23 Random Gift Ideas For Him That He Won't Throw Away Secretly

How does it feel like when your loved one bought something for you for no reason or occasion?

You felt so sweet and thoughtful, isn't it?

If you’re looking for some random gift ideas for him, look no further because today I will present a long list of presents you can choose from.

No matter if you’re looking for gift ideas for his birthday, or want to get the perfect surprise gift for him, or random stuff to get for him to make him feel the love, I have you covered.

Read on for more.

1. This shaker set is beautiful


Animal Parade Shaker Set

If he’s an animal lover and you’re looking for something cute to buy, get this beautiful shaker set.

You can enjoy it both while sharing meals together at his place.

Or if you live together, you can use it too, so it’s a win-win situation.

It’s a practical gift that will remind him of you at home.

You know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

And if you have his love already, all that’s left is to spice it up a little.

2. Let them enjoy coffee everywhere with this portable espresso maker


Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine

If he’s a caffeine addict, this portable espresso maker is the perfect gift for him.

It’s compact. It’s lightweight. And it’s practical.

He will be able to drink his favorite coffee while waiting for the bus in the morning.

Or while driving to work. Or you can use it while camping together. It’s also practical for a picnic or other outdoor activities. I

f you wonder how to use it, add ground coffee to the filter and don’t press too hard.

Add hot water and it’s done. It’s a nice gift that will remind him of you everywhere he goes.

3. One of the most beautiful coaster I have ever seen


Brazilian Agate Coaster

If you’re looking for something simple but thoughtful and nice, these beautiful ocean coasters are a perfect choice.

They will remind him of you every time he drinks a cup of tea or coffee.

They’re also suitable for whiskey glasses and wine bottle.

You can also give these coasters as a wedding gift or birthday gift.

They’re practical and beautiful.

4. This thing is going to keep his beer cold for a longer time


Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

If he enjoys beer most of all drinks, getting this beer chiller to keep his beer cold for a long time will make you the best girlfriend on the planet.

It’s the only product of this kind that’s authorized to sell.

If you decide to buy it, you will 2 unique beer chillers in a gift box.

And he will definitely feel proud to mention that you bought it at parties, or other events you host at home.

It’s basically the best and most practical gift ever.

5. Having a war in the kitchen?


The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

If your man loves cooking and he doesn’t own an apron, buying him this sergeant BBQ apron is the perfect gift.

It’s unique and manly. Don’t have to worry about size because it fits all sizes and has an adjustable strap.

Be sure that he will think of you everytime he cooks something.

It’s a practical and fun gift that he can wear at home parties too.

6. You know that's is a real bullet stuck on the glass?


Bullet Rocks Glass

If he’s a special guy and you want to really surprise him for his birthday or anniversary, do it with a special gift like this glass.

It has a real 0.308 bullet in it.

However, don’t worry because it’s safe to drink. No lead.

No gunpowder. It’s it’s high-quality glass that he will absolutely fall in love with.

Look no further for a unique gift because this is it.

7. Let's go for a picnic with this beautiful picnic basket


VonShef 4 Person Wicker Picnic Basket

If you want to suggest him to go on a picnic together, it’s best to do it with a picnic basket.

Turn every outdoor activity together into a lovely experience with this basket full of all the components you need for a picnic.

It’s designed to carry essentials for 4 people. Meaning, you can go on a picnic with another couple and have a great time.

Or use it with his/your parents and finally gather the whole family in one place. It’s simple to use and you can easily travel around with it.

It’s perfect for carrying sandwiches, fruit, cheese, olives, cakes, bottle drinks and anything that makes a perfect picnic.

8. Cactus pillow?


Kikkerland Cactus Pillow

If he has a lot on the couch throughout the day, getting him this extraordinary pillow with a cactus print is a great idea.

Made of breathable spandex.

Microbeads stuffing. Doesn’t lose shape.

Comfy. It’s the perfect gift to remind him of you if you’re not living together (yet).

It makes the ideal birthday or random gift to make him feel the love.

9. Not too sure where to go? Try this guide


Anywhere Travel Guide

If you’re looking for a crazy surprise gift for him, look no further because I found it for you.

Are you ready to go on an adventure together?

Are you brave enough to follow this travel guide, not knowing where it’ll take you or what it’ll make you do together?

10. Check out this beautiful whiskey glasses


Whiskey Glasses - Forest Landscape

Portraying a detailed illustration of a forest landscape, these whiskey glasses make the perfect present.

They come in a gift box, ready to meet their new owner (your loved one).

The best part about this glasses is that they come in a pair, meaning you can both drink from them to celebrate important dates together.

Prints won’t fade away if you worry about washing.

They’re perfectly safe in the dishwasher.

But it’s recommended to wash by hand.

They’re top-quality, American products that he will be impressed by.

11. Shred meat in seconds


Metal Meat Claws

If meat is one of his favorites, consider buying him these stainless steel metal meat claws, inspired by actual animal claws.

