34 Beautiful Egyptian Gifts That Won't Curse Them

Brace yourselves for a wide collection of authentic goodness that is Egyptian gifts. Forget the fridge magnets and pyramid models that reminds one of the land of the Pharaohs. This collection of Egyptian gifts offers you much more than that. Get one of these for that history nerd in your life. Or just about anyone!

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Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh King Tut Resin Wine Glass

This is the best Egyptian gift for that wine person in your life. As much as they will not be using the chalice to drink their wine,it is a perfect decor for them. And, if they are daring enough and want to enjoy their wine like the ancient kings and queens, this goblet is perfect for that. It holds up to 6 ounces. The finishing of the chalice includes the Pharaoh's mask of one King Tut. we cannot think of a better gift for a wine lover. Gift them one and let them enjoy their drinking in style.Read More

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Egyptian Ankh Cross Pendant Necklace

If you are looking for a romantic egyptian gift for Valentineís Day, Motherís Day, Birthday or even Anniversary for a special lady in your life then look no further. This Ankh cross pendant necklace is just perfect, and will help you warm your way into their heart. The material used to make the pendant is lead free. Pick from the range of colors of ancient bronze, ancient silver, gun black, and ancient red bronze for the one that compliments her skin tone and fashion sense.Read More

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Horus Falcon God of the Egyptian Realm Figurine Statue

This figurine of Horus, the God of divine makes a perfect gift for a loved one in need of a little Egyptian representation in their decor. The hand painted gold finishing of the figurine is bound to complement any color theme of their living room. This is a gift you can but for any occasion, whether it is their birthday, housewarming r anniversary. It measures only 2 inches in width, 3 inches in diameter, and a height of Ĺ inches. It can fit anywhere, even on that lonely bookshelf of theirs.Read More

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Egypt Art Wall Hanging Tapestry

If you are looking for a tapestry piece of art that can go with any room in the house then this is the one. It is a perfect housewarming gift for that person that has decided to take a leap of faith and move out on their own. Or to a bigger house that will look empty and sad without any piece of art. The colors reminds one of the Egyptian palette colors, and are so very vivid. Better still, when it gets dirty, they can wash it from home using a washing machine.Read More

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Egyptian Revival Jackel God Anubis Quartz Clock

If you are looking for a perfect Egyptian gift for a loved ones wedding, anniversary, or housewarming then this clock is perfect. Forget the fact that they just need to tell time. This is no ordinary clock, thanks to the two Egyptian celestial beings- God Isis and Goddess Anubis. At the base of God Isis and at the top, with her wings held high, is Goddess Anubis. For any lover of clocks, history, or ancient religions, this is nothing short of a perfect gift.Read More

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Ark of the Covenant Religious Statue

With this piece of Egyptian gift in a loved ones house, they can store their precious ďhouse rulesĒ just like the 10 commandments were stored in the Ark of the Covenant. Only that this will be just for fun. It a perfect decor piece for that religious person in your life. This sculptures is hand painted and accented with all the details there could be of the actual Ark of the Covenant. The finishing of the piece is purely faux gold, which helps in highlighting every detail of the sculpture.Read More

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Horus Sculptural Bookend

If you have a loved one that needs more unique ways to store their books and fakunt them to visitors, then these bookends are the thing! They are so cute i would probably gift myself instead. And, they are fully sculptured with God Horus as the guardian of their precious books. The hand cast made of crushed stone mixed with resin has symbols that represent the ancient Egyptian scribes. The rest of the sculpture is hand painted in leaf ebony and faux gold.Read More

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King Tutankhamen Sculptural Table Lamp

We bet any lover of books would love such an Egyptian gift for their bedside reading. And not just that book nerd in your life. This sculptural table lamp of king Tutankhamenís is a decor item anyone would love to have for their home. To accent to the Egyptian heritage depicted by King Tut, the sculpture is hand painted with Egyptian palette colors. It fits any A type bulb of 40 watts, and has a convenient switch on cord. Reading times will never be the same again with this lamp. Read More

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Anubis God of Ancient Egypt Sculptural Bust

If you are looking for an ancient Egyptian gift that depicts a God, this might just be it. It is a statue of Anubis, the God of embalming, and the one that watches over the dead. He is one of the most famous Gods in Egyptian. A statue of his is such a coveted gem for many collectors. If your loved one loves historical mythologies or is a collectors, this is quite a catch you will have given them. Not only will it be an addition to their collection, but also an amazing decor item.Read More

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Isis Goddess of Beauty Egyptian Decor Statue

Here comes her Royalty, mother to all Goddesses, Goddess Isis. only that this time, you are gifting her sculptural statue to a loved one. The statue depicts a kneeling Isis-on a , spreading her wings. For more egyptian representation, although it canít get more real with the goddess there, are rich Egyptian palette colors. They capture and enhance every detail of the statue. From here wings to her Eye of Ra headdress, and jewelry. This makes for a perfect gift for any living room decor.Read More

