23 Unique Beauty And The Beast Gifts For Adults That They Will Love

Believe it or not, but there are beauty and the beast gifts for adults. Almost 28 years later, and Disney’s story of Beauty and the Beast still lingers. Without a doubt, there may be a fan of the story in your life who’s way past receiving toys as gifts. This page is dedicated to getting gifts for such a person.

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Beauty and The Beast Necklace

In a classic and yet vintage way, BlingSoul has managed to give us a piece of jewelry that reminds us of how old beauty and the beast story is. And yet, we all keep falling in love with it over and over again. The necklace might be vintage in look especially the chain but is it classy, unique and lavish thanks to the rose and the dome glass. Any lady will rock this beautiful piece and look like a princess. Gift it to your girl, wife or even your sister.Read More

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Beauty and the Beast Figurine

This a great gift for any lover of the beauty and the beast. It incorporates all the characters we love so much from the movie. Who would not like to have a figurine that has more than Belle and her beast? With this figurine, you are gifting them the sight of Lumiere, Mrs. Pott, Cosworth and chip all on one base. As if that is not enough, the figurine has the enchanted rose on the front of the base, right there in the middle! This is everything beauty and the beast offers all under one roof.Read More

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I think they are going to love this t-shirt

This fifth sun t-shirt will be a great gift for any man that loves Disney's beauty and the beast story. It is a slim fit for perfect fitting. The inks are green in color, with an intricate design of the fifth sun and writing of the beauty and the beauty. What catches one’s attention is the eerie green glow of the inks on the t-shirt as well as the beast dancing with his princes. Romantic, right? Anyway, the t-shirt is also machine washable so cleaning it will not be a hassle. Read More

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Do they love Lumiere?

Another beloved character of beauty and the beast is Lumierie. If you know a big fan of Lumiere, this hand-painted Lumiere character figurine will put s a smile on their face. And, in a classic way of making it more unique, the artist has gone ahead to combine Disney’s character with the traditional folk art designs. Lumiere, the gracious host we all want to be. The smiling face of Lumiere will be a great welcoming face when guests come visiting.Read More

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Beauty and the Beast Storybook Figurine

Because we have hit adulthood where reading storybooks no longer cutting it, I have a better option for you. And for that adult in your life that loves beauty and the beast but cannot read storybooks when all eyes are on them. Buy them this beauty and the beast storybook figurine for their bookshelf, study table or even the living room display. The “once upon a time” engraving on the piece is a perfect merging of Disney’s and folk art characters and designs.Read More

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Get this bracelet for you and your girlfriend

Forget the customized t-shirts every couple is getting of her king his queen and all. Nay, this bracelet of the beauty and the beast takes the crown. You do not even have to wait for your girlfriends birthday. Surprise her with this her beast and his beauty bracelet any day. It is the perfect way to see her cry tears of joy because trust me, she will. And, she will also love the bracelet and you more. It is quite light and comfortable it will not wear her down.Read More

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Get this Belle necklace as Mother's Day gift?

Mother’s are the best, there is no doubt about that. Every day should be an appreciation day for them. However, for Mother's Day take it a notch higher and treat her like the princess she is with this Belle’s enchanted rose diamond necklace. The rose petals are adorned with diamonds for that blooming beauty we all desire in rose flowers. More than that, I think they will love the shape and design of the flowers. The way it’s laid down inverted for everyone to see the diamonds in the rose petals. Stunning!Read More

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Your wife is going to love this birthday gift

The inverted design of the heart is enough to make one fall in love. The shape of the stem, emerging from the base of the heart like a vein to support the enchanted rose will steal anyone’s heart away. This is what makes it a perfect gift for your wide. Whether it is for her birthday or as an anniversary gift. It is just perfect she will love it! You might get away with doing the dishes when you gift her this one. Not for long though, but it will be a perfect addition to her jewelry collection.Read More

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Disney Belle Roses Mini Backpack

This Disney Belle roses mini backpack is a perfect one for any lover of the beauty and the beast to carry their books, tablets and other items in. whether they are going to the library, the office or even for a meeting with a client. From far, the drawings look like rose flowers. On a closer look though, these are drawings of Belle, Lumiere, chip and Mrs. Potts. There is no doubt they make it beautiful. The exterior of the backpack has a zippered pocket, adjustable straps for perfect fitting and a handle.Read More

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Get this unique beauty and the beast Christmas gifts

For Christmas, this beauty and the beast water globe will be a great gift for anyone that loves the movie. The water globe though offers a different and even romantic scenery for the two lovebirds. Inside the globe are Belle and her beast mid waltz, looking al stunning in the ballroom attire ready to steal our hearts away. They already have mine. All around them are heart-shaped confetti floating away.Read More

