45 Best Housewarming Gifts For First Home That Won't Ruin Their House

Choosing the best housewarming gift for first home owner is hard. You want an item that makes their first house homely and unique. We are here to save the day! We have handpicked the best housewarming gifts specifically for this occasion. Let's see what we handpicked.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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This bee hive will improve their garden's productivity

The hive is clearly one of the most important equipment when it comes to beekeeping. If you want to help your budding beekeeper improve their gardenís productivity and maximize honey and brood, then this is the ultimate gift to get them. With its efficient design featuring lots of holes and gaps, the KIBAGA Mason Bee House is the real deal. Read More

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I think coffee snob will appreciate this

This cool vintage cold brew coffee tower is just exceptional in every way. It would be hard for them to make and drink coffee any other way once you buy them this crafty, old-fashioned cold brewer. Itís an amazing birthday gift for dad or hubby, one that they live to brag about it whenever they have some friends around. Read More

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This functional phone is so cool

An old-fashioned telephone makes for an ideal vintage gift item. A modernised one that is also working makes for the perfect gift item! And that is why this is 1933 grand emperor Toscano antique phone makes it just that. A perfect gift item for both a working telephone and a working one. It is a high quality item, and with a modern touch. Its receiver is adjustable, has volume controls, a last number redial function, and push button dialing. It will pluck directly into a wall jack.Read More

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Have you seen a speaker like this before?

For those that remember listening to amplified music with anything other than a hifi system or home theatre, this is the perfect gift. We love the fact that it looks like a horn coined in a far away native lands like Africa or Australia. It has an inbuilt subwoofer plus a 25 watt sound. That is powerful enough for such an instrument. Additionally, it has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours when fully charged. It only takes 8 hours to get it fully charged. Read More

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I am going to get this pop corn cart for myself

Believe it or not, there was a time popcorn carts looked like this. Just watch a few old school movies and you will notice. That said, if you are looking for a vintage gift for a loved one that loves making their own popcorns then you are in luck. Grab one of these and their Netflix and chill moments will never be the same again. And honestly, it is the kind of package we all want for ourselves- get yourself one too. It is easy to use and clean.Read More

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Cutting bagel into half easily with this bagel guillotine

Cutting a bagel into half has never looked so easy! This bagel guillotine is a kitchen accessory your favorite chef must have. Their hands and fingers will be safe, thanks to the built-in safety shield. Additionally, it is a multipurpose item that can be used to slice other edibles like doughnuts, rolls, and buns among others.Read More

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This is such an unique housewarming gift basket

Congratulations for remembering snacks are great ways to help forget the stressful moving. And this gift hamper is just the perfect housewarming gift for that lady in your life that just move into their first home. It comes with all sorts of goodies. I am talking of chocolate bars, cafe latte coffee, butter cookies, and Ernest Hemingway tea bags and many more.Read More

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Get this funny dish towel for them

I am yet to meet someone that loves doing the dishes. Even I dread it, but at this rate, this dishwash towel cracks me up i just might stop writing this and myself one first. If you know they hate doing the dishes, buy them this dishwash towel as a housewarming gift. Every time they enter the kitchen with dirt dishes in the sink the towel will always remind them of how they fall apart *hums to Bonnie Tylerís hit* Read More

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For their first time Christmas in their new home

Once someone has moved into their first home, they are always looking forward to celebrating their first. The first thanksgiving day, first Christmas, and a series of many other firsts to come. They are a milestone worth celebrating. So, with this ceramic ornament, you will always remind them of the first christmas they celebrated in their new home. Read More

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Let's get them a beautiful abstract wall art

Are you wondering what gifts suits a first home owner who loves contemporary art? This is your lucky day as this piece of modern blue geode is perfect for their new home. Geode is a naturally occurring wonder from the ancient world, and having a piece of art item that captures it hanging on ones wall is unimaginable.Read More

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Vintage Brass Owl Door Knocker

If you are looking for a vintage gift that is perfect for a first home housewarming gift, you have just got it. If they love vintage item and animals, then this owl shaped door knocker will blow their mind. And if they are nocturnal beings, the better! The door knocker is made of solid polished brass of high grade for a good knock. This will be the best welcoming item to their guests before they set foot in the house.Read More

