36 Beautiful 11th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her That She Secretly Love

Looking for traditional and modern 11th wedding anniversary gifts for her that she secretly love? Steel is considered to be a traditional gift and jewelry is a modern gift for an 11th anniversary. So I was thinking why not give her a jewelry that made from steel? Let's see what I have come out with.

Complete your gift with a meaningful greeting card!

Check out Zazzle and get up to 50% off on greeting cards. There are lots of greeting cards to be explored on Zazzle such as birthday card, anniversary, graduation, 90th years old birthday and many more. You can also make your own greeting cards as well. Check out Zazzle.Read More

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Anniversary couples necklace for husband and wife

If your spouse is a fan of extraordinary jewelry, they will find this anniversary couples necklace exceptional. It’s suitable for both men and women. He or she can wear it every day and be constantly reminded of you. Suitable for both casual and elegant outfits. It will protect your marriage and express the love you have for your spouse. Read More

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“You are steel the one” unique steel heart decoration

If you’re looking for something simple but still thoughtful for your 11th anniversary, this heart of steel is a perfect choice. You have to admit that it’s a cool anniversary gift that he/she will fall in love with. One of the most unique 11th wedding anniversary gift for husband and wife.Read More

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Personalize this chopstick and surprise your loved one

If your spouse is a fan of food eaten with chopsticks, it’s time you surprise him or her with something special that’s associated with his favorite meals. For example, you might personalize these chopsticks with your personal message. Create memorable moments while celebrating your anniversary over dinner with this exceptional present. Read More

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Include a love note in this fortune cookie

In Chinese culture, the fortune cookie is quite popular. However, it’s also quite popular all around the world. So, I’ve decided to include it in my list of best 11-year anniversary gifts because of the stainless steel finish. Surprise your spouse with a new inspirational message or love note every day with this fortune cookie.Read More

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Family tree made in Haiti

Have you heard of the symbolism of the Tree of Life? It’s very popular and iconic, and it symbolizes elegance, life, and nature. The timeless elegance makes it an exceptional decoration. A handmade decoration crafted in Haiti that he/she will absolutely adore. Read More

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"4,015 days = 11 years" key chain

If you’re looking for something simple but elegant and practical for your 11th marriage anniversary, this keychain is the perfect choice for you. A handmade thoughtful gift that will make him feel the love and keep him reminded of you everywhere he goes. One of the best traditional 11th-anniversary gifts.Read More

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Personalized couple stainless steel necklace

If he’s a fan of jewelry, he will fall in love with this personalized necklace right away. You’re allowed to engrave all four sides of this necklace and surprise your lovely man with a special gift for your 11th marriage anniversary. Read More

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I have never seen such an amazing clock before

If you’re looking for some cool 11 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for him, I might have a suggestion for you. How about you buy him this amazing clock? It’s like nothing he’s seen before.

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Handcrafted sterling silver cat necklace for a cat lover

If she’s a crazy cat lover like me, she will absolutely love this handmade sterling silver cat necklace. It’s the perfect gift that will surprise every cat lover. I find it very special because I’ve lost my cat recently and I’m definitely buying this one to keep me reminded of my furry friend. Read More

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“Tree of Life” gemstone necklace for your loved one

It’s always a great idea to gift someone the “Tree of Life”, especially if you want to surprise a close person who means a lot to you. A handmade necklace that is believed that the “Tree of Life” attracts good luck, love, health, beauty, and healing.Read More

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Swan necklace made with Swarovski crystals

If she’s a fan of swans and nature, she will absolutely adore this swan necklace made with Swarovski crystals. It’s definitely one of the best anniversary gifts that will make her feel the love. It will also prove your attentiveness to details and love to her. Read More

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Cool black and red sugar skull handmade earrings

I don’t know what your first thoughts on these earrings were but I find them charming. And if your spouse has a weird taste in jewelry like me, she will absolutely love this pair of black and red skull handmade earrings attached to blackfish hook ear wires. Perfect gift for the perfect wife that will definitely impress her. Read More

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Your wife will absolutely adore this charm

If she’s into simple but elegant jewelry, this charm will meet her standards and needs. Inspired by “Athena’s loved bird” in ancient Greek myth, this beautiful piece of jewelry will definitely put a smile on her face and prove your attentiveness to details. It’s one of a kind jewelry that symbolizes wisdom, courage, and originality. Read More

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How about this impressive necklace with a real butterfly wing?

If she’s a nature enthusiast and loves butterflies, she will adore this necklace with an actual butterfly wing encased between heart shaped glass cabochons. No butterfly was harmed in the making of this necklace. The wings were collected from a butterfly sanctuary and farms. Read More

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Wish stone anniversary necklace made with Swarovski crystals

Made with the finest high-quality authentic Swarovski crystal, this necklace will melt her heart. This an amazing and thoughtful gift for her 11th wedding anniversary.

