10 Thanksgiving Games That Will Make You Die Laughing

Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful and enjoy some quality time with your family. But why not add an extra element of fun?

Don’t rely on others to supply the entertainment…

Give the members of your family the gift of ‘having fun’, by first checking out these amazing thanksgiving games ideas.

1. I am laughing for 7 minutes straight at this video!

Watch Ya Mouth Family Edition

Picture the silly faces of your family members as they try to say words while wearing crazy cheek retractors.

No gift brings the family together better than the gift of laughter.

And out of all thanksgiving group games out there, Watch Ya Mouth is one that truly stands out.

2. Let's guess what's on your head



Based on an old classic game. Watch the laughter roll in as you each guess what’s written on your head.

This game is a guaranteed hit.

3. There is a rumor this game was played by the Vikings 1000 years ago!

Kubb Game

Do you like to get competitive? Is there someone in your family that your dying to beat?

This ancient Scandinavian contest can be a the best of all Thanksgiving games for adults and the entire family... Divide into teams and conquer your opponents.

Best gift for any family member with a competitive streak.

4. Make sure it doesn't fall


Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

See the gasp of excitement on your child’s face as you make your next delicate maneuver.

Thanksgiving games for kids don’t come better than this.

As you’re making sure it doesn’t fall, the family fun levels are sure to rise.

5. Draw with this glasses and let them guess what you draw


Googly Eyes Game

I always thought of myself as a bad artist.

But my kids were so impressed with their dad when I brought home Google Eyes.

I’ll never forget the smiles on their faces.

It was the best of all the Thanksgiving games ideas out there.

Best Thanksgiving ever!

6. Let's dodge poop?


Don't Step In It

You read it correctly! You get to dodge poop.

Only this time, the only annoyance is the laughter of your family as you take a wrong step.

Try not to step on the poop!

7. Not Parent Approved?


Not Parent Approved

My kids love it when they can get away with being naughty.

And with our favorite holiday just around the corner, I’m giving them one of the only Thanksgiving games for family that will make it the most memorable ever.

Why not let your kids be naughty this Thanksgiving.

They’ll thank you for it.

Just try not to let the naughtiness continue when school starts again.

8. Bear vs Babies. Let's fight some babies

Bears vs Babies

Build monsters. Win by eating babies. Sounds crazy enough?

This wacky game was given to me by my wife and young kids last year.

For once, we didn’t watch TV and I got to spend some truly fun family time. 

These are the moments that I love the most in life.

9. Pie to the face. This game is so thrilling

Pie To The Face

Who’s going to get the pie to the face? Beware, buying this gift could backfire on you.

The suspense builds. The laughter grows.

The winner cheers in victory. The loser… gets a pie to the face. It’s all hilarious!

10. Let' play scavenger hunt


Nature Scavenger Hunt

Get outdoors this Thanksgiving and set up a classic scavenger hunt. Your family will love you for it. Getting this game for your family is a perfect solution to shutting down those computer screens and getting some much needed fresh air.

Have you decided which game to play on Thanksgiving?

When it comes to spending time with your family, things can get a little bit stale if you’re not prepared.

Don’t let that be the case. By spending a few bucks on one or two Thanksgiving games, you can make your shared time more fun and so much more memorable.

And these ten games are guaranteed fun for all the family.