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This small gift will make a difference in their house

This artificial lavender flower perfect is a perfect housewarming gift. It will be a great addition to any decor they have ought for their first home. And, if they are lazy and forgetful, this one will not die if not taken care of. It is really easy to take care of whether they are using it for their indoor or outdoor decor. The sweet part is the fact that the wooden part can be customised with whatever name or words you want.Read More

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This gift will keep their beverage hot or cold

If you are looking for a housewarming gift for a tea or coffee lover, this flask suits the occasion. How about gifting them with a flask that will keep their drinks hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 4 hours? And that is not just it. The exterior of this flask, which has artistic drawings, as well as its shape and the colors will make any guest envious. Read More

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Get a compact fridge for their man cave?

Their lazy evenings and weekends are about to get lazier, especially when they have a TV show or a game to catch up with. This is a perfect housewarming gift for that single in your life that has finally decided to explore living on their own. And, if they want to out camping or fishing, they can take it with them. It is totally portable. Read More

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This wall mask sculpture is something unique for them

A first home needs a few wall decorations to make it lively. It does not have to be a painting. Buy this peacock sculpture for that beautiful friend that just got their first home as a housewarming gift. The various hand painted colors as well as choice of jewelry helps in accenting to its beauty. They also help highlight the attention to detail the artist took to make it such as the crown with a pendant. It will go perfectly with any colored walls. Read More

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Don't you think this Victorian balloon chair is awesome?

I can think of all the reading positions I would have in this balloon chair. Just me, my books, and a bottle of wine. So many endless possibilities! If your loved one is a reader, they will enjoy this balloon chair. This is perfect for the garden or the patio setting. Buy this for them as a housewarming gift and let them pass many evenings admiring the skyline. When they are tired of unpacking and arranging the house, it will be a nice relaxing place. Read More

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This vortex heater will keep them warm and comfy on Christmas

If your loved one has moved during the winter season, then this is a perfect gift to keep them warm through the nights. It is hard enough to be moving but it is worse if the house feels like you are living on the North pole. This vortex clear will keep them warm courtesy of its 2 heat settings. Yeah, that is right. They can pick a heating setting that is okay with them. It meets the U.S. voltage requirements, and is safety tested. In case of any issues, worry not. You will have a 5 year warranty!Read More

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This beauty as housewarming gift can never go wrong

If you are looking for a housewarming gift for someone that loves out of the ordinary decor items, and precious stones then you have chosen well. This item redefines beauty, and the color purple with different color variations sure does attest to that. It is a perfect decor item for any individual. The base supporting it is basalt mineral. This is where the crystals grew. Read More

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This table lamp is pretty useful

Table lamps come in various shapes and designs. This Asian style lamp though is perfect for that modernised friend who just moved to their first home. With it, they can charge their other electronic devices right from the comfort of their beds or couches. It has an alluring and warm light that is perfect for a reader especially for the long night reads.Read More

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This bamboo fountain is going to be a great decor

We are no longer envious of the big mansions with breathtaking fountains at the front. Well, maybe a little. But this bamboo fountain is enough to let it all go away. It is a perfect first home housewarming party for anyone who loves fountains. As a DIY item, this will give them a chance to play with their creativity for a perfect fountain that suits their style. Read More

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This is a perfect housewarming gift for summer

If you are looking for a perfect kitchen item for a housewarming party, you will not go wrong with this charcoal grill. Not when you know they love grilling bacon and other foods every weekend. If hey have a garden or a balcony, their weekends with loved ones will be filled with joy and lots of food. The grill has handles conveniently placed for easy portability. And, it is lighter than the ceramic ones. It is also easy to clean, thanks to the dump ash pan.Read More

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This awesome gift will preserve and chill their wine

For that wine lover in your house, a bottle of wine might not be enough for their first home housewarming party. With this wine preserver and chiller, you will be making their future wine drinking moments special ones. It is a dual compartment item that they can use to store any type of wine they have. Their days of preserving open wine bottles are about to get better with this.Read More

