33 Unusual Boating Gifts For Dad That Won't Make Them Drowned

These boating gifts for dad are guaranteed to make him smile. If your old man is a boater himself, loves the design of boats, an ex-racer, or even just loves the idea of boating, then we have a gift your him somewhere in this list! Take a look and find the perfect boat gift for your dad.

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Your dad can learn how to tie eight different knots with this mug

Whether your dad is an experiences boater and knot tier, or just starting to learn “the ropes”, this coffee mug is perfect! Useful in more ways than one, he can learn how to tie the essential boating knots while enjoying his morning cup of coffee. Read More

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Let your dad wear his favourite suit with this cuff link

These handmade cuff links are amazing for when your boat loving dad wants to dress up! Allow him to add some personality and character to his suit or tux with these stunning rose gold plated cufflinks. He will be the best dressed in every event! Read More

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Wooden Nautical Oar Paddle With Seahorse Wall Decor

This wooden oar paddle is an incredible gift for the boating dad! Painted with a stunning image of a seahorse and antique finished, this will add some boating spirit to his boat cabin or home.

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Protect your dad with this wall plague

Is your boat loving dad religious? Then this is the perfect gift for him. This brass plaque of Irish Saint Brendan the Navigator will look fantastic on his boat, and will help to protect him during his travels as well. Read More

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Looking for funny boating gift for dad?

We love our dads… but sometimes when they are passionate about something they may say a few things they don’t mean. This is perfect for the dad who loves to go boating and will have him in stitches.

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Get this gift for the captain of the boat

Give him a gift that he can use to claim his space, and let everyone know it! This handcrafted captains quarters sign has an antique copper finish and frame with a textured background and will look amazing propped on any door. Read More

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Marine Nautical Spyglass Antique Collectible

This nautical spyglass is handcrafted and antique. Whether your dad is an avid collector, or simply loves the boating style, this solid brass pirate telescope with a detailed wooden box will make him smile.

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Let's get this beautiful decanter for your dad's birthday

He will be able to serve his favorite drink in a way that will win the hearts of all his guests! Get your dad this etched globe decanter that includes a handblown ship inside! This gift is strikingly detailed and grand. Read More

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Handmade Brass Sundial Compass

This compass is made of solid brass and is 100% brand new and high quality! This compass is not only essential for boaters, but stunning and comes in a gorgeous leather box that will remind him of how special this gift really is. Read More

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This is such an unique lamp for your dad

Made of real natural corded abaca rope, this lamp appears to be floating weightless. The white natural cotton shade adds a touch of contemporary to this themed gift, but the pier rope will win your dad's heart.

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Knock on captain door with this beautiful door knocker

This nautical steampunk octopus door knocker will knock his socks off! Made of designer resin and hand painted to perfection, there is no better way for your boat loving dad to welcome guests into his home.

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This wine holder is a beauty

Is your dad a fan of a good bottle of wine? There’s no better way for him to display his bottles than this wonderful anchor and rope holder. His guests and anyone who sees it will admire its boat theme and craftsmanship. Read More

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Lets get your dad a beautiful ship model for your dad on Christmas

Whether your dad has sailed for the U.S.A. or not, this Hampton Nautical Wooden USS Constitution Tall Model Ship is a wicked gift that will blow him away. This gift is built from scratch and fully assembled with cherry, birch, maple, and rosewood. Read More

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Get this boating gift for your dad to decorate his boat or office

It’s time for an adventure! This poster is an easy way to add some boat themed decor to any room. This vintage sailing map is printed on high quality gloss canvas and made to last, framed to create a classy look.

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This can be a nice statue in their boat

This statue is handprinted and crafted to perfection. This authentic, old fashioned sculpture makes a wonderful gift for your boat and sea loving dad, and he will enjoy the theme it creates in his home or boat.

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Vintage Nautical Adjustable Cinema Table Lamp

This nautical table lamp is totally retro and one of a kind! Appearing to come right off of a movie set, this lamp is a true eye catcher and your dad will love using it to read and relax… or maybe just to pretend its a search light! Read More

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This ship wheel can be a nice decoration

Nothing screams “BOAT” more than a classic, vintage looking ship wheel! Made of highest quality wood and brass, this decorative ship wheel will look fantastic on the wall of your dads home or boat!

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Check out this pretty salad bowl

Are you trying to get your dad to eat more salad? Or perhaps he is an avid cook and loves to entertain? This boat bowl with paddles as servers is a fantastically fun way to make easting vegetables much more attractive.

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This lamp is a nice boat warming gift for dad

This lamp is made of solid wood, MDF, rope, and the lampshade is made of burlap! This is a great way to add some warmth and light to your dads home or boat, and in a charmingly vintage way!

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How about a personalize boat related gift for your dad?

This is a fantastic gift for your dad if your looking to give him something boat-themed and useful as well! This cutting board is made of quality wood and shaped as a boat paddle. What’s even better is that you can have it personalized, which will add a sentimental touch! Read More

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That is a unique pepper and salt set

There has never been a more adorable set of salt and pepper shakers! Your dad who loved boating will enjoy using these when eating his favourite meals, and showing them off when he hosts dinner parties!

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Coastal Accent Table Lamp

Give him a creative and useful way to spruce up his den, living space, or office with this fantastic table lamp! With a clear glass base filled with seashells, this lamp can even be refilled with his favourite items or collectables! Read More

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Personalise this boat gift for your dad

There’s absolutely nothing that says “I Love You” more than a personalized gift! Why not give your dad this stunning work of boat art, and have it personalized for him as well? Have his name, initials, or an important date featured in this painting! Read More

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Put in something memorable in this box

This box is an original work of art, handmade with high quality wood and absolutely unique. Your dad will be able to keep some of his favourite memories and trinkets in here. Or, fill it up with something he loves as a bonus gift! Read More

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Your dad is going to love this ship model

Give him a littlest of history with this remarkable ship model! This item is made of wood pieces of different shades and colours, coming with its original flag and a steady wooden base and an attached name plate! This gift is ready for display! Read More

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Full-Size U.S. Navy Copper & Brass Diving Helmet Replica

This copper and brass diving helmet replica will make a statement conversation piece that no one will be able to stop talking about! This makes an incredible boat themed decorative addition that will look great in your dads home. Read More

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Brass Ship History Sextant

With unmatched quality and out-of-this-world authenticity, this gift will surprise your boat loving dad and have him jumping for joy! This brass sextant comes with a durable, boat themed hardwood box that he will love to have on display. Read More

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Boating Whiskey Decanter

Looking for a boating gift that’s really unique? And does your dad have an appreciation for fine liquors such as whiskey and bourbon? Look no further than this boating decanter that will make a statement in any home bar… or boat bar! Read More

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Let's get this beautiful pendant for your dad as a Christmas gift

This stunning mens pendant is made with 14 karat yellow gold! This gift features an anchor, ship wheel, and sailing rope that will add some boating charm to his keys, bracelet, or necklace.

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Floor Standing Brass/Wood Griffith Astro Telescope

This polished brass telescope with a wood-cased body is not only stunning and unique, but also fully functional! With 12X magnification and a sturdier widen tripod that supports the telescope while viewing, this is the perfect themed gift for your dad. Read More

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Black Prince Model Ship Wood Replica

This model ship is almost as great as getting your dad a life size one! This gift is limited addition and manufactured in intense detail out of high quality wood. This will look great in his home or office.

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Great Lakes 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

The great lakes are a spectacle of North America and loved by boaters with a passion for the fresh water. This 3D nautical wood chart is a fantastic way for your dad to show off his love for boating as well as add some wonderful themed decor to his home. Read More

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