31 Beautiful Christmas Tree Ornaments (#10 is a Must Have)

Looking for some new Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree for this year?

Or perhaps you’re searching for an ideal Christmas gift?

Either way, I have you covered with my list of best Christmas ornaments on Amazon for this year.

Get your favorite.

1. This beautiful owl Christmas ornament is so cute


Pygmy Owl Glass Blown Ornaments

Perhaps you didn’t know, but owls represent a symbol of wisdom due to their serious and thoughtful face.

They’re able to see in the dark, meaning they can teach you how to overcome your fear of darkness.

One specific type of owls is the Northern Pygmy-owl that’s the first on my list of cute Christmas ornaments.

It’s a homemade, hand-painted owl crafted with techniques from the 1800’s that will warm up your home.

It also makes a unique gift for Christmas. You can surprise your kids with it. Or give it to your family.

2. Baby's first Christmas ornament


Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament

Another adorable ornament on my list of beautiful Christmas ornaments is this porcelain tree ornament to mark your baby’s first holiday.

So, if it’s your baby’s or grandchild’s first Christmas, this is the perfect ornament to remember it by.

It comes in a gift box, ready to preserve nice moments with the newest member of your family.

3. Here is another ornament for baby's first Christmas


Disney Winnie The Pooh Baby's First Christmas

If you liked the previous ornament, you will definitely love this one.

It’s an adorable baby Christmas ornament featuring Winnie the Pooh, wearing a Santa outfit holding a little toy.

It’s one of my favorite baby Christmas ornaments on this list and I personally believe it will become your baby’s favorite too.

It’s made out of metal and comes in a gift box ready to help you preserve Christmas moments with your child or nephew.

4. This ornament is on fire!


Campfire Glass Blown Ornaments

If you’re a nature and camping enthusiast, this is the perfect ornament for you to get.

It’s on fire but won’t burn down your Christmas tree. It’s handmade and hand-painted.

It makes the perfect gift for someone who loves nature and enjoys camping in nature.

5. Where did this Yeti get his Christmas hat from?


Yeti With Santa Hat Ornament

Another Christmas tree accessory on my list of cool Christmas ornaments is this Yeti. He’s probably searching for you to celebrate your first Christmas together.

It’s has a Santa hat and Christmas lights over his shoulders.

So, if you’re looking for a unique gag present, or funny accessory, or even a bad-looking Christmas gift that’s still cute in a weird way, get the Yeti Bigfoot Ornament and decorate your tree in a creative manner.

6. Fancy a Santa socks?


Swarovski Santa's Stocking Ornament

One of my favorite ornaments on the list and also one of the best ornaments, in my opinion, is this Swarovski Santa sock.

You can choose between the green, red or clear crystal.

If you want to add a joyful ornament to your Christmas decor, this is the ideal ornament for you.

It makes the perfect gift idea and arrives in a white satin ribbon.

It can be used as an accessory to your festive table or tree, or you can hang in a window.

7. Look at these Angel


Dancing Tin Angels Christmas Tree Ornaments

Looking for some angle Christmas ornaments?

Get this lovely dancing angel collection immediately before someone steals it right in front of your nose.

You will get 12 piece set of playful angels you can add to your Christmas tree or hang them somewhere in your home.

They come in the styles and colors presented on the photo and they make the perfect Christmas accessory or present.

And they come in a gift-ready packaging.

8. This dragon is beautiful


Frost the Gothic Dragon Holiday Ornament

If you want to bring some creativity to your home with funny Christmas ornaments, get this beautiful and original dragon ornament.

It’s a limited edition, so you better get it before it’s too late.

It represents a blue dragon statue that will add a magical touch to your Christmas decor.

If you have someone who’s crazy about mythical creatures and Gothic decor, this is the ideal gift to give.

Or if you like it, you can get it for yourself.

9. Looking for funny Christmas tree ornament? Try this grumpy cat


Grumpy Cat Mini Holiday Ornament

If you’re a fan on Grumpy Cat, this is the perfect ornament for you.

It’s made out of soft, huggable fabric that meets the popular GUND standards for quality.

It’s easy to clean because of the surface-washable fabrication.

It makes the ideal gift for someone who’s a fan of Grumpy Cat, one of the most famous cats with over 6 million followers on Facebook.

It can be attached to wine bottles or you can hang it on your Christmas tree.

10. This one-legged ornament from Hallmark can actually light up!


Hallmark Christmas Ornament With Light

If you want to spice up your bedroom decor for the upcoming holidays, get this sexy one-legged ornament.

It comes with 3 replaceable alkaline batteries and will surely light up your bedroom or living room in a special way.

It features a lamp with fishnet hose that represents a legendary movie object of all time.

It’s collectible. It’s festive. It’s one-of-a-kind ornament you must have.