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Let's get an elegant housewarming gift for them

If you are looking for a perfect statue as a housewarming gift for that lady in your life, then pick this. It is an illuminating statue, actually, and they can use any 25 watt bulb. And LED or CFL bulb or the equivalents are also perfect. It has a convenient cord that they can use to switch it on and off. This item is great as a decor in the living or bedroom. They will also enjoy late night readings with it.Read More

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That is a nice funny gift for your best friend

I can think of a perfect housewarming gift for an introvert but this one tops the list. For that introvert in your life with few friends, this is a perfect gift for them. At least the doormat will be speaking on their behalf when those annoying friends keep knocking at their door. No, seriously, it is not a rude gift but a hilarious one. No one will feel bad. In fact, visitors will be be cracking up at the sight of it. Buy it!Read More

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I think this is a unique housewarming gift

If you have a friend who is diver, or a fan of the U.S. Navy, or better still, one that is in the Navy, this is a perfect gift for their first home housewarming party. It is a perfect piece of decor for the living room. This replica of the U.S. Navy diving helmet so do not go diving in it. It is made of brass and copper, with a copper finishing that accents its style. The helmet is placed on a wooden base for stability. Read More

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They are going to find this Dyson table fan practical

This Dyson air multiplier is an housewarming gift for a first home owner. By buying this, you will help them enjoy some fresh air from wherever they are in the house. It is small and portable. On those hot and humid summer days, when the thought of sitting at the table and read or work is incomprehensible, they can always count on this tabletop fan. It is only 10 inches, made of iron, with a black finishing that goes with any color theme. Read More

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They are going to love this beautiful bonsai

A plant makes a home more lively. And a first home could use a plant to take care of. The time used to care for plants is beneficial to humans too. Instead of buying them flowers, even artificial ones as their housewarming gift, why not take it a notch higher with a plant? This one is easy to take care of, and has an instructions manual- in case you are worried about them letting it dry. It also comes with organic Bosai foods, plus a one year warranty.Read More

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Just a gentle reminder for the person who is drinking

For that friend that stares at everyone with angry eyes when they do not use coasters or table mats, this is a perfect gift. Letís avert their evil stares with these angry and yet funny handmade coasters. They are a perfect way of the new owner to remind forgetful people like you not to mess their new furniture, without making you feel unwelcome in their new fortress. The coaster can be used to place a glass or cup with any type of drink. From the ice cold ones to the hot cup of coffee.Read More

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Get them a personalised door mat

With this personalised doormat, every visitor visitor will know they just stepped into a new territory. Doormats are fancy and great pieces of decor. But a personalised decor with their name on it is not just another piece of decor. Customize it with their name if they are single or a family name in case they are married. It will be a charming item for every one that visits their first home. This one os made of olefin, 100%. It is also weatherproof and durable.Read More

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This hanger is a great housewarming gift for her

Well, Hello Mr. whiskers! That is a nice way to open up your closet every morning to, right? If your moving friend or relative is a cat person, then this hanger will blow their mind. Help them adorn their new wardrobe with unique and purr-fect hangers for their clothes. One is not enough for this uniqueness. Two or a dozen of them is great though! Read More

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Get this gift for your wife

If you are looking for the best housewarming gift for that couple that restores all the lost faith in love, then here is your gift idea. It will be perfect decor for their new living room or bedroom, just beside the dresser or on the mantel. They also do not have to worry about their dresser or bookshelf (in case they place it there). Read More

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Anti-Gravity Time Water Droplet Hourglass Filterless Air Purifier?

