15 Food Channel That Will Make You Drool A River

Where would the world be without YouTube? You watch it, I watch it – even your grandad whose 90 watches it.

One of the most popular things to explore on YouTube is people cooking up delicious food.

Many a cooking channel on YouTube has millions of subscribers who follow their every recipe.

But which cooking channel on YouTube should you be keeping an eye on? I have rounded up the best ones below.

1. Binging With Babish

Binging With Babish

This ever-popular show was created by American filmmaker Andrew Rea and aims to recreate famous recipes from TV or films.

As you can imagine, this is great fun and gives you lots of ways to impress your loved one at home.

Who could fail to resist an authentic Krabby Patty from SpongeBob as the above clip shows.

2. You Suck at Cooking

You Suck at Cooking

If you like your cooking shows to come with a healthy dose of humour, then this is for you.

Showing off basic techniques and recipes with an irreverent tone, it will have you laughing as well as cooking along.

With a new recipe every second Tuesday, this is a must see.

3. Almazan Kitchen

Amalzan Kitchen

Let’s face it – some kitchen shows can get boring as they are all inside.

If you want something different this cooking channel on YouTube is the answer.

Featuring outside cooking, it is the only channel to cook on fire in wild forests with homemade ingredients for truly special results.

4. Alex French GUy Cooking

Alex French Guy Cooking

This YouTube channel is as it sounds – it features Alex, a French guy, cooking!

Where it is worth watching though is his delicious looking food and engaging personality when presenting.

I think you will love getting some tasty French ideas from this channel for cooking your girlfriends next birthday meal.

5. Best Ever Food Review Show

Best Ever Food Review Show

This is another channel that mixes humour with punchy delivery and tasty food.

It travels the world to find unique food to try out and review for your information.

There is certainly some weird stuff on here but also some that will have your mouth watering.

6. Chef Steps


Hosted by chef Grant Crilly, this will get you cooking like a pro.

If you want to brush up on your chef skills to impress your loved one around the kitchen at home, this is a great channel to watch.

It mainly focuses on modern culinary techniques to wow your boyfriend or girlfriend with.

7. Sous Vide Everything

Sous Vide Everything

Sous Vide is a very popular way of cooking meat or fish in a vacuum-packed plastic pouch for perfect results.

Once the preserve of professional chefs, this channel shows you how to use it in everyday life.

If you want the best advice on making that tasty steak for your boyfriend when he gets back from work, this is it.

8. Eater


If you like to keep up to date with funky recipes and unique ideas from around the USA, this is the cooking channel for you.

I love the way it operates from 24 cities in North America to bring you the best recipes to try out.

If your boyfriend likes pulled pork or BBQ, then this is a real treat for him.

9. Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit

If you want to find recipes from around the world and improve your cooking, then this is a great channel to watch.

The videos on show are from a variety of hosts and often contain innovative recipes like making gourmet skittles!

With a fun tone and regular updates, it is worth watching.

10. Munchies


When it comes to food that is just good looking and tasty, this channel has few equals.

I think that both you and your other half will get some great ideas on tasty food from here.

It comes from the VICE stable so is also suitably entertaining and raucous too!

11. Strictly Dumpling

Strictly Dumpling

Fun and engaging, this channel is hosted by the superb Mike Chen.

Focused mainly on exploring Asian flavours, this is a real eye-opener.

If you want the real inside story on Chinese food, then this is the one for you.

Regularly updated, it will have you knocking up noodles and stir-fry in no time at all.

12. SORTEDfood


This British YouTube channel was formed in 2010 by a bunch of old school friends.

Featuring a heavy emphasis on food education, entertainment and accessible recipes, it has since gone on to gain a strong following.

This is a good channel for the beginning cook who wants easy recipes to try out.

13. First We Feast

First We Feast

This is another channel with a heavy entertainment slant to go with its tasty food recipes.

A lot of the clips star famous people such as Natalie Portman which gives it added appeal.

Of course, the food is always amazing too and will get you rushing into the kitchen to try some out.

14. Feast Of Fiction

Feast Of Fiction

In a similar way to ‘Binging with Babish’, this takes famous recipes from TV and movies and then actually makes them.

From Minecraft cakes to Curry of Life, there is enough here to keep you having fun and also drooling! Hosts Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams bring lots of charm and expertise to the channel too.

15. HellthyJunkFood


How can you not watch a channel that makes giant chicken McNuggets?!!

This very entertaining and funny channel makes giant versions of fast food favorites and plain tasty fast food recipes.

If you or your loved one likes fast food, then this will seriously hit the spot when you watch it. 

If you are a food lover, then you will love watching it as well as cooking it. Any of the channels we have looked at above will satisfy your culinary needs at any time.

As they are on YouTube then you can watch whenever you like.

Whether on a sunny afternoon relaxing in the garden or with your girlfriend on a cozy night in, they will give hours of tasty entertainment.

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