It makes the perfect gift and comes in a gift box ready to store your other personalized Christmas ornaments after opening.

11. Any Harry Potter fans out there?


Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

If you’ve watched all parts of Harry Potter and you’re a huge fan, or you know someone who is, this is the ideal gift to get or give for Christmas.

Enter the fun world of magic, wizards, and witches with this ornament portraying the magic shop where students of Hogwarts bought their first wand.

This isn’t just an ornament.

It’s a little piece of art that will help you decorate your home in a creative and magical manner. It’s incredible.

12. What do you think of this White House ornament?


White House Christmas Ornament

If you’re into politics or know someone who’s constantly talking about politics, this USA ornament portraying the White House and honoring the service of Franklin D. Roosevelt will surely grab your attention.

It’s one of the best gold Christmas ornaments, made of 24-karat golf finished brass.

It’s an ideal gift that comes with an informative brochure.

13. Beer anyone?


Mug Of Beer Glass Blown Ornaments

The beer was produced by every culture throughout history.

It’s one of the oldest drinks in the world and one of the most consumed around the world today.

So, if you know a beer lover or beer is your favorite drink, don’t hesitate on getting this beer ornament and mark your passion with it.

It’s hand-crafted and hand-painted and makes the best gift for beer enthusiasts.

It’s definitely a must-have Christmas ornament.

14. Look at this Barbie, it is so pretty


Hallmark Holiday Barbie Christmas Ornament

If you have a daughter who loves Barbie dolls, this is the perfect way to surprise her for Christmas.

I’m presenting you the gorgeous Barbie ornament that’s suitable for all Barbie enthusiasts of different ages.

It’s collectible. It’s festive and it comes in a nice gift box ready for surprises.

You can use the box for ornament storage after opening.

15. Check out this beautiful Christmas wreath ornament


Swarovski Christmas Wreath Ornament

If you want to add a joyful accessory to your Christmas decor this year, I recommend you get this Swarovski Christmas wreath ornament.

You can choose between a green and a red crystal. It’s a beautifully crafted piece that will make you fall in love at first glance.

You can hand it on a window, add it to the festive table or decorate the tree.

It makes the ideal gift idea and will definitely warm the heart of everyone who gets it.

16. You know what's inside this handmade ornament? Rescued family bible


Christmas Ornament from Rescued Family Bible

If you like handmade Christmas ornaments best, you will absolutely love this handmade glass ornament filled with carefully cut pages from an Antique Bible.

Each ornament will arrive in a white gift box, ready to surprise the most religious person for the holidays.

No books were harmed in the producing of these ornaments because they’re made out of books that were going to waste but were given a new purpose instead.

If this doesn’t warm your heart, I don’t know what will. One of the best-selling ornaments on Amazon.

17. Who doesn't love taco?


Taco Glass Blown Ornaments

If you’re a Taco person like me, I present to you one of the best glass Christmas ornaments on Amazon right now.

It’s traditionally hand-crafted and hand-painted and makes the ideal gift for someone who likes fast-food.

As you may or may not know, Taco represents a traditional Mexican food.

However, it’s quite popular in the US too. You can buy it for yourself and decorate your tree with it. Or get it for someone else.

18. Any photographer reading this?


Kurt Adler Classic & Digital Camera Christmas Tree Ornament

Another beautifully designed Christmas ornament that will make a unique accessory to your tree is the Kurt Adler Classic and Digital Camera.

It features a traditional silver and black camera and a sleek black digital camera.

Made to capture holiday memories, this ornament makes the ideal surprise present for someone who’s into photographing.

19. I just love this sculpture


Willow Tree Angel's Embrace Ornament

Probably one of the most heartwarming ornaments I’ve seen in my life.

I believe you will fall in love with it at first sight as I did.

It features two angels hugging each other and showing love and appreciation.

It’s easy to clean with a cloth, however, avoid water and detergents.

It’s an original product made and painted by hand.

Buy it for yourself today or for someone you love to show gratitude and surprise them with a nice holiday gift.

20. Check out this wooden guitar ornament 


Wood Pearlized Guitar Ornament

If you’re a musician, this is the ideal Christmas ornament for you.

It’s one of the best wooden Christmas ornaments because it’s beautifully detailed to match the lifestyle of any musician or music enthusiast.

It makes the perfect gift and expresses creativity.

21. We got an avocado here


Avocado Glass Blown Ornaments

A hand-crafted, hand-painted avocado ornament for people who lead a healthy lifestyle and want to encourage others to follow their example.

You can buy it for someone who needs to take better care of their health as a reminder.

Or you can buy it for yourself to decorate your own Christmas tree and enjoy a new Christmas decoration this year.

