosts the confidence instantly better than a great, fresh, unique perfume? If you are looking for a perfume for the real gentleman, not the boy, Creed Aventus is what you need. Elegant note, exceptional flavors, and freshness will perfectly match your boyfriendís taste and character. Read More

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People put this speaker in their yacht

Blade Two speakers are a true diamond on the market. They reproduce the perfect sound, with outstanding clarity and realism. If your partner is an absolute music fanatic, DJ, or professional musician, these speakers will literally take his breath away and blow his mind, all at ones. Read More

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Let's get this head and eye massager for better sleep

How many times your boyfriend claimed about the headache after a long day at work? This head and eye massager will help him to relax, improve his sleep, relief the tension and stress. Fully adjustable to any head size, the massager can be connected and controlled from any smartphone. Read More

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Hand Carved Healing Gemstone

If your boyfriend is a spiritual person, interested in meditation and healing, check out this breathtaking Gemstone. A sophisticated piece of art will not only use as a decoration but also as an inspirational element, necessary in relaxation activities. It is very comfortable to hold and may help you cultivate peace and quiet. Read More

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Never knew a shave set can be so expensive

You donít have to wait for your boyfriendís birthday to buy him a shaving kit like this one. Surprise him for no reason. This awesome kit has everything necessary to get the real professional shaving experience. The set is packed into a simple and practical case, ready to go with your boyfriend on every trip. Read More

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I think this beauty is a nice expensive valentines gift for your boyfriend

If you are looking for a present that will last for many years, this little piece of art is worth buying. Healing features of the Amethyst have been known for centuries. This beautifully handcrafted sculpture made of a pure Amethyst is a unique decorative piece for both working and living space. Read More

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He is going to love this beautiful magnetic lamp

Unconventional pieces of furniture are a reflection of a character. Surprise your boyfriend with a cool magnetic levitating lamp, in Nordic style. Attractive design and the fun switch will give a sparkle of the unexpected to your boyfriends living space. Thanks to the adjustable lighting, your boyfriend will enjoy reading books late at nights. Read More

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How about a good looking designer watch?

Elegant stainless steel and gold ion-plated watch is a perfect gift for your dear businessman. Expensive watches are a true status symbol, and your boyfriend will leave the impression of a successful and confident man in every business meeting. The quality is just there in every inch of the watch.Read More

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Atlas Etched Globe Liquor Decanter

For man passionate about the strong taste of a good old whiskey, this decanter is a perfect match. A small piece of art in the shape of an Etched Globe design, will make proud every single man who knows how to appreciate the rich taste of the prestige drink. A well-crafted bottle will keep his scotch cozy and safe.Read More

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This gift makes beer taste better

Letís make some Beer! If your partner is a Beer lover, what would be the better gift than his own personal brewery! Perfectly sized equipment, easy to use and brew the best craft style beer. Your boyfriend will become a true beer expert, ready to prepare fresh draft beer even on camping.Read More

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Thats a beautiful home speaker

Choose a speaker that matches your style. Actually, this is not just a speaker, but also a very elegant piece of furniture. Ones you play it, the speaker will spread rich, clean, and crisp sound around your home. Listen to your favorite music while preparing tasty food for your darling. Read More

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One of a best wireless speaker in the world

If you are looking for a present that is even beyond the mind-blowing one, go for a super exclusive Devialet Silver Phantom wireless speaker. The unique and modern design of the speaker will absolutely match your boyfriends living space, and make him enjoy the music at the whole new level. Read More

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Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

Marshal Speaker will blow your boyfriend's mind, simple as that. This speaker is an amazing gift, packed into the vintage design, perfect for all the jazz and blues lovers. Sound is just incredible, and your loved one will definitely be a thrill to own a true masterpiece among speakers.Read More

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Rega Planar 2 Turntable

If your partner likes the sounds of the old good times, surprise him with a new turntable. Great sound packed into a modern design is a perfect gift for every vinyl fan. Choose among white, black and red model. Put some records on and enjoy dancing late at night. Read More

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Authentic Megalodon Shark Tooth?!

Serious collectors are in love with the items thousands of years old. There no many gifts to compare to the 6.5 inches tall Megalodon Shark Tooth, old between 1.5 Ė 2.6 million years. A unique fossil comes with a certificate of authenticity and represents an excellent addition to a specimen enthusiast's collection.Read More

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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Surprise your boyfriend with new wireless headphones. Great design, perfect sound, multiple control system, noise cancelation, and other super cool features, are built into a perfect device. They are extremely comfortable and have ultra-soft ear pads. Your boyfriend will finally be able to listen to his music while running, traveling, and working. Read More

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This bluetooth speaker is such a cool gift for him

Some men are more practical, and thatís why you should go for a multifunctional present like this Smart table. It is a Bluetooth speaker, wireless phone charger, with USB and aux charging ports Ė basically all in one. Your man will now enjoy up to 24h of his favorite non-stop music.Read More

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Choose his favourite football team levitating football helmet

If you can combine his favorite sports team and modern technology into one present, you will become a superwoman for your boyfriend. This is simply the coolest present he can get, ever. Imagine him taking the levitating helmet to work, placing it at his desk, showing it proudly to the colleagues Ė priceless.Read More

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Let him try this delicious Beluga Kaluga hybrid caviar

If your boyfriend is a type of man who appreciates great food, good wine, and luxury restaurants, he would definitely enjoy a high-quality Caviar too. Surprise him with a romantic dinner, candles, Champaign and a serving of the best Caviar. Amur Beluga Caviar has a perfect nutty flavor he won't resist. Read More

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Limited Edition Swarovski Myriad Mickey and Minnie

Now THIS gift is simply stunning! This gift is truly one of a kind as it is limited edition and made completely from Swarovski crystals! Show them how much you care with this remarkable gift.

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