If you think your loved oneís first home needs some air purification, then forget the old school fans. This Kovada is your ticket to warming their hearts with a unique and multifunctional air purifier. While they enjoy fresh breath in the house, they also treat their eyes the wonder of water droplets backflow from the item.Read More

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This Beijing Lions will help them ward off evil energy

If your loved one needs a guardian in their first home to ward off any evil, then you have got them covered. Get them this Beijing lion, a guardian in charge of protecting traditional Chinese families social status and wealth, for their protection. Having such a sculpture will mean more than a decor item.Read More

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They are going to find this thoughtful gift useful

Even if their first home is not big enough to have a fireplace, there are better ways for them to enjoy a fireplace. The best part is that it portable and they can use it inside and outside of the house. If they have a balcony where the can relax at night, or a garden, the better. And during winter, when they just want to snuggle up in bed, they can just place it on the bedside table and enjoy the heat. Read More

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This is a very unique candle holder

Let this caring elephant provide a warm and nicely lit room for their new home. We all know that elephants are very emotional and caring animals. And having a set of two sculptural ones doing just that when they need a dimly lit environment is just *sigh* beautiful. They are also great for decor both indoors and outdoors. Their living room is about to attract envious stares and their patio or garden will be perfect romantic scenes any day of the night. Read More

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Young couple is going to love this book light with speaker

I donít know about your moving buddy but anything that looks like a book has me hypnotised. And if they are anything like me, trust me, you will not go wrong with this piece of magnificence as a housewarming gift. The fact that there is a lantern that folds like a book and can change colors is enough to let them set away all the lamps they have. If you have a couple that just moved to a first home together, this will be perfect for their many late night dinners ahead. Read More

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Not just a table, but a speaker as well

If youíre looking for something simple, but elegant and functional that your spouse will find useful, this is a perfect choice. It isnít just a table but also a speaker. A modern piece of furniture that will blend in any home interior style.Itís the perfect smart device for your perfect smart spouse.Read More

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This personalized door knocker is a nice family housewarming gift

I bet even you will have fun using this door knocker every time you pay them a visit. A fancy door knocker is everyoneís door decor- almost everyone actually. Have it customised by engraving it with their initials, name, or a stupid catchy phrase they love using. It has a solid brass finishing, and a perfect outdoor decor to announce their sophistication. For a first home owner, this will be a perfect way to announce their home ownership to any guest. Read More

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Ampulla Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charger

For that nerd in your life, this is a perfect gift for their housewarming. Their book time dates are about to get lit! Let them enjoy their late night reading sessions in an elegant and yet comfortable way. Better still, the lamp has a Bluetooth speaker just in case they need some soothing music. And, it has a charger.Read More

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Get them this trendy wireless speaker for their room or kitchen

Because buying a hifi system when moving to a new house is expensive, we present to this a wireless speaker. We are not saying they are poor to afford the hifi system but moving to a first home is expensive. And we are not about to let you leave them alone in a new home with no music. This one is perfect for their music needs.Read More

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This wooden chandelier is such a beauty

Forget the fancy, and huge chandeliers made of glass hanging in their favorite hotels. This is a unique and yet fancy -in its own way - wooden chandelier. It is a perfect housewarming gift for that person who loves out of the ordinary items. Because this one is sure out of the ordinary. For starters, it is wooden, then it is easy to install and has an adjustable metal cord. It also fits perfectly with both sloping and flat ceiling. It will not only be a lighting device but also a decor item. Read More

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This is such an elegant housewarming gift

Apart from telling the time, clocks have other uses to. Like interior decor. This chambord clock is the epitome of house clocks for any interior decor. The finishing is in faux antique gold, which makes it compliment any color theme of the house. But that is not all. Wait until you have seen the figurines on the clock! It has maidens, smiling putties, griffins, and shells. Buy this and let their wall shine with magnificence for all to drool upon. Read More

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This video doorbell is one of the best housewarming gift ever

If you are worried about their safety, then here is your chance to help keep the safe. We understand not being their everytime for protection but this Ring video door has got them covered. In case their doorbell is pressed or any motion is detected, Ring will send announcements to any connected Echo devices. Did I mention that it is compatible with Alexa? It will monitor their home in 1080 HD, and comes with a Lifetime Theft Protection. For the bell not their stuff. With this, they can see, hear and communicate with their visitors. Read More

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Personalised this wall decor with their family name

What better way you to announce they own the house than with this personalised door hanger? Actually, they can just display it anywhere.On the living room wall, on the front door of the house, or in their garden. And, if hanging is not an option, they can have it mounted anywhere they like. Not forgetting the fact that you can have it in their favorite color. This is a perfect gift for either indoors and outdoor decor especially if they love fancy and personalised items.Read More

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