He will be able to use them to prepare a meal for you both.

Or use them at parties, telling your friends and family about the gift he got for his birthday.

If you’re looking for an unusual but fun gift, get him these fun claws.

12. Keep their whiskey cold with this whiskey wedge


Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Another gift that will keep his drink cold is the whiskey wedge.

It’s made by the same manufacturer of the beer chiller.

It’s the only product of this kind authorized to sell on the market.

If he likes whiskey and he likes it cold, this old-fashioned class with silicone ice form will make his dream come true.

Tell him to freeze water in the silicone from.

Simple as that. It’s the ideal present for design enthusiasts and whiskey lovers.

13. How about a man can?


The Man Can Gift Basket

If you’re looking for random stuff to get for him, this man can gift casket is ideal.

It contains 100% natural skincare products and it’s among the top products on the market.

It has scented scrub soap, hand butter, bay rum oil aftershave, spicy shave gel, and a soft body sponge.

It’s a good random gift that will help him stay handsome and clean.

14. You are stuck with me!


You're Stuck with Me Ceramic Mug

If this is the guy you plan to spend the rest of your life with, buy him this ceramic mug saying “You’re stuck with me”.

On the inside, it says “That’s all”.

It’s the ideal surprise gift for his birthday.

But it also makes a great anniversary gift. Inspirational and fun.

15. Magnetic bottle opener


Magnetic Bottle Opener

One of the most random gifts you can get him is a keychain magnetic bottle opener.

It’s a practical gift he and your friends can use at a party or barbecue.

It’s a stainless steel bottle opener and it’s easy to place around the house. It’s ideal for camping, or fishing.

16. This hot sauce seems yummy


Bushwick Kitchen Threes Knees Spicy Trio

If he’s a hot sauce lover, this set of sweet and spicy will fit his food taste perfectly.

He can combine it with sriracha sauce and cook meats, fish veggies, and other foods.

It contains weak knees sriracha, spicy syrup, and spicy honey.

They are all handmade and believe me when I say that this is the ultimate gift for people who love spicy food.

17. Handmade beer glove that keeps their hand from freezing


Rustic Leather Beer Glove

Another beer product for him, however, this one’s not to cool his beer or keep it cold but to protect his hand from freezing when drinking it.

A leather glove that will allow him to drink beer with style.

I bet his buddies will get very jealous. It’s the ideal gift.

18. Brave enough to try this adventure?


Serenflipity: 30 Everyday Adventure Cards

If you’re ready to add adventure in your together life and connect on a deeper level, this is the gift to buy.

It’s a set of 30 cards with themes and tasks to complete.

The rules of the game are very simple.

You both pick a card and you complete the adventure written on it.

When you’re done with all 30 challenges, pick a new card and start over.

19. Need a place to keep his tool?


Large Tool Roll Handmade by Hide & Drink

Handmade with the finest materials, the large tool roll is the perfect handy gift for him, but only if he’s got tools around.

So, before you get this for his birthday or as a random gift, check his garage for tools.

It’s an excellent present that will help him stay tidy and organized.

And it’s the perfect gift for DIY lovers who love to fix everything.

20. I think everyone should have this travel pillow

Trtl Pillow

If he’s traveling by air often, the comfy travel pillow is the perfect gift for him.

Or if you plan to travel together by air, you can surprise him with getting this pillow to make sure he’s comfortable.

And of course, to make him feel the love. It’s specially designed to relax the neck while sleeping.

He can use it with his headphones and his earplugs on.

21. A Hammock for your foot


Ohderii Foot Rest

If he’s on the road very often or traveling by air almost every week, getting a hammock for resting his legs is the best idea ever.

It will be his faithful assistant for traveling because it’s compact, small and lightweight.

He can easily carry it around in his suitcase or backpack. It’s also easy to use and he can basically use it everywhere.

In the office. On the train or bus. Or on the plane.

You name it. It’s an amazing practical present.

22. Hide his flask in this book?


Kikkerland Chemistry 101 Flask Book

If he likes his booze but doesn’t want to be seen with it at the dinner party hosted by your parents, buy him this smart-looking “book” for hiding it.

It’s a stainless steel and holds 4-ounces of booze.

Or apple juice (I’m lying, he won’t hide apple juice in there).

So, if you want to surprise him with a practical and fun gift, this is it.

23. This beer holder got swag


Handmade Hide & Drink Cowboy Buzy Beer Holster

Another beer product that will definitely impress him very much. A beer holster.

It can be attached to his belt to make sure he never loses his beer again.

It’s 100% soft leather. And he will 100% like it. Spoiler alert: if you feel like he needs all these booze products I’ve just listed, I recommend you get him the number for rehab. Just kidding.

What do you think?

Ladies and gentlemen, this was my list of random gift ideas for him that I would buy for my boyfriend/spouse too (if I had one).

I hope you find it useful and enjoyable.