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Look at this elegant crystals pendant from Swarovski for her

To be honest, I’m thinking about buying this beauty for myself today. If you were searching for something that will melt her heart and remind her of your attentiveness to details every day, this elegant crystals pendant will do the job perfectly. A simple but classic cubic pendant made of iridescent crystal from Swarovski.Read More

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Miss York wish stone bracelet that she will fall in love with

If you’re looking for something simple yet thoughtful and elegant, this Miss York wish stone bracelet is the perfect choice for you. Made with actual crystals from Swarovski, this bracelet will become her favorite jewelry. Read More

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Hawaii memory locket made with real starfish that will impress her

If she’s a fan of the sea world and handmade jewelry, she will find this Hawaiian locket exceptional and unique. It’s made with an actual starfish and will definitely impress her. Designed and shipped directly from Hawaii, this is definitely the best 11th year wedding anniversary gift for her.Read More

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Blue sea glass necklace handmade in Hawaii that she will adore

If she’s a fan of handmade jewelry and Hawaii, she will love this blue sea glass necklace made in Hawaii. It’s made and shipped directly from Hawaii. If you were looking for something elegant and unique, this set will do the job just fine. Gift her something that will remind her of you and your love every day.Read More

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Natural pressed miniature sunflower necklace for your lovely lady

This is a handmade sterling silver cylinder pendant with an actual sunflower encrusted in resin. The color of the flower is still looking natural and will continue to do so over the years. If she’s a nature and flower lover, she will fall in love with this necklace.Read More

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Balluccitoosi tri color Virgin Mary Hoop earrings for your anniversary

To be honest, my heart melted when I saw these earrings. They’re truly exceptional. And they’re the perfect gift for your 11th anniversary if your wife is a religious person and she’s a fan of well made and detailed jewelry. They’re made of 14K actual gold and they’re just perfect.Read More

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11th Anniversary gift everlasting rose for your lovely spouse

Looking for some 11th-anniversary gifts for her? Check out this rose. It’s solid cast and heavy quality rose that will stun her. She will fall in love with it at first glance, I can assure you. It’s one of those gifts that shows how much effort and thought you’ve put in your anniversary present this year. Read More

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Turquoise bay blue sea glass earrings for a lady with style

If she’s a lady with exceptional taste in jewelry and she loves Hawaii, these turquoise bay blue sea glass earring make the perfect wedding anniversary gift for her. They’re made and shipped directly from Hawaii and have sterling silver French hooks. Something that will remind her of your love, caring, and attentiveness to details.Read More

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Origami horse earrings in sterling silver for your loved one

If your wife is a fan of origami and horses, she will absolutely adore these cute origami horse earrings in sterling silver. Inspired by the manufacturer's daughter who adores horses, they’re made with great love and precision. Perfect present for your wife for your 11th wedding anniversary.Read More

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“Love” necklace inscribed with “I love you” in 120 languages

If she melts when you tell her “I love you” imagine how would she feel if you gift her this necklace with the words “I love you” inscribed in 120 languages. Maybe you can tell her that you love her in a few languages, but this necklace will do it in 120 languages. It makes an exceptional and thoughtful gift made with an advanced method. Read More

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She is going to love this necklace

Whatever her favorite color is, we can bet this elegant necklace cut like a cushion will accent her look. It is a gold-yellow necklace with a green prasiolite pendant. The pendant is also glazed with sparkling white diamonds all around it for that extra classy and exquisite look she deserves. Read More

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This is such a gorgeous topaz and white diamond with gold plated silver chain necklace

This necklace pendant is a perfect anniversary gift choice for her, especially if she loves the color blue and its shades. It has a golden chain that will go with her clothes and skin tone. Also, it has a sparkling white diamond above the pendant, which compliments the ravishing necklaces look. She will look stunning adorning this.Read More

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Sky Blue Aquamarine and Diamond Stone Pendant Necklace

If you are searching for a necklace that will make her ravishing, classy and angelic, then this pendant necklace is what you need to get her as an anniversary gift. The sterling silver with a shiny sky blue aquamarine color of the pendant is nothing short of dazzling. With such a gem on her neck, she will exude elegance.Read More

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Yellow Citrine and Diamond Women's Ring

If you are planning to pop the question during your anniversary dinner date, then this ring is an excellent pick. It has a 14K yellow-gold gemstone that will be the envy of her friends. The polished look of the ring and the sparkling gemstones on the sides complete its alluring look. Get this and prepare to make her your wife.Read More

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Blue Topaz Diamond Pendant

This pendant necklace with a London blue topaz, shaped like a pear will make an excellent anniversary gift for her. The Caribbean blue hue color of the pendant will go with any of her attire. It is also perfect for any event or occasion. It also has a sparkling diamond attached on top of the pendant, which compliments its color.Read More

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Yellow Gold Green Peridot Pendant Necklace

Ever thought that a combination of green and yellow could make a great color for a jewelry piece? We bet not, but this pendant necklace is one colorful jewelry piece your lady deserves in her collection. The pendant is an oval birthstone and has a gorgeous color- a combination of yellow-gold and green that will make her ravishing.Read More

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White Gold Heart Shape Emerald Diamond Pendant

Surprise your loved one as you celebrate your anniversary with this necklace pendant. The pendant has a rich forest green hue emerald that sparkles. There is also a sparkling diamond attached above the emerald that compliments the hue green. The heart-shaped pendant also makes it an excellent anniversary gift choice for her.Read More

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Three Stone Emerald Natural Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Necklace

If you are looking for a jewelry piece for your wife or girlfriend as an anniversary gift, this gorgeous necklace is the way to go. Its unique pendant design and the dazzling emerald gemstone attached to the pendant will complete her glamorous look. With this, she can rock her way to awestruck eyes in any event. Read More

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Yellow Gold Natural Emerald Pendant Necklace

Nothing will announce her better in any room than this pendant necklace. Where do I even begin! Maybe it is the unique design of the angel wings that makes her deserving of this magnificent piece. Or maybe it is the natural green emerald that compliments the yellow-gold color of the necklace. An angel like her deserves such an anniversary gift. Read More

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