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Belle Diamond Heart and Rose Pendant

How do this enchanted Belle diamond heart and rose pendant sound for a gift sound? Especially for that lady, you are trying to warm to and steal her heart away? Well, I would highly recommend it because it is an absolutely gorgeous piece of jewelry any lady would love to have. The rose, of course, stands out from the heart-shaped pendant. It gives it a different touch that goes with any piece of clothing. There is no doubt she will be falling in love with and you.Read More

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Belle's Wedding Dreams Figurine

I do! I absolutely do. I do say yes to you buying this figurine. Not just as a gift to an adult who cannot stop falling in love with these two lovebirds, but for yourself too. I mean, it is Belle’s and the beasts wedding! Nothing can stand between two people who are in love, and this is a great way to show it to their guests when they display it on their shelf, mantel or table as a decor piece.Read More

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Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love Canvas Art

the scene where Belle and the beast are falling in love is all so romantic and mushy most of us wish our moments are like that. For that diehard romantic person in your life, this art piece of that scene will be a perfect decor item for their decor. And, a great housewarming gift at that. Everything about the piece makes one fall in love all over again. The colors and all so inviting! From the color of the sky above them to the rainbow above the castle. They will fall in love with it.Read More

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Beauty and the Beast Belle Tattoo Hangbag

I rarely buy handbags ut there is no doubt I will be buying this one for myself. It is that cute. From the shape and design of the bag to the tattoed faces of beauty and the beast characters all over the bag.

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Star Wars Darth Vader and Belle Print

How about we play a mix and match game of Star Wars and the beauty and the best movies. More specifically, Belle and Darth Vader. He does qualify to be a beast so it is a great replacement. If you know anyone who is a fan of both Star Wars and beauty and the beast, this will be a perfect gift for them. They can hang this piece of art and any wall of their house and it will look great.Read More

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Swarovski Crystal Enchanted Rose Figurine

If she is a fan of the beauty and the beast and collects anything to do with the movie, this will be a nice addition to their collection. And a romantic one at that. This enchanted crystal rose housed in a dome-shaped glass is a perfect anniversary or birthday gift for her. Apart from the rose petals, the crystallized stem has a shade of green, just like the real flower. They are all placed on a crystallized based and has sparkling effects. It will look nice placed on their dresser or shelf as a decor item.Read More

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This Swarovski Belle figurine is a beauty

Swarovski does not disappoint with their items. This figurine of Belle can attest to that. The attention to detail, as well as the use of color on her dress, is proof enough of how beautiful this figurine is. I am blown away by her dress by the way. They did not also come to play when it came to the details on her hair. For that princess in your life, be it be your wife or girlfriend, buy her this figurine for her decor. It will go well with any color theme they have.Read More

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Beauty And The Beast Belle Embossed Charm Bag

Help her upgrade her handbag collection with this beauty and the beast shoulder bag. Thanks to the embossed beauty and the beast writing, Belle’s image, and the rose charm, they can flaunt their love for the two in a fashionable and unique way. It is a great gift for a birthday, Christmas, or even Valentine's Day. Read More

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Beauty and the Beast Belle Embossed Charm Wallet

Time to charm yourself up to her even more, gentlemen. You wife or girlfriend will never have enough wallets. and, if she is a fan of the beauty and the beast, this wallet will be a great gift for any occasion. The words beauty and the beast are embossed on the wallet, with an image of Belle and the rose charm accenting to its beauty. Help them keep their items safe and their smiles on all the time with this wallet.Read More

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That's a nice gift for Valentines day

For valentine’s day, surprise your girl with this 13-inch enchanted rose enclosed in a glass dome and make her fall more in love with you. It lasts forever so they do not have to worry about it drying up within a week. All they need to do is plug it to a power source and ta-da! The best part is that they adjust the stem from time to time to a shape they like.Read More

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Get this t-shirt for your one and only Beast

Is your husband’s or boyfriend’s birthday fast approaching and you have no clue what gift to get? I know shopping for men can be hard sometimes for ladies. If, however, he is a fan of the beauty and the beast, this will be a great gift choice. He is, of course, your number one beast. It is a standard fitting t-shirt, with an image of the beast imprinted on the front side. He will love showing his beast side in it.Read More

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That's one beautiful purse

If she is an ardent fan of Belle Mrs. Potts, this pink peony floral wallet will be a perfect gift for her birthday. The 3-sides of the wallet have zip closures. They can use it to keep their valuable items safe and organized. Items like their cash, credit and debit cards, identification cards among others will be so easy to find. The floral pattern on the wallet is gorgeous and makes it a great wallet to use and any day.Read More

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