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Regal Egyptian Luxor Sculptural Pedestal

Bring a touch of Egyptian artistry to a loved oneís home with this sculptural pedestal. It is perfect for both indoors and outdoors decor. If you feel their patio needs a little bit more of face lifting, this will be perfect. Or their egyptian vase in the living room need an item to compliment its style. The hand painting of this item is nothing short of amazing. With the resin work on it, is detailed in faux gold leaf, and its size, their guests will be ogling at it.Read More

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Cobra Goddess Altar Candlestick

Snakes are scary, yes, -especially the cobra. However, the cobra Goddess of ancient Egypt sculptured in this beautiful piece of art will draw awe rather than fear. The twin cobras are entwined in the sculpture, and in a breathtaking way, meet at the crown of the candlestick. This is such a perfect gift for a friend that is unwavered by any danger to have a candlelit dinner. The cobras are hand painted in gold, while the candlestick has an ebony finishing. Read More

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Black and Gold Anubis Scales of Justice

Forget the usual bare scales of justice representations found all over the place. You have clearly not seen this ancient Egyptian sculpture of the scales of justice. Get this Anubis scales of justice sculpture as an Egyptian gift for that character that loves issuing judgement to their friends and family. It is hand painted, with black and gold giving it a beautiful balance for any color theme in the house. You will not go wrong with it as an Egyptian gift for any occasion.Read More

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Let's get them a nice wall art

If your loved one is into art, then this ancient Egyptian Goddess canvas will be a perfect Egyptian gift for any occasion. Actually, they will fall in love with it so much so they will forgive your future mistakes *wink*. It is waterproof, and printed with premium inks that are fade resistant. Apart from the hook mounted on the wooden frame for hanging, it also comes with level and nails making the hanging work easy. It is a perfect piece of art for any living room area.Read More

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Egyptian Temple Sculptural Wall Pediment

once upon a time, it was a mandate for temples to adorn this symbol for protection against evil. If you are looking for an Egyptian gift to protect a loved one, get them this Egyptian temple wall pediment sculpture. It is a replica of Ur-Uatchti, the most beautiful and powerful wand of all Second Order wands. On the right, it is flanked by Goddess Nekhbet and on the left side by Buto. the hand painting has Egyptian colors, with gold being the dominant one.Read More

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Egypitan Decor Eye of Horus Wall Sculpture Plaque

This Eye of Horus Egyptian sculpture is a perfect gift for that loved one in need of a little good luck and protection this year. Horus, the God of light, will be there- his eye actually- to watch over them. If, and only if, you buy it as a gift for any occasion actually. And, it not just the eye of Horus. The sculpture is flanked by Goddesses Wadjet and Nekhbet. This is a display everyone would love to have grace their walls.Read More

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I Between Horus and Anubis Wall Plague

If you are looking for a plaque that has not just one but three great figures of Egypt, then you are in for a treat. Say hello to this beautiful wall plaque or Ramesses I, in between the Gods Horus and Anubis. It is an exact replica of a burial wall, with Egyptian symbolic hieroglyphs. The hand painted faux gold, ebony, and Egyptian palette colors add an extra feel to the Egyptian touch of the plaque.Read More

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Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet with Earrings Statue

If you are looking for an Egyptian gift that is worth to any fierce lady in your life, then this is it. Search no more, as this sculpture of Bastet- the cat Goddess and protector of children and women suits as a gift for any occasion. May it be their wedding day, anniversary or birthday. You will have chosen well. It has a matte black finishing, accented with earrings and a necklace in gold finishing. It is ideal for any indoors or outdoors decor. Read More

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I think this vase is a nice house warming gift

Is getting a housewarming Egyptian gift giving you a hard time? Then your long search is over. This Egyptian vase is sculpted as a representation of the Vulture goddess Nekhbet. Yes, Nekhbet, the ďMother or MothersĒ and the Egypt protector. The Egyptian symbols sculpted on the vase along with the faux gold color and other Egyptian royal colors brings out the Egyptian look you are looking for. Not only will the vase be a home to their flowers but also a great piece of decor.Read More

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Egyptian Torch Offering Table Lamp

For that nerd in your life that could use a unique piece of table lamps, this Egyptian torch offering table lamps does just that. It will bring a sense of uniqueness and a fresh touch of the Egyptian culture into their ordinary reading room. It has a felted bottom, a switch-on cord, and works with the 25-watt candelabra bulb. Once it is connected to a power, you will see it glow from the glass shade that is lifted towards the heavens. Date nights are about to get so lit! Read More

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This is a nice gift for teenager to keep their jewellery

