25 Nice Things To Do For Your Wife For No Reason

Not sure what are the nice things to do for your wife?

Your wife is your rock, your joy, and your partner in crime, which is why we have given you a list of nice things you can do for your wife.

Of course you can enchant her with some grand gestures and sweep her away on a romantic adventure, but sometimes it’s the little things that count the most.

Below we have some easy ideas for how to show your loving wife how much you love and appreciate her every day.

nice things to do for your wife

1. Serve her breakfast in bed.

Make it a surprise! Let her sleep in one morning and make her favourite breakfast! Serve it to her on a nice tray in bed and watch her wake up smiling.

2. Organize a night for the two of you.

Hand the kids off to their grandparents (if you have kids) and surprise her with a night to reconnect! Make dinner or order in and spend some time just the two of you.

3. Surprise her by doing all of the chores she hates.

Make that phone call she has been avoiding and run the errands she hates. She will appreciate it like nothing else!

4. Clean the house while she’s out.

Vacuum, mop, dust… pull out all the stops! She’ll smile when she comes home to a fresh clean home.

5. Make her coffee or tea every morning.

Little things like having coffee or tea ready for her when she wakes up makes all the difference! It’s easy, sweet, and thoughtful!

6. Give her the day to herself.

Take the kids on an outing and leave her the house to do whatever she wants! And tell her no chores are allowed… a day off will rejuvenate her!

7. Buy her flowers.

Buying her flowers any day that isn’t valentines day or an anniversary is beyond romantic! This is so simple but will make her so happy.

8. Watch her favourite movie.

Especially if you don’t particularly like it! There’s nothing better to put her in a good mood than her favourite flick with her favourite person.

9. Bring home her favourite snacks.

You know the ones. Little things like buying that package of candy or stalking up on her favourite chips shows her how much you care.

10. Book a surprise weekend away… just because!

A weekend away always does a little good! Find a cute little B&B in a new place or revisit a place with sentimental value.

11. Leave her love notes to find.

Leave her some cute, silly little notes in places where she will find them throughout the day. On her pillow, in her car, on the bathroom mirror. Have her giggling and smiling throughout the day.

12. Pack her lunch.

On an especially busy day, have her lunch ready chalked full of her favourite things. This will save her time and make her appreciate all you do.

13. Get the kids involved in a surprise!

This one is great your wife has been away for a while! Decorate the house and get your kids in on it! There’s nothing more important than family.

14. Give her the opportunity to nap.

Make sure everyone is content and the house is quiet. Give her a nice cozy blanket and send her off on a nap.

15. Make dinner when it was her turn.

Imagine her coming home after a busy day to see that dinner is hot, ready and on the table. Mae it her favourite meal for bonus points!

16. Draw her a bath.

There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice warm bath. Get come scented bubbles and the good soap and coax her into the bath… Even join her if you’d like!

17. Bring a coffee to her work.

There’s no better way to brighten up her day at work than seeing your thoughtful face! Bring her her favourite coffee, call her beautiful, and she will enjoy her day much more.

18. Hold her hand.

This one is simple, and maybe it’s even something you do all the time, but holding her hand while you’re sitting on the couch or out and about will remind her of the love between you.

19. Go for a nice walk together.

Pick a nice nature walk that’s nearby and go for an adventure together! This keeps you active and brings fun into your marriage.

20. Make her favourite drink.

Make it from scratch and dress it up with garish and have it ready for her when she comes home!

21. 15 second kiss… every day.

 Foolproof. No better how busy your day is, how stressed out the two of you are, or how exhausted, kiss her for a full 15 seconds every day. This keeps the passion and love alive. 

22. Warm up/ cool down her car for her in the morning.

There’s nothing more thoughtful than making sure she is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This one is so easy yet so appreciated! 

23. Give her a full massage.

Break out the oil and the good lotion and have her lie down for a relaxing massage… and not one of the quick ones! Go all out and convince her you could be a professional!

24. Dance with her.

Even if you aren’t a good dancer, she doesn’t care! Light some candles, put on her favorite music and dance with her in your arms.

25. Ask her about her day- and mean it!

There’s nothing kinder to do for your wife than simply being a good listener! Be receptive of her stories and offer some advice if she needs it.


There are so many ways to make your wife happy, and show her how much you appreciate her for everything she does for you and your family!

These tips will help you bring some romance into your marriage and have her falling in love with you all over again.