22. Or you prefer gold color ornament with some bling?


24K Gold Plated Acoustic Guitar Ornament

One more elegant decoration on my list of gold Christmas ornaments is the 24K gold plated ornament.

It has 9 Matashi crystals on it and will take your decoration skills to the next level.

You get it with a 1-year warranty and guideline on how to use it properly without breaking it.

It comes with an elegant gift card to complete your ideal present. It’s eye-catching.

It’s charming. And it’s perfect for musicians and music enthusiasts.

23. How about a Nightmare Before Christmas?


The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack vs. The One-Armed Bandit

Collectible. Festive. Spooky. And designed with exceptional detail.

This ornament will boost your decorating skills.

It’s a metal tree ornament that comes in a gift box making it the ideal Christmas gift.

You can buy it for yourself. Or scare someone off with it.

24. Does anyone love pickle?


Pickle Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree

If you’re a fan of pickles (I’m not but I find this ornament exceptional) this is the perfect Christmas decoration to match your food taste.

It’s hand-crafted and hand-painted and comes in a gift box.

Perhaps you didn’t know but throughout history, pickles were a popular Christmas tree decoration because they perfectly match the color of the tree.

And when children saw pickle ornament in the tree, they were searching under it because having a pickle ornament would mean that gifts were hidden near the tree.

25. I really love the color on this mermaid


Mermaid Glass Blown Ornaments

For all those mermaids out there, I have the perfect accessory to match your mindset.

It’s the handmade mermaid ornament you will absolutely adore.

As you may have heard, mermaids are half-fish and half-human.

They’re amazing singers with beautiful voices who save sailors and can fall in love with human beings.

So, if you believe them and find ancient legends about mermaids true, get this ornament to decorate your home with it and express your creativity.

It makes the perfect gift for your daughter or girlfriend.

26. This manatee looks beautiful


Manatee Glass Blown Ornaments

Manatees represent the gentlest, largest mammals that inhabit warm coastal waters.

According to ancient tales, mermaids came from manatees.

They’re extremely rare and belong to the endangered species.

So, if you like this silver glowy ornament, I say you get it today before it’s too late.

It’s handmade and hand-painted. It’s heartwarming.

It makes the perfect gift for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers to support their vision.

27. Probably the coolest ornament I have ever seen


Toilet Plunger Glass Blown Ornaments

I never thought I would find toilet plunger as cute until I saw this ornament.

It’s hand-crafted and a hand-painted toilet plunger to decorate your tree with.

I promise it makes the ideal funny gift for someone you love and appreciate.

An interesting fact about toilet plunger is that the inventor of it still remains unknown.

Someone created this functional tool that was so suitable that it never changed design over the years.

28. Looking for a black color Christmas ornament?


Black Labrador Glass Blown Ornaments

For all labrador lovers out there, I have the ideal Christmas ornament to match your love for this breed.

It’s a black labrador accessory that you can add to the Christmas tree or hand in on a window.

As you hear it all the time, a dog is a person’s best friend. And as an animal lover and dog keeper myself, I can confirm this statement.

So, if you want to get a special gift for a dog lover this year, this is the perfect choice for you.

29. This turkey is such a beauty


Tom Turkey Glass Blown Ornaments

I can’t believe how festive and colorful this turkey ornament is.

It blew my mind the moment I first saw it. I could imagine it hanging on my old Christmas tree.

It’s a joyful accessory that I will definitely get for myself this year.

As you may or may not know, the turkey represents a symbol of self-sacrifice (not into this stuff) and altruism.

It’s also a traditional meal for Thanksgiving and a national symbol of the United States.

So, if you’re searching for a meaningful and beautiful hand-crafted ornament, this is it.

30. Looking for a horse ornament?


Holiday Clydesdale Glass Blown Ornaments

Horse lovers, I found the ideal Christmas ornament for you too. A cute little horsey to warm your heart on Christmas.

You can hand it on a window or decorate your Christmas tree with it.

It’s a hand-crafted product that features Clydesdale, a hardworking horse known for being very strong.

Coming from the Clydesdale Scotland region where horses like these were used for pulling heavy loads, these animals were intelligent and strong and represented the best work partner.

In this case, this one, in particular, makes the best Christmas decoration.

Get it for yourself or some hard-working “horse” you know.

31. This crystal clear ornament from Swarovmesmerizingerising


Swarovski Christmas Ball Ornament

Last but not least from the list of clear Christmas ornaments is this amazing Swarovski crystal ornament.

It features a combination of hand-crafted, mouth-blown glass ball with a beautiful crystal covered in small, hand-glued crystals.

It’s a one-of-a-kind piece that will boost your decoration skills and add sparkle to your Christmas decor this year.

It’s not a toy, so keep in mind that it’s not suitable for kids under the age of fifteen.