21 Cool Baptism Gifts For Boy That Brings Him Closer to God

These cool baptism gifts for a boy will make the little guy’s special day even more special. For Christians, baptism is a holy day where someone joins the kingdom of God, as well as a community of loving people who will look after them forever. Give God’s little boy a way to look back on this wonderful day.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

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Let's get this baptism gift for the baby

This art piece is a perfect gift for a newly baptized boy and will look great in his nursery. The cross illustration is made of wonderful religious quotes and saying that will be cherished by the family forever.

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That's a nice personalized baptism gifts for older boy

This is a unique gift that is perfect for older boys experiencing baptism, as well as young baby’s that will grow up to love it. This commas is personally engraved with a name and date and will guide him on all of life’s adventures. Read More

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White Muslin Swaddle Blankets for Godchild

Is the little boy that’s receiving his baptism your Godchild? This gift is personalized, useful, and will be loved by the entire family. The meaningful quote and practical design is perfect for swaddling and decorating. Read More

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The baby is going to love this stuffed toy

This gift is perfect for a little boy and he will love cuddling it close every night This plush, cozy lamb comes with a crib cross that says “Jesus Loves Me” and can be removed to be placed anywhere in his nursery.

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Let this compass guide him to the right path

This compass will guide him down the right path whenever he is lost or afraid, just like God’s path and love. Engraved with a touching, empowering quote from Joshua 1:9, this is a unique gift for a baptism.

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Baby Christening Baptism Gift Set

Not sure what to get a boy on his baptism? Than this assorted gift set it exactly what you’re looking for. This set includes a plush lamb that features a bedtime prayer when squeezed, a stunning crib cross, and a blue baby bible with a box, bow, and card. Read More

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Let's get a personalized baptism gifts for the kids

This wall plaque is crafted from solid maple wood and makes a keepsake that the family will be able to cherish for years to come. This gift is unique, personalized, and will add some Christian influence to a little boy’s nursery. Read More

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Let the baby cover by this blanket with bible verse

This quilt is not only comfy and cozy, but also spiritual. 9 Bible verses are embroidered onto this baby quilt, making a unique and thoughtful gift for a baptism This quilt is made of cotton so it is sure to be soft on a baby’s skin. Read More

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I think this is one of the best baptism gifts for boy

This is a stunning wall piece that makes a wonderful religious baptism gift. The gross is beautiful detailed and engraved with “Bless this child.” God will be watching over this little boy every day, and this cross symbolizes it. Read More

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They are going to love this Noah's Ark Playset

This is a wonderful way to introduce young children to important bible stories like Noah’s ark. This plush set includes animal plush toys with different sound features and rattles, making a wonderful child friendly educational gift. Read More

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Looking for baptism gift for boy from grandparents?

This gift is extremely unique and will make the family of the baptized little one very happy. With a beautiful quote, frame, and design, this gift will capture their hearts and look amazing in ay room.

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Let's get the baby their first little Bible

This is the perfect starter bible for any little one! This 96 page version includes stories from the Old and New Testaments and will fit perfectly in small hands. This stylish crib cross is engraved, detailed, and will look perfect in their nursery. Read More

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That's a nice personalized baptism gift from godparents

Made from solid maple wood, this block is a clever keepsake that the little boy and his family will cherish for years. Professionally engraved on both sides, personalize this gift with a name and date and this will make a perfect gift. Read More

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That's one unique baptism gifts for the boy

Nothing is more sentimental than a gift that is personalized. This custom baseball bat is perfect for a little boy on his holy baptism and will add some boyish, religious decor to his nursery.

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Let them chew on this

Get the little guy a gift that he will REALLY appreciate, right then and there! This chewy cross is perfect for little ones who are teaching and is religious in nature as well. The material is completely safe and certified. Read More

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This is going to be a memorable baptism gift

Capture the holy event of his baptism in this stunning picture frame with a Christian cross. The frame is stained glass, just like the windows of a church, and the triangular glass sides add stability and style.

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Baptismal Prayer Jewellery Music Box

This music box is a great way for the family to keep items from his baptism safe in a stylish way. This box plays “You are my sunshine” and is perfect for a little boy. Keep the baptismal prayer on the front, or replace it with a personal photo! Read More

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This is a useful personalized baptism gifts for baby boy

This is a wonderful gift for a baptism that the family can use every day. Personalize this wonderfully soft baby blanket with a name and date of baptism, and he will be able to look back upon his baptism forever.

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White Guardian Angel Crib Medal & Rosary Set

This stunning set is perfect for the holy baptism of a baby boy. The 3.25 inch cross is made of stunning high quality medal and is hung elegantly on a beautiful white ribbon, which will look perfect in or above a crib. This gift is accompanied by a medal rosary that he can cherish his whole life. Read More

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My First Rosary for Boy Elegant Ceramic Keepsake Box

This is an elegant and beautiful way for a boy to keep his first rosary safe and secure. This rosary is made with light blue beads and kept in a ceramic, wonderfully detailed light blue keepsake box. This is perfect for this holy day. Read More

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