If you are looking for a perfect Egyptian gift for a teenage lady, this here is a perfect choice. Actually, make that a gift for any special lady in your life. Does she need a classy piece for her precious jewelry? Well, guess who comes to the rescue with this Egyptian royal basket? You! It is perfectly hand painted in gold, with a touch of ebony for toning purposes. Whatís more is the cat goddess sitting majestically on a sarcophagus laden atop the box. Read More

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Horus Egyptian Wall Plaque

Never before has a wall plaque looked so majestic and inviting as this. This God Horus wall plaque will fit perfectly on any indoor or outdoor wall. It measures 15.5" in width by 1" in diametre, and 13.5" n height. The faux gold accents the piece. Not forgetting the resin casting that adds more of the ancient Egyptian touch to the plaque. They can use this plaque to compliment their furniture, theme color, or even the ancient furniture on the patio. Read More

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Sekhmet The Egyptian Warrior Goddess Statue

For that defiant goddess in your life, this will be such a perfect Egyptian gift. Say goodbye to stress over their birthday, Christmas, or anniversary gift as the Sekhmet statue wins the day. This statue is an ideal decor piece for their living room. Sekhmet was the Goddess of healing and a warrior in ancient Egypt mythology. And if your lady is anything like that description of the goddess, she is a goddess. And she deserves this gift regardless of the occasion.Read More

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Customize this double sided pendant for them

One pendant is a great gift. A double sided pendant is on a whole new level as a gift! The best part is that you can have both customized for that special someone. Pick their perfect from their collection of gold (14k or 18k). sterling silver, or sterling silver with gold symbols (18k). This would make for a perfect anniversary or birthday present. Customize it with both of your initials all translated into the Egyptian hieroglyphs. It can also be gift wrapped for you- in case you have no idea about gift wrapping.Read More

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Wings of Horus Egyptian Altar Side Table

Horus is the falcon God in ancient Egypt. And he rises to the occasion with his wings to grace the ambience of any living room. This altar side table is sculpted with Horusís wings. The 19 inch base diameters offer much support for the wings that rise at a 360-degree angle. And that is what offers support to the glass table, inclusive of the fulcrum pivot. The Egyptian palette colors offer much more detail, and compliments any Egyptian or ancient theme furnitures they might have. Read More

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I think they are going to love this pendant necklace

If you are thinking of getting a cross pendant for a loved one, why not get this Ankh cross charm pendant. A magnificent 10k yellow gold pendant. Make their cross necklace stand out from the rest in any room. It is actually a variant of the Christian cross, which most people adorn. According to the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, Ankh symbolizes life. This is a perfect birthday or anniversary gift. And, when you buy it, it comes with free special packaging. Read More

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Anubis the Jackal God Egyptian Wall Sculpture

Are you looking for an ancient God sculpture that will facelift a loved oneís living room wall? Maybe a God with the head of an animal? Look no further, because this Anubis wall sculpture is just woow! Anubis is the God of the dead, with a jackal head and a human body. This head sculpture will remind them of the jackal head of the God that embalmed God Osiris. It is has a keyhole slot, which makes it easy to hang on the wall.Read More

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Translate their name into ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Arenít we all curious about the translations of our names in different languages? Now, imagine translating a loved oneís name or their initials into the ancient egyptian hieroglyphs! The cartouche comes in either gold (14k or 18k), sterling silver, or sterling silver and 18k gold. Additionally, it is stamped with the Egyptian governmentís hallmark- this one certifies the metal content of the cartouche. This is a perfect egyptian for any occasion. If you are looking for a personalized egyptian necklace, this is it. Read More

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I think this chair is such a unique Egyptian gift

For that king in your life, this would be a perfect gift for Fatherís Day, Valentineís Day or as any holiday gift. Treat them to a unique gift like the kings they are with this replica of King Tutís throne. It is full size throne chair, by the way, and a great decor for both the indoors and outdoors. You can imagine how this would look like, with them sitting on it in the garden or living room. King like, right?Read More

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Ancient Ankh Egyptian Wall Sculpture

This wall art is hand cast from real crushed stone and bonded with durable designer resin. This piece includes highly detailed hieroglyphics, just like those used on the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

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Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Figurine

Worship the beloved Egyptian cat goddess of Bastet with this unforgettable statue. Protectress of women, children, and cats, this is a cat lovers dream and will look wonderful in any part of the house.

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Egyptian Maiden Ferrying to The Field of Reeds Statue

This is an amazing gift for collectors or even just individuals who love everything to do with Egyptian decor. Each statue is individually hand-painted for an authentic feel that will light up any room or garden.

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This table lamp is so pretty!

Isis is the Egyptian goddess of marriage, fertility, and motherhood, making this gorgeous lamp perfect for a family home. This lamp is highly detailed and realistically sculptured, making a great conversation piece.

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